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  1. johnmosesbrowning

    Does Acrylic Last Longer?

    Noob question: ebonite = vulcanite and lucite = acrylic?
  2. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    Ok, I gottcha, it was meant to create a tiny "chamber" for the air to pass through in cases where they don't line up and the draft is choked down. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    Silly question, but how would I determine if there’s a gap between the tenon and bottom of the mortise as suggested? Also, I may take the suggestion of trying to “clean up” the draft hole a tiny bit with a small file. I’m going to put a couple dozen more bowls through it first though.
  4. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    thank you! this is super helpful to know! It’s not a lemon that skipped past QC, it’s just how it is. That’s what I had no idea of when I “discovered” it.
  5. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    But Cosmic! How’m I supposed to get my proper reality check if you stay out of it??
  6. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    That's kind of what I was hoping to hear. If this is simply how they are, then I'll do my best to get in sync with it. If I find that I'm smoking it less and less, then I can pass it along without feeling guilty about it. Thanks.
  7. johnmosesbrowning

    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    How about something from Gerard Manley Hopkins? Pied Beauty - about the beauty of dappled/spotted/pied things in nature.. Glory be to God for dappled things – For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow; For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim; Fresh-firecoal...
  8. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    I bought it online as an “unsmoked estate” pipe from a well known and reputable website. I’d rather not say specifically only because I do not want my own issues to reflect negatively upon them. Any build up is from the couple dozen (?) bowls of assorted Latakia blends I’ve had in it.
  9. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    Well, just a plain draw seems completely fine, yet I’ve had trouble keeping it lit. I seem to need an inordinate number of relights. That could also be chalked up to the pipe and I needing to get to know one another a bit better I suppose.
  10. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    Well, the part that concerns me is that the hole in the end of the tenon not really matching up with the hole in the mortise. They match up well enough that I can get a draw, so maybe that's all that matters? Like I said, it just seems a bit odd/off to me that the drilling on the stummel...
  11. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    Well, as I said, it's my first Peterson and I'm not looking to bash or add any fuel to any arguments. If the consensus is that's how they are, then that's how I'm going to smoke it! ::any tips on how to get a pipe cleaner though it would be appreciated however::
  12. johnmosesbrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    This is my first Peterson, it's a 999 and I can't pass a pipe cleaner through it. I know some bents cannot, yet this is only very slightly bent. Upon closer inspection the problem seems to be that the draft hole is drilled near the very top of the mortise. When I put a pipe cleaner in, it...
  13. johnmosesbrowning

    Kids Are Soft These Days

    I highly recommend anyone even remotely interested in this topic read, The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. It's available in paperback and most any library would have it. If not, your local library can certainly get it for you via interlibrary loan (yes...
  14. johnmosesbrowning

    Why No Swirl Love?

    As a newbie I became obsessed with packing methods because it seemed (is?) so vital to getting everything else right. Then, I realized that I really enjoy the feel of scooping tobacco out of my jars with my pipe, so I just decided to figure out how to make that method work best for me. It's...
  15. johnmosesbrowning

    Suspicious of Retrohaling...

    I retrohale and would say that I get so much more flavor from it that I do it on almost every sip. The point I wanted to respond to however is regarding the notion that we don't do it with wine or spirits. This is false. I "retrohale" for lack of a better term when I am tasting whiskies. If...
  16. johnmosesbrowning

    Pipe Lighting

    I like using matches best. I was previously using only matches or a kiribi lighter, but I kept charring rims. I discovered that has I put the flame down toward the tobacco, the flame curls back up. Depending on the angle or the wind, that curled flame would contribute to rim charring. When I...
  17. johnmosesbrowning

    Made A Mistake While Smoking An Aromatic

    I'm probably the last person who should be chiming in on this, but why let that stop me, right? It seems as though that would be a bad idea to add tobacco like that. If the bottom of the bowl is unburned/yet-to-be-burned tobacco, with an ember of some sort above it and then topped with the ash...
  18. johnmosesbrowning

    MM965 Scottish?

    I know the notion of a Scottish Blend has been hashed out on multiple occasions on here, so I'm not going down that route necessarily. Regardless, my question is this, lists MM965 as an English Blend, yet any blend I know of that is specifically attempting to replicate it is...
  19. johnmosesbrowning

    "Hybrid" Recommendations

    Thanks for all the great recommendations, it'll be a fun problem to sort out where to start!
  20. johnmosesbrowning

    Tolkien Pipe I.D.

    On that note, just doing a Google image search for "Tolkien Pipe" returns all kinds of great pictures of him I'd aspire to.