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  1. redbeard

    Returning Again After A Long Absence

    Oh how I have missed this forum and all of the great people and information that come along with it! I have been very busy working two jobs trying to start a family and sleeping when I can! I can not believe it has been over a year or so since I have posted here although I have popped in to see...
  2. redbeard

    PAD Is Real!!! A Couple Of Month With The Disorder Realized (Pics)

    So not too sure what to say about it other than WOW... That did happen didn't it!! This is a realization post with a "please help identify this pipe" at the end. Let's start at the beginning. A couple months back I was cruising the bay and saw the pipe that is in the red pipe couch and I had to...
  3. redbeard

    Last Weekends Antique SCORES!! Pipe And Rack (Pics)

    So once again, another weekend and a few trips to the antique stores in town. I am very lucky the girlfriend likes to spend time together that way because I have been on a roll lately. So first up, this pipe... I saw it unsmoked, still in its box just begging for me to take it home. I am unsure...
  4. redbeard

    Awesome Antique Score (Again)

    I always get pretty lucky when I go to the antique show every month. It's the most exciting part of my month searching for this kind of stuff. My girlfriend spotted a a small "razobrite bath" thing she wanted me to get earlier in the day but it was priced $45 and came with a cheap Gillette Tech...
  5. redbeard

    Finally Finished Up The All Briar Pipe

    A few weeks or so ago I posted an all briar I found that needed some TLC. I didn't have some of the tools needed to do a resto on it so I waited... And waited... And finally was able to buy a senior reamer and some pipe polish. The rim was pretty beat but like some said, it adds to the pipes...
  6. redbeard

    Went Antique Hunting Today, Help With One Pipe Please (Pics)

    I went out to the swap meet/antique show again this month and scored a few pipes at $20 for the two. I have always wanted an all briar pipe so when I saw that one I scooped it up. It is an "LHS Purex All Briar" that needs some TLC but I think I can help it. This finish is really messed up on...
  7. redbeard

    My Very Own Freebie Box! Oops, I Said Freebie Box

    This International Pipe Smoking Day came once again offering a freebie box from one of our great sponsors. Even though it was free there was some controversy surrounding it even though I think it was a killer deal either way, lots of cool stuff for FREE!! Can not beat that! Well I chimed in on...
  8. redbeard

    Finally Have A Smoking Buddy!

    No one I know smokes pipes, let alone would like to try it. My girlfriends unkle smokes cigars but isn't interested in the pipe. That leaves me buddy less... Until now!! I picked this guy up a few days ago. I like gnomes so this suits me perfectly.
  9. redbeard

    Any saving this zippo?

    So I bought a lot of three zippos a few weeks back and finally had a chance to polish one up a little bit but wasn't sure how it would work out or if it would damage it somehow. With that in mind I grabbed the one that was carved into and began polishing it with MASS polish. It cleaned up a bit...
  10. redbeard

    Recent antique score (pic)

    The girlfriend and I love to go antiquing which is an excellent opportunity for me to find pipe related and DE shaving related items without her getting mad at me for buying them. :nana: Our latest venture was to a HUGE and I mean HUUUGE antique/fle market that is held once a month at the rose...
  11. redbeard

    New scores!!!

    I haven't logged into the site in a long while but I have not forgotten about any of you. But these scores of mine recently has compelled me to log in and show them off!! Me and the girlfriend went antiquing the other day and I found another pipe that caught my eye and that I had to have. It's...
  12. redbeard

    Booooo I Haven't Been Able To Smoke A pipe In Two Weeks!

    So I started my new job and have been working roughly 10-15 hour days and have had no time (or energy) to go outside and enjoy a pipe. I really miss it though, especially when I talk to my coworkers about it and I feel like a poser since its been such a long while. I am looking forward to the...
  13. redbeard

    I'mBack, And It Finally Happened!

    I have been away for a bit, feels like a year but it's been a month or so I think. I sure have some catching up to do! But some good news!! I'm so stoked right now! I FINALLY found a full time job!! It's been a long hard struggle but I am very happy. I took all of the advice to heart that...
  14. redbeard

    Talk About Discouraging!

    I have been looking for a full time job for some time now and have not had any luck. All I hear is "we have decided not to continue your application process" or "we are going to pursue canadates that have more relevant experience". Even though I have tons of experience in that field, I guess...
  15. redbeard

    Who Took Advantage Of P&Cs $35 1LB Offer?

    If you didn't see it P&C is offering "Scotty's Bulk Blends, 6 different blends- 1LB for $35" this offer comes with a free Virtigo Puffer pipe lighter. Pretty good deal if you have tried one of the blends or one interests you at all. My real question though is this: Anyone own this lighter and...
  16. redbeard

    How Do You Distinguish Your Cobs

    A few months into smoking pipes I bought a grab bag of seconds from MM. Most of them were the legend style I think one Washington... Anyways, they practically all look identical and I like to designate them to a particular style blend. This one will be VAs, this one Aros, and this one Lat...
  17. redbeard

    SG- Black XX Twist - your thoughts?

    I bought some of this a while ago and had it sitting in my... I can't call it a cellar due to the shameful amount in there but you get the idea. I finally decided to give it a try and did I just smoke a cigar? Really tastes more like a cigar to me than pipe tobacco. It's a straight VA...
  18. redbeard

    Attempt To Review This Odd Flake - GH Ennerdale Flake

    Ok, so I'm not sure who else has tried this tobacco but it is.... Odd. Very very odd. I felt like I was smoking old lady perfume if I am to be honest. It has so much flavor added to the leaf that it's hard to distinguish what is what. Although for the amount of flavor pumped into this flake it...
  19. redbeard


    Just need to vent a little bit if that's ok. I have been pretty bummed out at work since I have only been getting 3-4 days a week which doesn't really help much at the end of the month. It does something but just barely. Well, this week I am down to only two days!! I don't get it man, the boss...
  20. redbeard

    Winding The Day Down - The Right Way

    Worked graveyard last night, came home and slept for a few hours and being my day off spent it cleaning up, feeding the dragon (HAHA SOUNDS SO WRONG, it's a bearded dragon), bathed and let him soak for a bit since it's time for him to shed. Now with nothing else to do I'm going to enjoy some...