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  1. newbroom

    Cavendish What?

    Cornell & Diehl's Autumn Evening: Our proprietary red Virginia cavendish is lightly cased with a delicate maple flavor resulting in our best selling aromatic blend. The smoker will appreciate the taste of Virginias while those around will flock to the warm, inviting fragrance. Notes: Jeremy...
  2. newbroom

    In Memory of Matches860

    I think John would have been pleased with a special run of HBS in his honor. A blend? We're asking a lot from the blender here.
  3. newbroom

    In Memory of Matches860

    The news of Matches (aka: John Harden) having passed into the next stage of his existence has caused a lot of folks to think of him and what he has meant to their pipes and tobaccos experience. That John was reportedly only 64 yrs old should give us all pause to consider our own limitations and...
  4. newbroom

    When Do You Smoke Your Pipe?

    I too smoke only outdoor, and usually walk the street out front or the cart path out back or just sit in a chair on the porch. I get up EARLY, and within the first half hr, i'm out with either a freshly filled pipe or one that has just been sipped slightly the night before, and I walk about a...
  5. newbroom

    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    Enjoying tobacco tasting bliss out on the porch while wearing a light jacket (mostly to hold stuff in its pockets) and using my OG MM Legend with a Peterson Barrel's "P" lip stem and a melange of D*R tobaccos, including some Penhooker Green, Picayune, Sigarro, 3 Sails, and Ramback. It works! (is...
  6. newbroom

    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    I just finished a nice bowl of D&R tobaccos using my one certified artisan pipe. This pipe was made by a forum member who joined sometime about when I did over 5 short yrs ago and has continued to delve into the fine arts of pipes and tobacco ever since. This pipe was made with perfect draw...
  7. newbroom


    I've been happy smoking all kinds of D&R blends, but I do make up my own from 3 of their sturdy varietal offerings. TwoTimer and 3 Sails has been my burley and virginia base mix at approx 1/1. I will then add some Picayune for its perique and dark fired. The 3 Sails is a nice sweet VA but is...
  8. newbroom

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    Heading outside in the cool pre dawn for the second time with a pipe to smoke as I walk around the neighborhood I live in with no moon, and just lamp posts in front of condo bldgs and streetlights every 150' or so...first trip out I took my straight smooth MasterCraft apple and smoked my current...
  9. newbroom

    Pipe Smoking Study, It Doesn't Look Good.

    I'm 71, and have been a tobacco user most of my life. When I started pipes, I had been retired a year and a non smoker for about 5. I got very sick and depressed and stressed out and went back to tobacco. Within about 2 months I decided I didn't want to inhale burnt paper so I went to Walgreens...
  10. newbroom

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (September 2019)

    Match ERR in a Kiko cobbilly, a meer from Tanganyika with just a bowl and a stem. The bowl is poker shaped and has carved criss cross diagonal texture. 19gm. I think I remember. Vulcanite stem and very easy to smoke.
  11. newbroom

    One Modeled Storm Track for Dorian...

    I guess then, despite living in FL, having it hit and weaken in FL would be best case for all. I'm sitting on my porch in Ocala, no shirt, shorts, a fan, some coffee and my pipe waiting around to see what happens. This one is as freakish as any I've seen and if it mimics Andrew, gawd help...
  12. newbroom

    This is a Pipe Wrench

    makes more sense than the normal "stiltson" type It's listed HERE.
  13. newbroom

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2019)

    My D&R triple play in a Chris Besse hand made Canadian Maple straight billiard. (just in, from a nice, cool, lunt before sunrise, 2nd of the day, so far.)
  14. newbroom

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2019)

    Walking the length of street in front of my condo building from one streetlight to another, my typical run, I count approx 280 steps. I walk those up and back each time. Then I might just stand around under a light and listen to the night. I've usually smoked 3 bowls before sunrise each day...
  15. newbroom

    Am I Smoking Too Much?

    I guess it's the quality of the experience I would take into consideration. I smoke several bowls in a day. I have times when a pipe burns more effectively what I've packed and I'm not chuffing it like a madman and the flavors are delicious. Most are tasty and contemplative. I smoke a mix of...
  16. newbroom

    Why smoke a pipe?

    For the nicotine. The added values of flavor and interesting implements, along with identifying as a minority, also, too.
  17. newbroom

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2019)

    Getting a few bowls smoked before sunrise, as usual, due to the daytime heat and relentless sunshine. I still manage to smoke during the daylight hrs too, but, I always stand in the shade and that moves with the sun. No inside smoking since Jan. I just love my mixture of D&R blends consisting of...
  18. newbroom

    Greetings from Buda, Florida!

    Welcome to a great resource and a well run forum. I've been to Ginnie Springs, once. I really enjoyed a 3 day weekend with a group of music loving volley ball players there, many years ago. I lived in Fellsmere then. I live in Ocala now.
  19. newbroom

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2019)

    Heading out for my 3rd bowl of the morning, here in Ocala, smoking a melange of tobaccos in my 1954 Saddle stemmed #656 Shellbriar. (1/2 bent)