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Seattle Pipe Club Tobacco Ad
  1. steyrshrek

    Subliminal book covers!!!

    Its a pipe that won't light and you have to both blow and suck to make it work?
  2. steyrshrek

    Any Pipe Clubs Near Charleston, SC?

    I haven't been in years, but that was where my family always vacationed (Myrtle Beach) and then later in life I had automotive business clients in Charleston. I always loved it down there, people are super friendly and its so rich with history.
  3. steyrshrek

    Any Pipe Clubs Near Charleston, SC?

    Don't know about Pipe Clubs but a nice day trip down the coast will put you at Smoking in Little River just the other side of Myrtle Beach.
  4. steyrshrek

    Subliminal book covers!!!

    Is that a Rhodesian Obama's dad is smoking?
  5. steyrshrek

    Subliminal book covers!!!

    Hmmm, I think I could use some facial hair, I don't know why.
  6. steyrshrek

    How Many Pipes Do You Own?

    2 Askwith's 2 Savinelli's 1 Brebia 1 Peterson 1 Caminetto 1 Brigham So 8 right now. I'd like to add a birth year Dunhill, a Radice, a Castello, and another Askwith commission would be nice too.
  7. steyrshrek

    I just have to ask..

    Got to agree on Chris' work I have two, and love the workmanship.
  8. steyrshrek

    ***What Are You Smoking *** (August 2014)

    A nice sweet Orlik Golden Slice in my Savinelli with a Peach/Orange Blossom Green tea. The sweetness of the flake balanced nicely with the tartness of the tea.
  9. steyrshrek

    I just have to ask..

    Why do people buy a Rolex when a $50 quartz will keep more accurate time, or buy a Porsche or Ferrari? Some people like nice things. As soon as a birth year pipe (1966) comes up that I like and can afford I too will own a Dunhill.
  10. steyrshrek

    Pipe Lighters

    Sometimes you need to purge them.
  11. steyrshrek

    Mississippi River and R.I.P. dad.

    Sorry for your loss, thoughts are with you and your family. Almost two years ago my mother too passed of breast cancer that had spread to her lungs and liver, not a day goes by that I don't think of her and my dad who passed in 2000. They will always be with you., and it's little things that...
  12. steyrshrek

    Any Hot Tea drinkers here?

    Gyokuro is my favourite, My wife loves many of the herbal teas, so we always have lots of those on hand. I don't mind some of the herbals if I'm looking for something sweet, tart, or fruity.. I like to try mixing them as well. Loose teas are the only way to go.
  13. steyrshrek

    Prominent Women Pipe Smokers

    Hey like Phil from Duck Dynasty says "never buy a house where you can't pee in your own backyard".
  14. steyrshrek

    What's a recommended pipe lighter?

    I use the IM Corona Old boy, Peterson (which is the same style, a Zippo with the pipe insert and Zippo's with the Vector Thunderbird Pipe insert. The y all work fine outside of a torch wind is the enemy of any soft flame lighter. With the standard Zippo use the black tin fuel and let it burn...
  15. steyrshrek

    Ann Arbor Mi. And Pipe Tobacco

    I was in the auto industry in souther Ontario, I use to love our trips to Michigan. We use to go out of our way to go to the Seafood Factory in Ann Arbor. Loved the Blackened Swordfish.
  16. steyrshrek

    A Cob Pipe... Really?

    I always have some to test a new tobacco or just give away to someone who shows some interest in smoking a pipe.
  17. steyrshrek

    Savinelli Pianoforte

    I'm not a big fan of rusticated pipes but that is a nice pipe. I have 3 Savinelli's and I really like them great pipes at a fair price.
  18. steyrshrek

    New Member Saying Hello

    Welcome, like most activities there is always some risk involved. Pipe smoking can be linked to oral cancers, then again like most cancers they come after a lifetime of doing an activity. You're starting at 60, life expectancy is 78 or less so I doubt you'll developed and oral cancer after...
  19. steyrshrek

    Are Petersons Today's Dunhill

    Just for reference, $50 in 1950 is approximately $500 in today's dollars ($493)