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  1. brudnod

    Butz-Choquin repair?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to have a new stem for a Butz-Choquin pipe? I could certainly use Tim West but my last repair with him took nearly a year (albeit lovely work). Looking to get the CC stem if possible. Thanks
  2. brudnod

    My tobacco is trapped!!!

    I have my tobacco stash (AKA cellar) in my cellar, in a room that is under the front porch and maintains the temperature between 60 and 70 all year round. Around Christmas time when the tree and all of the decorations go up the boxes come from another part of the cellar, arranged around the...
  3. brudnod

    Freezing tobacco

    This has been bantered around in a rather circuitous fashion on other threads. What happens when you freeze tobacco? Not the accidental "Oops, I left my tobacco in the car and there was a hard freeze!" or "I just bought a new tin of Escudo and I want it to last forever in my household...
  4. brudnod

    Parsing a cellar jar

    I know how I have done this for years but I was wondering how others do it. When you have a pint or Quart mason jar of tobacco and want to spread it out for more smokes, what do you do with it? Do you parse it to smaller Mason jars? Do you put it in mylar bags? What do you do with it?
  5. brudnod

    Changing avatar to get back to roots

    After a few years of the same old avatar, I have changed to an image of Jacque Cousteau. My career goal was to do oceanography and he was a major reason that I started pipe smoking (although there is a long family lineage), applied to engineering school and named my first dog Cousteau. Kind of...
  6. brudnod

    Old Shenandoah #76 in bulk

    I smoke a lot of this stuff (no, this is not a review). I called Scandinavian Tobacco Group in Tucker, GA to ask if I could find it in bulk. The woman I talked with said that Cigars International has it but I could not find it on the web site and when emailed they said they do not carry it...
  7. brudnod

    Funny eBay description

    I really shouldn't be doing this since surely no one is exempt from typographical errors but the bowl size in this description of a lovely old Dunhill got my funny bone vibrating: "This pipe is from my dad's collection, Pipe is in awesome condition, look under conditions to see what was done...
  8. brudnod


    Anyone heard from Numbersix recently? I know he had issues 6 months ago but not a peep since...
  9. brudnod

    Ghosts of yesterday

    I have been wondering this for a very long time and have not seen it as a thread on this forum since I joined 2 years ago. Keeping in mind that aromatic and English tobacco pipe smokers tend to segregate, which of the two general tobacco categories produces the most stubborn ghost? I tend...
  10. brudnod

    New versus estate pipes

    As a member who checks-out eBay estate pipes on a regular basis I have wondering if some estate pipes are worth their full "as new" value at time of sale. Factors include: - Availability of the pipe brand or particular style (some makers are no longer, such as Åge Bogelund) - Condition of pipe...
  11. brudnod

    Pipe rack for bent pipes

    My preference is for bent pipes (any degree) and most of the pipe racks that I have do not accommodate these pipes. Usually I cannot get the stem into the hole without the bowl getting stuck. The only one that I have that works has grooves for the stem and not holes. But the pipes tend to...
  12. brudnod

    Mystery pipe

    Attached are some shots of a pipe which smokes great but I have no idea who is the maker. Last image is the best that I could bring out the faint nomenclature with direct side lighting... Lovely straight grains all around and beautiful birds eyes on the heel and rim (sounds like I am...
  13. brudnod

    Vancouver pipe shop?

    Anyone know of a pipe shop in Vancouver? I am going to a meeting there next month and was wondering what was available to browse... Thanks
  14. brudnod

    eBay description

    I'll admit it, I love looking at pipes on eBay. Input "estate pipes" into the search box and watch to see what pops up. The verbiage is sometimes a bit trying but my favorite descriptions are "restored" vs "lightly used". The care (or lack of same) given to the pipe may be the same for each...
  15. brudnod

    Pipes and spirits

    I suspect that this has been discussed before but wanted to bring it up for discussion again. Many of the treads allude to sitting comfortably in a well worn over-stuffed chair sipping some sort of whiskey (or name your poison) and smoking a pipe (name your blend). I have never found it...
  16. brudnod

    Hidden surprise

    I bought a Lorenzetti on eBay for a very good price. The attraction was not the pictures per se but the bit of varnish that had been scraped off in use. The rim was badly scorched and it needed reaming. When I got it the little patch showed what looked like very nice grain so I gave the pipe a...