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  1. stevecourtright

    What are You Reading Now?

    The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart
  2. stevecourtright

    What Are You Smoking October 2019

    Skiff in a 2019 Peterson 106 Christmas pipe
  3. stevecourtright

    Why Does a Pipe Smoke Hot?

    Fun question: Either combustion is more efficient (releasing more calories) or the property of the wood enables more heat transfer (in the hotter pipe). The answer might be the size and shape of the chamber creates a better draft through the tobacco, increasing the rate of combustion. The...
  4. stevecourtright

    Official 'Thank You Kevin & co.' Thread

    Well done and thanks!
  5. stevecourtright

    Vintage Dunhill Stain Discoloration

    Agree with dmcmkt. Appears to me that the coloring varies as a function of the direction of the grain.
  6. stevecourtright

    Can Horn As A Material Be Fixed?

    @jpmcwjr I think you're correct.
  7. stevecourtright

    Can Horn As A Material Be Fixed?

    Sorry about your pipe! I would guess that the horn material expands and contracts thermally a great deal more relative to the inside material of the stem, and as it cooled (while the interior stem material was still warm) the contraction of the horn caused the cracks to form because the horn...
  8. stevecourtright

    Hello from IL

    Welcome from Evanston, Illinois!
  9. stevecourtright

    Any non smoking pipe collectors?

    I met a guy who lived in Vail, Colorado who only collected (high end) Radice pipes. Never smoked 'em. He liked how they looked and was thinking they were good investments.
  10. stevecourtright

    Interaction With Fellow Tobacco User

    Thanks! That is a great idea - keeping a pipe around that one can part with to give away should the chance arise. I always have extra tobacco....
  11. stevecourtright

    New post deleted. Why?

    LOL^^ This thread is pushing my buttons, sporadically.
  12. stevecourtright

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    John Gierach "A fly rod of your own" 2017
  13. stevecourtright

    Didimauw's Tamper Thread

    Word of caution: I built two acoustic guitars using cocobolo and now, due to the exposure, I am really allergic to cocobolo wood dust. Like trouble breathing allergic. Be careful! Cool tamper.
  14. stevecourtright


    Good on you!
  15. stevecourtright

    PS LBF

    Nice!! It's my current go-to.
  16. stevecourtright

    Any Guitar Players Amongst Us? I'd Like Your Opinion.

    Agree with acidpox. Whichever one you pick, spend the money to get a professional set up. Think of your guitar as a "kit" as they all need to be adapted to the player and to their new home, temperature and humidity. If you can, try them all out, one will probably speak to you.
  17. stevecourtright

    Tobacco Recommendations on a Budget?

    I second this. I could smoke Luxury Twist Flake and Luxury Bullseye Flake all day.
  18. stevecourtright

    Boswell or Tinsky??

    While I don't have a Boswell, I enjoy my Tinsky a lot. If it matters, Tinsky is doing some very innovative designs. BTW, my avatar is the Tinsky Caldron I own.
  19. stevecourtright

    Advice Needed

    It's a good thing you didn't add "while hitting a drum" because that's exactly what I was just doing...
  20. stevecourtright

    C. F. Martin & Co.

    Don, I am jealous, and plan to do that tour this year or next. Very cool. And as far as bracing is concerned, you would not get much argument from me!