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  1. rdavid

    Resurrect Dead Tobacco

    Well, I received a tip here about a B/M near my sister in TN that had some bulk Nightcap left so she went and scored me a couple of ounces. Not sure how it was stored at the shop but it was definitely bulk as she received it in a ziploc baggie with the shop label on it. She said it "really...
  2. rdavid

    Straight Latakia

    Been following a few threads discussing the possibility of a latakia shortage looming on the horizon so I would like to squirrel away a few pounds. First, I’ve heard latakia can loose its flavor/aroma if cellared too long so that is a concern. I’m thinking 10 years or so. Second, I’m up for...
  3. rdavid

    Esoterica Country Squire

    Not much left. Better hurry. Esoterica at Country Squire
  4. rdavid

    Haunted Bookshop VS Old Joe Krantz... Again.

    Yeah I know Haunted Bookshop and Old Joe Krantz have been compared many many times but this one's a little different. I normally really like hardcore burley blends and was on the search for an everyday burley. Easy to get, less expensive bulks and these two are always talked about and get fairly...
  5. rdavid

    Bench Polisher Recommendations

    As my experience and pipe collection grows, I’ve come to realize that I absolutely love the high gloss finish on most of the pipes I own. Also, my interest in estate pipes continue to grow and would like to dabble in restorations. As most of us know, the high gloss finish begins to dull and fade...
  6. rdavid

    Conniston Cut Plug

    OK. Well, I just tried CCP bulk and was utterly horrified at the perfume flavor. Very strong to me. I desperately want to like this as the underlying tobaccos are fantastic. This is the first time in my life I couldn’t finish a bowl. I’ve been wanting to try a Lakeland for awhile now and jumped...
  7. rdavid


    Well, now that I’ve started ordering more bulk tobaccos, I find that I have very fine tobacco and powder in the bottom of the bag/container. I hesitate to add this in while jarring as it may affect the burn and/or taste? Is there anything to do with this powder? Sprinkle it on my oatmeal? Throw...
  8. rdavid

    Off Days?

    As a fairly new smoker (1 year) I’m still in the “discovery phase” and am trying several different blends. I use a lot and have had great success along with recommendations here on this forum. This has resulted in a very good start to a widely expanding cellar and I’m very...
  9. rdavid

    OK. Now I Get It: Margate

    Well, I tried not to fall into the Esoterica propaganda trap but I was able to purchase a single tin of Margate a couple of weeks ago from They had it in stock but would only let me put one single tin in my cart. Anyway, I just tried it a few days ago and I'm absolutely...
  10. rdavid

    Pipe Pricing Bewilderment

    Say that 3 times while clenching a pipe! Anyway, I just purchased a new Savinelli Spigot Sterling Bordeaux 122 from a large online retailer. It was on sale and coupled with my discount of being a silver member, I paid $140. The same exact pipe on three other major websites was at or above $300...
  11. rdavid

    Robert McConnell VS Dunhill

    Was on a German website perusing HU tobaccos (ordered 6 tins) and I came across Robert McConnell blends that supposedly replace several of the now discontinued Dunhill blends. I did a search and found some threads but it seems as if there isn’t any real comparisons yet. Fingers crossed as I’m...
  12. rdavid

    Five Year Old Capstan Gold RR

    Just received 4 tins of Capstan from SP. 1 each of flake and ready rubbed, blue and yellow tins. All the tins are 2018 except for one tin of gold ready rubbed (yellow label, round tin). It’s dated Apr 2013. Can I consider this aged? I’m really new to Virginias and so far Escudo still burns me if...
  13. rdavid

    Jarring A Pound Of Flake

    Well, I just purchased my first pound. Starting to feel like a big boy now! Old Dark Fired. Damn this stuff is good. Never jarred this much flake before. I’ll obviously keep some out for consumption so I’m thinking about 12 oz. going to the cellar. Will this fit into a 32 oz. or probably better...
  14. rdavid

    OTC Tubs

    Well, during my last episode of TAD, I ordered some OTC pouches in my quest for an all day smoke. Only ones I’ve tried before this was Captain Black White, Royal and Dark and while they were OK, I’m not looking for an aro for an all day smoke. Anyway, long story short I ordered Carter Hall...
  15. rdavid

    Tapping Out Ash

    Fairly new piper. About a year now. Just curious as to the ash that forms on top while smoking a bowl. Is it better to tap out the ash as you go or just leave it alone? Seems odd to mash down the ash into the tobacco when tamping. When I have to relight, I usually dump out the ashes. The ashes...
  16. rdavid

    Straight Blending Tobacco Experiment

    Hello all Today I recieved the blending tobaccos I ordered from Smoking Pipes. These are all straight blending tobaccos with no flavorings or toppings that I’m aware of. Latakia came in a 2 oz tin. The rest are 1 oz in small ziploc bags. All will be jarred in the next day or two. My intent is to...
  17. rdavid

    Forum Questions

    Been on a lot of forums but this one is a little different. How do I quote from another reply? I see the quote function but it just places the word
  18. rdavid

    Differences Between Pipes. Eye Opener!

    Well, in my quest to continue learning and experimenting, I’ve learned a valuable lesson today. Yesterday, I recived a tin of the famed Black Frigate. I was very excited to try it and loaded it up into one of my well broken in Stanwells used only for English blends. Tin note was very pleasant...
  19. rdavid

    Wanting to Try Individual Tobaccos

    OK. Been smoking pipes all together for about a year now and I’m really enjoying several top name popular blends, mostly English blends. I have a couple of favorite Aros already so I’m OK there. However I’m still really confused when it comes to picking out the different components of most...
  20. rdavid

    The learning process

    Well, I started piping about 7 years ago. Kinda fumbled around with it and didn’t really get into the “groove”. Burnt tongue, overheated pipes, smoking too fast making everything I tried taste like burnt ashes. Anyway, ended up moving to a different state and pipes went into storage. Fast...