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  1. minfarshaw


    Hey everyone! I've been lurking around the forum for sometime but haven't posted anything for some reason. Just wanted to say hi! I'm still smoking the pipe but a lot less nowadays. I just had a bowl of LBF in my MM Country Gent. It lasted about 2 hours and man I felt it when I got out of my...
  2. minfarshaw


    I'm here in my present apartment in NYC, sitting on the floor, smoking Early Morning Pipe out of my Lorenzetti. I'm surrounded my boxes and have come to the realization that this small one bedroom apartment is no longer my space. My wife and I have bought a house and are moving to the suburbs of...
  3. minfarshaw

    Shout Out to the New Orleans Pipe Club

    I went to New Orleans last week and just wanna give a shout out the member of the New Orleans Pipe Club. My wife and I had a great time smoking and sharing stories with you all. I have to say, I love New Orleans. I don't know if it was the humidity, but tobacco tastes damn good in your city. I...
  4. minfarshaw

    Reflecting on "The Pale Blue Dot"

    I watched the last episode of "The Cosmos" narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Something about it really spoke to me. Especially he part where he quotes Carl Sagan (1994). I just want to share the quote with you. I've been reflecting on it and it really put things is perspective. When Voyager 1...
  5. minfarshaw

    New Orleans

    Hi everyone! I will be going to New Orleans next week and am wondering about 2 things: 1. I need advice on hand-carrying pipes and tobacco. 2. Recommended tobacconists near the French Quarter. I did not rent a car. Near enough for a cab ride maybe?
  6. minfarshaw

    As the Weather Turns....

    As the weather gets warmer so has my taste. I have been smoking a lot this winter because of the schoolwork I had to read. Also, my wife lets me smoke in the apartment. One of the advantages of living in a pre-war building in NYC is the radiators get really hot. This allows you to keep the...
  7. minfarshaw

    New Boswell Squat Tomato

    I am super excited about this purchase. This one is going to be my first Boswell. I've been eyeing their website and checking out their pipes every Thursday. Today, I finally bit. I hope it smokes as beautifully as it looks. I have a feeling this one is going to have a "substantial" feel in my...
  8. minfarshaw

    Quiet Nights

    Opened my first G.L. Pease tin. My post-pharmacology test reward. This one is a tin of Quiet Nights. I have to say I love the presentation/ personalized touch. I have to smoke it more to get a better handle on this blend. My first impression is it is really smooth, great tasting...
  9. minfarshaw

    Burley Blends

    I've been smoking mainly Virginia based blends from simple lemony virginias like Newminster Navy to virginia based Balkans like Mississippi River. I'm not much is a Latakia fan but I like it in the background mixed with Orientals, esp when the orientals are at the forefront. For example, I like...
  10. minfarshaw

    Anniversary Q-ake

    This past week I decided to give lane 1Q a try. It really is not a bad tobacco. I mostly smoke Vapers and Balkan blends. But man I added a pinch of 1Q to anniversary kake- this stuff is good. For some reason it just hit the spot! I just wanted to share. This is the best aromatic smoke I've had...
  11. minfarshaw

    New Orleans Smoking Ban

    Is this true? I'm due to go to New Orleans for the first time in Feb. I was hoping to escape NY's restrictive tobacco laws and be able to smoke in at least some outdoor areas. Demmet!
  12. minfarshaw

    A Question in Customer Service

    My Comment 1/10/2015 Order # I don't expect to be able to return this product as it has already been smoked. While smoking, I realized that the stem I cracked where it meets the mouthpiece. I've always been very satisfied with my purchases from your company. This one, however, was...
  13. minfarshaw

    Happy New Meer

    My wife surprised me with a new medium sized claw from pipes and cigars. This is my first meer, I have no idea how to care for it. With my briars, I usually roll a piece of tissue paper and wipe the bowl clean. I think for that reason, the cake in my briars is pretty thin. I like it that way. So...
  14. minfarshaw

    Newminster Navy

    I got Newminster Navy Flake off of the Virginia Cakes and Flakes Sampler for Pipes and cigars. IMHO - that was totally worth the money spent. All the components of that sampler are good. I just have a quick question. New minster flake is very sugary. Some have said that the tobacco needs aging...
  15. minfarshaw

    Can't get any better.

    Currently watching Radiohead for the basement on YouTube (in 3D), window is open and it's snowing. I've got some Newninster Navy Flake in my bowl. Life is good.
  16. minfarshaw

    Anni are you okay? Anni are you ok? Are you ok Annie?

    You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal. Lol! For some reason this song was looping in my head as I was smoking some Anniversay Kake last night. After about 3 to 4 months of smoking, I find myself drawn to Vapers. I liked this blend because it was both sweet and peppery. I...
  17. minfarshaw

    The knife

    I opened the free Rockwell knife and can't find a way to close it. The wife said, just ask your friends at the forum. Any ideas?
  18. minfarshaw


    Currently smoking some luxury twist flake it a Brindisi I got from P&C. I hated this Tobacco the first time tried it. Plus I haven't relit in the past 40 minutes. I'm happy with this purchase. 25 bucks well spent. Don't judge a pipe by its price.
  19. minfarshaw

    Peterson 317

    Yesterday, I had a PADTAD attack and bought a Peterson System 317, among other things. I read some reviews that it is too small but it was too late because the item had already shipped by the time I called. Anybody here have this pipe?
  20. minfarshaw

    The Dentist.

    I went to my biannual dental cleaning today and my dentist said: "you must be drinking a lot of coffee because your teeth are stained". I couldn't tell her it was from pipe smoking because she is my aunt and she would kill me and my mom would probably fly here from the Philippines to confiscate...