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  1. blackbeard

    Smoking Pipes and Picking Locks (What's your hobby?)

    I have recently begun another hobby, we'll see where it goes. While it has impacted the amount of money spent on pipes/tobacco it pairs with it nicely. I enjoy sitting back with a pipe, working with a lock and doing something tedious. Was just curious if there were any other members here...
  2. blackbeard

    Calabash Gift, Need Help

    A guy stopped, said to my grandfather he was giving a pipe to the first person he saw walking around. Since he quit, didn't care what was done with it, my grandfather gave it to me. Along with 12 oz of Smokers Pride Vanilla, and some cleaners I acquired this! Unfortunately when coming to...
  3. blackbeard


    A while back, a friend brought over a pipe for me. He had reached up on a beam in his crawl space and come across this pipe. When I got it...well it was pretty rough. I noticed the stem didn't match...(not positive on the stem but it isn't original) Using my usual at home repair methods, I...
  4. blackbeard

    I'm Back!

    After a long time of being away from the forums, I am back. Has been a long ride, a lot of things going on. As a very over due post, I need to thank a few members. Scrooge for the pipe, Dave G for fixing it up for me. It was a very unexpected surprise...and then I disappeared. I am sorry about...
  5. blackbeard

    Amber & Ivory Care/Cleaning

    Covering two topics here that I need some advice. Recently started cleaning a stem...didn't think it was amber until I started cleaning it and the colors showed. So I did the tests, acetone, salt water floating, and the taste of the stem (I cleaned that part before) I cleaned it with alcohol at...
  6. blackbeard

    Hialeah Antique Store Find

    This pipe was unsmoked but was in a nasty antique store. It actually had something white on the bowl, was dirty, stem oxidized, an a bit of a funky smell in the bowl. So I cleaned it up with a little alcohol, hit the stem with the magic eraser, and buffed it up with some toothpaste. I pulled the...
  7. blackbeard

    Badly Appealing/What Is This Mess

    So, upon my outing today I acquired three new pipes. One was a Kaywoodie for $5 the bowl was locked on, the stem was ugly, I didn't know any better...but it's $5 of fun. The other, a Meerschaum with a silver band, silver wire?, Amber stem?, and is by far the worse....I will need a pro for it as...
  8. blackbeard

    Manic Medico: Test Dummy (Pic Heavy)

    So, this particular Medico came covered in grim, chips, burn out spots, spider webbing, chewed up stem, and in general a huge mess. SO I decided to work with it a little. Played and played. Getting it in better shape. Then, after removing the wax and a lot of stain...I found myself with a grey...
  9. blackbeard

    Basic Restoration Kit Advice

    What I have in mind so far...worth mentioning I don't have a buffer, have yet to learn to stain and's pretty basic stuff. However, I'll take any recommendations for better products. I've always been able to shine them up, make them clean enough to smoke and look alright. Though the...
  10. blackbeard

    Show Off Your Caption Contest Prizes Here!

    While I haven't gotten the chance to get my picture wearing the's what I received for the November 2015 Caption Contest. Thanks to the sponsors and for putting it together! Christmas came early as the same day my Savinelli Saint Nicholas 703KS arrived the same...
  11. blackbeard

    Dunhill Patents.

    Starting off is a paper, which I did not read. Dunhill Paper
  12. blackbeard

    Magnificiently Strange Patents (Picture Heavy)

    So, to start off....I have spent WAY too much time looking at patents. Enjoying the oddities. Thought I would post a few, and likely more later. If you happen to have one if these weird pipes if they were even produced. PLEASE share. I would love to see them. Anyways, Here we go starting with...
  13. blackbeard

    Catching Up With The Times, Finally Have An iPhone

    In my early 20' would think I would have had a smart phone by now. However, I have always viewed a phone as a phone. While some prefer to text, if I can call and get it over with I would prefer it (not a texting speed issue it just seems a little ridiculous) While generally somewhat tech...
  14. blackbeard

    Tobaccos With A Delicate Touch

    This is opposite my thread about tobaccos which leave strong ghosts in a pipe. Dedicated to mention those you can smoke fiercely, without tainting your pipe. Those which are great for breaking in a pipe, or sweetening it up a bit. So, what are your tobaccos that you don't have to worry about...
  15. blackbeard

    Tobaccos That Remain

    I thought, it would be a good idea to start a database of tobaccos that leave their mark in pipes. There are actually a few I refuse to smoke from my briar because of how they do. One of which, I didn't realize until I switched from the cob. So, what tobaccos have you ran into that become...
  16. blackbeard

    This is ridiculous

    Hopefully someone in the forums gets this. I need an ebay account and money ready for things like this. Just so cheap I had to share the find.
  17. blackbeard

    The Hidden Antique Stash

    A little over eye level a Jar caught my eye...just thought it was a jar. Something drew me to it. When I picked it up, noticed there was something in it. I looked at the sticker on the top to see this. So of course I felt the need to open it. Only to find an unopened box of Carter Hall (doubt...
  18. blackbeard

    The Doodler Score/Let me see your Doodler (Pic Heavy)

    First off, I would like to mention I saw the patent for this a week before I found them. Furthermore, a thanks goes to Wes of Stanford,KY if you ever read this. I walked up, guy had pipes in I of course started talking to him. I told him what little I knew about them. "The Doodler...
  19. blackbeard

    National Briar Pipe Co. Nylon *Drysmoke* Pipes

    A while back, I posted about my grandfathers pipe...finally I found info on it, So, here's what I found about the pipe. Links are... NYLON Pipedia National Briar Pipe Co. My grandfathers (now mine) So, National Briar Pipe Co. - Phillip D. Berenson likely made in the 60's (which was the...
  20. blackbeard

    Kentucky Smokers

    Was wondering who's from Kentucky on the forums. Personally, for right now I am nearest Somerset.