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  1. bowhatchie

    Congrats to Lawrence!

    I'm going to become a Grand-daddy today! :clap: Congrats Lawrence!!! Nothing like Grandchildren!!!!
  2. bowhatchie

    Unclearthur magic!

    I was out of town when my new Arthur custom made arrived.. so I just got to put it to use Sunday and today...I won't include a pic. as Arthur already had pics up.. it is the little Rhodesian.... I am happy to report that this pipe is awesome... Smokes so very well... fit and finish is perfect...
  3. bowhatchie

    My new Buckeye Pipe!

    Here is my newest prize and a prize it is indeed... hand made by our fellow member Buckeye... The rustication is fabulous, deep and coral like... The pipe smokes like a dream with no bowl heat and a perfect draw.... And to take it completely over the top he gifted me with the antler tamper that...
  4. bowhatchie

    In Regards to Tattoos

    Started to post in the Things you see that don't make sense post as it ad seemed to drift to tattoos.... but as this was a bit off topic.. thought better to start a new one... My Wife approached me one day about 4 years ago with the desire to get one small tattoo... She is now 58 years old.. at...
  5. bowhatchie

    Penzance/ ah not so much!

    I almost hate to post this... with all I have heard about this tobacco ..I thought it would be for me the end all of all end all's in searching for the perfect tobacco. For me it was not.... it was okay...but not earth shattering..wig straightening as I had hoped for. to me tastes very much like...
  6. bowhatchie

    Blandings collection II

    My Blanding's Collection arrived today... I could not be more pleased.. they are indeed everything that Kevin said they were...the box alone is a thing of beauty with wonderful grain and the plaques both inside and out are very well done. I was very pleased with the quality of the pipes from the...
  7. bowhatchie

    Standing ovation!!

    I have been on a Vaper kick as of late and have found them to really be to my liking... There are quite a number that I really like ( yet to find one) I don't like to some degree...but this one....Solani Virginia flake with Perique is the Mac Daddy in my opinion! I am sure many of you have...
  8. bowhatchie

    Identify the pipe shown in the ad on

    Can anyone tell me the maker of the pipe shown in the add that runs on this site for Luxury tobacco review... it is a bulldog...It goes by so fast I cannot get a good look at it.
  9. bowhatchie

    New Pipe.. Todd Bannard

    This is a new Pipe Todd Bannard made for me... it is on route and this is a picture he sent me. I am really anxious to get my hands on this one!
  10. bowhatchie

    valentines proves to be a GREAT DAY..PAD satisfied

    My lovely wife surprised me with this Savinelli spigot Artisan #699 also the new XIKAR lighter seen in the back ground.... Got to love her.. at least I do!
  11. bowhatchie

    HAl O the Wynd/straight from the horses mouth.

    I wrote the blenders of this fine tobacco and made the inquiry as to the inclusion of Perique in this blend.... of course the tin description says straight VA.... but the blend notes of the supplier indicated Perique as discussed here before.. Here is their reply.... Dear Mr Anderson, Thank you...
  12. bowhatchie

    Rattrays .Hal o the wynd/ perique or not?

    I like this tobacco and smoke it often... if one goes to tobacco review you will note that it says..under blend notes.. that KK&CO. the blender states... Ky-VA- and perique. many of the reviews talk about the Perique..... but the tin description says...a straight VA... so Perique... yes or no?
  13. bowhatchie

    Full VA Flake

    Anyone have a source..... I have exhausted all I know in search of Gawith's Full Va Flake. THANKS!
  14. bowhatchie

    where have all the flowers gone?

    Hobie dug up a bunch of old posts( which were good)... and I got to seeing a bunch of members who were really active a year or so ago.... lots of posts..preferred members and such.. that we never hear from now.... Just wondering what happens that makes someone who is certainly active just quit...
  15. bowhatchie

    pipe knife and tamper

    I recall a thread about tampers and pipe tools etc. Here is a knife that I is called a Doctors knife and can be had on e-bay for around 5 to 10 dollars.. works you can see there are two blades and the spatula blade is perfect for digging out the bowls remains.... it is smooth...
  16. bowhatchie

    My new Boswell PAD strikes again!

    While I am confident this pipe won't appeal to many.. it hit me as I love to hunt and shoot the old shotgun.. .the shotgun casing got me!!
  17. bowhatchie

    Rob Roy and Savannah

    Got a Rob Roy ( 3 parts scotch and 1 part sweet vermouth) actually a scotch Manhattan...and smoking a bowl of Tobacco trader's Savannah..... guys this dog will hunt!!!!.... this Savannah is a one heck of a smoke!!!!
  18. bowhatchie

    Sardines and Pipe Smoking!

    Man.. I love sardines.. all of them.. mustard packed...packed in oil...packed in tomato name it I like it.. My dear wife whom I also love..NEVER complains about my smoking.. of course she loves the smell of Q1, Autumn Evening and the like...she even tolerates My smoking of Billy Budd...
  19. bowhatchie


    I finally managed to get a Boswell.. they are so hard to buy before they run out!Got his one along with 4oz of Christmas cookie tobacco!
  20. bowhatchie

    Good mix

    It is I guess inevitable that eventually everyone decides that certain tobaccos mixed together would produce the absolute best smoke in the world, the one that they have been searching for...smokes cool, stays lit, delivers a taste straight from heaven. Some of you may have already tried this...