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  1. waznyf

    Dunhill Black Spot

    Hey Everyone, I just purchased a Dunhill with a black spot. Does anyone know much about the history of a black spot or why they are there? Just curious. The seller told me that he believes that chemical changes caused the once ivory White Spot insert to change color. Any and all help would be...
  2. waznyf

    Dunhill Black Spot

    Hey Everyone, I just purchased a Dunhill with a black spot. Does anyone know much about the history of a black spot or why they are there? Just curious. The seller told me that he believes that chemical changes caused the once ivory White Spot insert to change color. Any and all help would be...
  3. waznyf

    Rock Solid And Unpleasant

    Hey everyone, Don't be deceived by the title for those of you with dirty minds, it isn't a bad post and is pipe related. Just in case you thought that the title was rather dirty :P Anyhow, as of late I have been experiencing a problem that has never really been an issue before. The problem is...
  4. waznyf

    Too Many Pipes... Is It Possible?

    Hey Everyone, Now you may call me crazy for ever even thinking such a thought, but I want to know if you think that one can have too many pipes. Yes, it is always nice to get a new pipe. We love getting new things and adding to our collections. Currently, I have somewhere between 20 and 30 pipes...
  5. waznyf

    A Great Opportunity!

    Hey everyone, I have been in cahoots with a successful pipe maker recently, and after much pestering I have been offered a chance to meet at the Chicago show. If all works out I will be able to work in his shop and work my way up to making pipes. This opportunity is great for me! I sincerely...
  6. waznyf

    I'm Back! Did You Miss Me?

    My fellow pipe smokers, I would like to announce that I am back to the forum! Not sure if I was missed or if anyone noticed my absence, but I thought that I would let you know regardless haha. Can't wait to get back into the swing of things and see you all throughout the forums! Happy Puffing...
  7. waznyf

    My own pipe club!

    Hey everyone, Got some good news... Well for myself and anyone in the Tri-City area of Michigan. I am in the planning stages of a pipe and cigar club at my B&M. The store owner has been talking to me as well as a daily visitor who I have not yet met but was told is old and very knowledgeable...
  8. waznyf

    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween fellow pipe smokers. It is sad to know that all of the people out east will not be able to enjoy such a great holiday this year in the same way that many of us including myself will. I pray that their recovery is quick. Today when you are eating your candy with your family or...
  9. waznyf

    Thrift Stores.

    Hey everyone, Been a while since I've made a thread so I figured I'd give it a go. Recently I made a YouTube video in which I talked about thrift stores and how much I like them. You can go to a thrift store (aka secondhand store) such as The Salvation Army Store or Goodwill and get some awesome...
  10. waznyf

    First Day

    Hey everyone, Today is my first day in my dorm and so far so good. Really looking forward to school and everyone was right when they said that I would be too busy and excited to worry about my current situation. Off to a good start and I plan to keep it that way!
  11. waznyf

    Disappointed in myself and bummed...

    Hey everyone, Quite disappointed in myself with a recent action that I decided to make. I won't go into the details but long story short, I spent my first night in jail and am out on bond right now. I have had one or two troubles in the past as a juvenile but got past that and cleaned up my...
  12. waznyf

    NO CIGS!!!!

    Hey everyone, Just a quick little update about myself that I wanted to share with the community. Today is my second day without cigarettes on Chantix, and although it may seem somewhat silly to celebrate the second day I just couldn't wait to share it with you all. It sure seems like quite the...
  13. waznyf

    Pipe Making Apprenticeship

    Hey everyone, There seem to be more and more talented pipe makers showing their pipes to the world every day. I never worked with wood too much as a child although I had daily opportunities simply because I was lazy. Now though, I have this great respect for pipe makers and there is an inner...
  14. waznyf

    How do you avoid oxidation?

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to ask you all one quick question. How do you personally go about avoiding oxidation? Do you have and special remedies for preventing the terrible disease from plaguing your stems? I apply obsidian pipe stem oil to my stems (sorry if I spelled it wrong but I don't...
  15. waznyf

    Chantix... It's working... I hope!

    Hey everyone, I am moving onto my fourth day on Chantix, and I have to say that it seems to be working for me quite well. Today I only smoked one cigarette which is much less than my usual pack per day if not more. I am very happy with my results and hope that I can keep it up. One thing that...
  16. waznyf

    Shame on me....

    Hey there everyone, Haven't started a thread in quite some time so I figured now would be an appropriate moment as I have some not so good news to share. I received an item in the mail yesterday from a tobacco store out of state that I FORGOT TO PAY! You may be wondering to yourselves "how...
  17. waznyf

    500 POSTS!!!!

    Hey everyone, This thread marks my 500th post on the forums and I'm proud to say that I am still here and plan to be here for a good while longer! This community has truly provided me and all of the other members with a place to socialize, make friends, educate ourselves, and have a great time...
  18. waznyf

    Frequent Alcohol Cleanings?

    Hey everyone, Recently saw a post about using rubbing alcohol to clean pipes and it got me to thinking. I used to use alcohol every time I cleaned my pipes, given that this could be after every smoke or even a couple days apart. Recently when talking to some other pipe smokers, they informed...
  19. waznyf


    Hey everyone, It cannot be denied that over forums and YouTube you are limited as to what sort of friendship you can create simply due to the technology barrier. We can get pretty damn close to the real thing but it doesn't quite satisfy me. skype is, in my honest opinion, the best way that...
  20. waznyf

    Honors Student! Yay!

    Hey everyone, Was accepted into Eastern Michigan's honors student program! Really happy to have been offered this opportunity. Hoping it helps me as I go through pre-med and prepare myself to transfer to UofM. One extra thing to look good when I am ready to transfer. :D Time to smoke a big fat...