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  1. seakayak

    Don Carlos Two Note

    Starting the new year right with a Don Carlos two note. This is my second pipe by Bruto Sordini, and she smokes as great as she looks. Getting old has its advantages.
  2. seakayak

    PAD Strikes

    This Erik Stokkebye sandblast was in a glass case at my local pipe shop (Bennigan's in Boca Raton, FL). The brass connector attracted my attention and I could not resist. She's a great little smoker as well.
  3. seakayak

    Savinelli Balsa System

    I recently had my first experience with a Savinelli Balsa System pipe and found it to be a remarkably effective addition. Virtually all unpleasant fluids are effectively absorbed by the insert without any noticeable impact on the draw or the flavor of my tobacco. Any comments from your own...
  4. seakayak

    Don Carlos Rusticated Apple (pic)

    This is my newest acquisition. Bruto Sordini brings a level of class to pipe making that gives me hope for future generations.
  5. seakayak

    Jobey Shellmor Oom Paul (pic)

    This is my second Oom Paul. I love this shape for its generous size and for the way it fits my face. This a truly comfortable design that has become a favorite addition to my rotation.
  6. seakayak

    Butz-Choquain Brumaire (pic)

    There has been some posting on this site about BC "painted" pipes burning hot. This is an especially beautiful piece in my collection and one that has proven to be among my best smokers. It's no hotter than any other pipe in my rotation and provides a consistently pleasant smoking experience...
  7. seakayak

    My Stanwell Danish Star (pic)

    I've been smoking pipes since 1970, and this big boy is a favorite.
  8. seakayak

    African Meerschaum (pic)

    I recently acquired my first African Meerschaum estate pipe in pristine condition. It's a beautiful piece and a great smoker so far. I have several Turkish meerschaum pipes in my collection, but this is new to me. Do any of you gentlemen (or ladies) have any experience with African meerschaum?
  9. seakayak

    My New Omar King (pic)

    My first Omar King pipe. She looks beautiful, but do any of you have any experience with this maker?
  10. seakayak

    La Strada Centurion

    A gift from Sicily to the world...1970s La Strada. She smokes as good as she looks.
  11. seakayak

    Savinelli Church Warden

    I finally got myself a church warden. It's a Savinelli with a10 inch stem and smokes as wonderfully as the other Savs in my collection. My wife STRONGLY questioned my need for another pipe, so I thought my friends at this community might better understand how a beautiful new pipe can be quite...
  12. seakayak

    Rosewood Warning

    I have been smoking pipes for more than 40 years so this is a bit embarrassing. There are 31 wonderful pipes in my collection including briars, meers and a Ropp cherrywood. When I recently came across a nice looking and reasonably priced piece with a rosewood bowl it drew my interest. I...
  13. seakayak


    A good friend was recently stationed in Tokyo on a work assignment. He asked what he could send me from Japan. Naturally, I suggested a pipe. He sent me this beautiful kiseru...silver and bamboo along with a pouch of the appropriate shag tobacco. A wonderful addition to my collection.
  14. seakayak

    What are You Reading?

    I'm about half way through Rick Murcer's fourth "Manny Williams" novel, "Caribbean Rain." Great character development and plots that keep me engaged from the first page. The Island theme that rings through the entire series is just the thing for a long winter's night. What have you been reading...
  15. seakayak

    Your Newest Preferred Member

    It took several years, but I finally ascended to the high honor of Preferred Member status. It has been a most enjoyable journey and, in the process, I have met some of the finest gentlemen of my life. Thanks to Kevin and all our members for a most positive experience, and for showing me that...
  16. seakayak

    My New Meerschaum Eagle Claw

    This is my newest acquisition. It's an SMS meerschaum "claw and egg" that I wanted to share with my forum friends. Clearly among my favorites.
  17. seakayak

    Discovering Calabash

    I just purchased my first Calabash pipe. It's a French BC and sports a Turkish block meerschaum bowl and an African gourd. A beautiful addition to my collection, but between salt, alcohol and a somewhat complex cleaning system, it will never be an every day smoker. On the special occasions I...
  18. seakayak

    Wally Frank estate pipes French briar

    Two "Wally Frank" estate pipes purchased from a local antique shop. Great smokers with FRANK and FRENCH BRIAR stamped on the side of each. I really like the stem color on the bent billiard and the extra long stem on the straight. They are both in very good condition, but I know little else about...
  19. seakayak

    Estate Pipe Restoration

    Over the past several years, I have found great pleasure in scouring antique shops and consignment stores for old (often abused) estate pipes. Living within a short bike ride of Palm Beach, Florida makes the hunting especially rewarding. During that time, I've come across some real finds for...
  20. seakayak

    Pipe Pics by Country of Origin

    We all know about Ireland's Peterson pipes and Italy's Savinelli, but I thought it would be interesting to share some photos of pipes from other places. Denmark seems a good place to start. I've got three in my collection. The first is a Turben Dansk, the second Is a Navigator and the last is a...