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    GQ Tobaccos - Breakfast Blend - new uk blender

    Well new blender is not entirely accurate. The chap has been blending Guantleys blends for a few years. I'm sorry I'm not a great review writer. I'll try my best. Breakfast end is described by the blender as an oriental and it's, knowingly, my first oriental. To look at, it's a ready rubbed...
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    Altadis 965 match

    I've just received some of this in bulk and calling it a "match" is a bit strong. That's not to say its not a very nice tobacco. I would say similar to 965 is a fair description. In a nutshell this will be my all day and all night smoke now. It's deep and tasty. Pleanty of Latakia a d a...
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    Storing Tobacco in Bulk

    Good afternoon chaps and chapesses! I have just received my first ever bulk purchase of baki from smoking pipes. 56 oz of Atltadis 965 match. 56 oz of Cornell & Diehl morning bayou and 68 oz of Peter Stokkebye bulseye. Having never stored this amount, hints and tips would be greatly...
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    Buying online from USA to uk

    Has anyone made any transatlantic purchases online? USA to uk? Did you get majorly stung by customs? If at all
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    Help Me Chose a Vintage Please

    Good morning pipe buddies. As most of you know, it's international pipe day on the 20th. To celebrate, I'm traveling 200 miles by train to join the Nottingham pipe club for the evening. Now I plan on taking something a little special with me for the occasions sake and because I don't know anyone...
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    Pipes and Cigars EMP Match

    Has anyone tried pipes and cigars (.com) dunhill matches. In particular EMP and My mixture. The prices just sound too good to be true!
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    My PAD and photos

    Good afternoon gents and getntesses! I know, like myself, all of my new found pipe smoking cyber buddies on here like a photo or two to browse so here is my collection so far. I must add I've only been at this hobby since December and these are just my smokers! I have a box of eBay estates to...
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    Cigar Tobacco in a Pipe?

    I've purchased a few cigars and I've just lit one which s so tight it's unsmokeable! I once read, on here I think, of someone's grandmother clipping off a half inch of her husbands cigar and smoking it in a briar. What do you guys think? Would you give it a go? Prepare the cigar and pop it in a...
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    Pipe Shape Help??

    Afternoon gentlemen and gentleladies. What shape would you say this pipe is? I would say a bent brandy or bulldog? I like what's been done on the bottom. It's not a "sitter" but it's nice and flat. Have a looksee
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    Today's deliveries of smokey treats!

    I popped into a small newsagents this morning and he had a comoys of London cabinet with two pipes in which were the last of the pipes he is ever going to sell. The marked price was £26 each but after a haggle with the guy I walked away with these two pipes for £30! Then I arrived home and...
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    Corncobs are Under Rated

    I love my corn cob pipes, I have 6 that i use daily. I tend to reach for them more than my briars, apart from my 2 petersons and a couple i have that just are a marriage made in heaven with certain tobaccos. I wouldnt be without my cobs. The other 5 i own i use for when a new order of tobacco...
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    My WW2 RAF Friend - Update

    Some of you may remember last month i made a freind while out at my local park. We started chatting purely because we both were enjoying a pipe. He's got a couple of years on me. Im 34 and he's 96 but we have struck up a great friendship and he is so damn interesting. Some of you guys on here...
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    PPP Progress at last!

    Four weeks ago I bought a tin of Peterson's 3p's. not knowing what to do with a plug I done ,y usual research on the net and asked questions on here. I just could not get to grips with it! My first bowl, which was a block of the plug with some shaved bits, was a big let down! I couldn't light...
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    English Without Spice?

    Afternoon chaps. I'm not a lover at all of aromatics. I just don't get on with them. It seems though, all the blends I buy are spicy. Now I don't mind this but I don't particularly want that pepper tang every smoke. Bearing in mind I'm ltd to uk purchases, which non aro blends could you...
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    My First "Lads Holiday"

    Well so far in my 34 years, circumstance and money have prevented me from having a lads holiday. This corner of the earth (uk) young men travel to places like Ibiza, Magaloof or Amsterdam for mad clubbing and fornication! Well I'm beyond the thwump thwump thwump of a nightclub and the only thing...
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    Picked Up 3 Meers

    Today I went to pick up a pipe pouch I'd ordered from a collectibles shop and the owner asked if I'd like to buy 3 carved unsmoked meerschaum pipes he bought for display in his home in the 70s. Would I like to look at pipes? Lol! What a question! I'll keep the lady, she's kinda hot but the...
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    First Pipe Making Attempt

    Here is my first attempt at sculpting a pipe from a kit from Greece. It's nowhere near perfect but this is not only my first attempt at pipe making, it's my first woodworking attempt ever! It was a learning curve and hopefully my next will be neater. I'm not going to stain or polish it. I want...
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    Does Age Give a Pipe $ Value?

    Ive purchased an estate pipe, a Bewlay which is stamped 1921 in the silver marks. Ive found out a little. Bewlay were popular and bought out by Imperial tobacco so they must have been significant. Does the fact this pipe is nearly 100 years old make it valuable? Collection value is high for me...
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    Drum Corps or Marching Bands.

    So being as the majority of members are American and this site is directed to the states, are there any drum corps, DCI, DCA fans, members of family of etc etc? Regrettably I never made it over the pond to march but its still on my bucket List to see finals live! Edit:Corrected capitalization...
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    Cheap n Nasty to a Good Little Smoker!

    I bought this pipe from amazon and although it was ok to smoke, it looked horrendously chap! Almost like it had some sort of plastic coating on it. So, being as I'm the new owner of a dremmel and I'm going to be using it on estate and hobby pipes, I thought I'd try t out on a pipe I don't mind...