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  1. steyrshrek

    Balkan Sobranie

    Cup o Joes has a limited Supply of Balkan Sorbaine Sobranie, I managed to snag a tin. Good luck. Edit: Sorry had to fix the spelling, L.
  2. steyrshrek

    Chris Askwith's Devil Anse Pipe

    Here's Chris Askwith's "Devil Anse" Hatefield's pipe interpretation. I liked it so much I had to buy it. It's going to be a great little pipe to smoke while doing other things like driving or even feuding.
  3. steyrshrek


    With all the talk about tobacco bans, I suspect there will be a lot of people Cellaring a lot more tobacco. I know I'm planning to start with around 15-20 pounds then see from there, I'll be starting with aromatics that I like seeing as they seem to be the first target. What's the best storage...
  4. steyrshrek

    The Scream

    Is just me, when I look at good birdseye on a pipe I see Edvard Munch's The Scream. I always see the screaming face.
  5. steyrshrek

    Antique Flea Market

    A friend of mine told me that he saw a bunch of pipes there so I had to check it out. Boy people need a dose of reality, a bunch of trash that wasn't even worth refurbishment. holes in stems, even right through bowls, cracked stems yet they were asking $10-$30 a piece, they weren't even big...
  6. steyrshrek

    Where are the Chicago Pipe Show updates?

    Hey where are the Chicago Pipe Show updates and photos? Us poor pipers who couldn't make it are counting on you guys.
  7. steyrshrek

    Follow on to How Many Bowls per Day

    For you guys smoking more than two bowls a day do you smoke them in the same pipe each day? rotate pipes through out the day? how often do you smoke out of the same pipe? I try to give my pipes a rest and only smoke one bowl a day out of each (occasionally 2) and give them 3-5 days of rest or more.
  8. steyrshrek

    Having new pipe made!

    I'm excited just commissioned to get my first pipe made. It's being made by Chris Askwith, it will be a chubby Rhodesian. I'm really excited about this, I've seen some of his other work and I was very impressed. I learned of him through the Oom Paul Podcast, he gave a great interview and I...
  9. steyrshrek

    My New Savinelli Verene Smooth

    Enjoying a nice bowl full of Skiff in my new Savinelli Verene Smooth 305.
  10. steyrshrek

    Squadron Leader

    Wow, had my first bowl of Samuel Gawith's Squadron Leader. All I can say is wow I really like it, being new and basically having only smoked aromatics in the past this was a new departure for me. When I first opened it can't say I was blown away by the tin note, smelled kind of like vinegar...
  11. steyrshrek

    My New Savinelli Oscar Tiger

    My latest acquisition a Savinelli Oscar Tiger 673, a nice Rhodesian. I enjoyed it with a nice MacBaren Vanilla Creme Flake. I really like this pipe, it smokes great and is comfortable in the hand. This one is going to get a lot of use.
  12. steyrshrek

    Key Classic Tobaccos

    Being new to this what are some of the touchstone brands that have great classic representatives of the various tobaccos types? Those ones that everyone should try at least once. If you can please share your experience with it and what I should look for and expect when smoking it. Thanks
  13. steyrshrek

    Canadian Get Togethers

    Do you guys ever get together specifically in the GTA, Southern Ontario area. I know the laws suck and there aren't really many public places that we could meet and smoke but just wondering if there have been any?
  14. steyrshrek

    Canadians and mail order tobacco from the US

    New to all this stuff and just wondering what the experiences are that other Canadians have with ordering tobacco from the States. Have you found there is a certain amount that customs doesn't seem to bother with, like 2, 4 or ten tins? What sort of values have you been charged?
  15. steyrshrek

    Two new pipes to start off

    So today I picked up two new pipes to start back pipe smoking, a Brigham Algonquin 235 and a Peterson Standard 314. Also picked up a bunch of tabaccos and some other accessories. Smoked my first half bowl full in my Brigham to start breaking it in and it was wonderful. I must say it was even...