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  1. cobguy

    Germain’s Tin Dating

    Not much info out there that I could find. I recently popped open a tin of Best Brown that I know was around 20 years old. There were two codes on the tin ... one ended with "01" and one with "02". I figure, if either one is right, it's the last two number that tell the year. THIS IS ALL JUST...
  2. cobguy

    Va/Per Dark-Fired Trend

    Here's a few I really enjoy: C&D Exhausted Rooster GLP Triple Play Watch City Cigar #558 Savinelli Doblone d'Oro HU Directors Cut
  3. cobguy

    Chilllucky Crop 2019

    My pleasure, Lucky … and you may just be surprised at how good your own leaf is! :)
  4. cobguy

    Three Generations of Pipemen

    Those are great … thanks for sharing! :)
  5. cobguy

    Chilllucky Crop 2019

    I'd treat it just like the Burley … stalk cut / air-cured. For both, after they are color cured and air-dried, 4-6 weeks in a kiln does wonders. If you need any info on building the flue-curing / kilning contraption let me know.
  6. cobguy

    Chilllucky Crop 2019

    Looking good! Mine are suffering in the AZ heat right now and are quite stunted. Are you going to be Priming or Stalk cutting?
  7. cobguy

    New Piper Here!

    Either way ... cool name! :-)
  8. cobguy

    Newbie Intro...happy weekend everyone.

    Welcome from AZ! :)
  9. cobguy

    New Piper Here!

    Welcome Mrs. Laughter ... what a jovial name! :-)
  10. cobguy

    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    See my above post … maybe a closet grow? LOL
  11. cobguy

    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    To make matters worse, it's illegal to even grow your own there, IIRC.
  12. cobguy

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    Agreed … just the opposite of other situations. :wink:
  13. cobguy

    Best Drink of Water

    Same here … Glacier National Park in the late Spring. I'm also lucky to have an artesian well on my property. It's hard water that has filtered through Limestone but tastes clean and pure every time right from the tap. Slightly more rare here in Arizona.
  14. cobguy

    Which Pipe Do You Own That People Will Remember You By?

    I'm going to guess they will remember the Cobs most.
  15. cobguy

    Nice looking, not too expensive dark pipes.

    At they have a "pipe locator" which you can use to narrow your search. At that price range, I'd look at the offerings from Savinelli/Rossi, Stanwell and Chacom too.
  16. cobguy

    Smoking Buddy

    He's really cool! I had a Bearded Dragon for many years that used to keep me company while smoking.
  17. cobguy

    Anyone Here Smoke?

    Mike, I've got a smoker just like that one and it works great. The biggest thing to remember is that those thermometers are pretty inaccurate. A probe that goes into the meat itself is quite handy and keeps you from over-cooking. Plus, if it's wireless, you can monitor the meat while drinking...
  18. cobguy

    Charatan Stamped Not For Re-Sale

    Nice grain on that Charatan Selected. It's only a guess, but the "Not for Resale" may have been either a sample pipe for retailers or perhaps a special event or club pipe.
  19. cobguy

    Flavor Spectrum of Burleys

    Thank you ... glad I could be helpful!
  20. cobguy

    Dropping in to Say Hello

    Thanks gents ... nice to see some familiar faces still hanging out here! :)