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  1. nathaniel

    Pipe Shop in Tampa/St. Petersburg?

    Ask Kevin, this site's owner. He lives in St. Pete. I grew up about 3 1/2 hrs from there on the east coast but am not familiar enough with their downtown strip.
  2. nathaniel

    Bible App

    1. The bible app is very cool. But for me it seems super buggy/slow so I hardly use it. I prefer a paper book any day over the digitals though, I suppose. I like to feel their weight and smell their history. Not very different from pipes. But it does seem to be the best bible app on the market...
  3. nathaniel

    A Shout Out to Russ

    I love this place. This whole happening is inspiring. You simply just won't find this kind of thing in other circles. Hope there's enough for everyone!
  4. nathaniel

    Hello All!

    Welcome aboard! You're in my neck of the woods! I'm just over in Lynchburg. Been here for about 2 years. Nice area.
  5. nathaniel

    Backyard Wildlife - all in one pic!

    Holy crap! Okay I have to ask. Where is that? What river? I'm an avid fly fisher, and only dream to live somewhere so accessible one day. Kudos to you man!
  6. nathaniel

    19 year old and started smoking a pipe

    <p>GL Pease' Jackknife Plug smoked at a relatively fast pace will do the trick.
  7. nathaniel

    Trade My Pelican For "Yo' Momma"

    They used to call trampolines "jumpolines" until yo momma got on one back in 1972!
  8. nathaniel

    Seeking Advice For The Local B&M

    Also a lounge that doesn't charge a monthly membership fee will generate far more profit from walk-ins that will become regular customers.
  9. nathaniel

    Seeking Advice For The Local B&M

    For goodness sakes just make sure their people know pipe tobacco. I can't tell you how many shops I've been in that have no idea what Latakia is. Shoot, once my wife went into a B&M to get me something and found a bulk English she thought I'd like, just by smelling it. The counter person told...
  10. nathaniel

    French inhaling. Finally I can taste tobacco!

    I've been smoking the pipe for 7 years and totally agree with the OP. Wafting the smoke from the mouth to the nose provides a much better sense of taste for me. It's pretty much all I do. Not a "French inhale" in the normal sense of the term but rather just sipping the pipe and then smelling the...
  11. nathaniel

    Jim Beam's Red Stag Hardcore Cider

    Any of you folks tried this stuff? I've tried and tried to like straight bourbon but i usually find it too harsh unless I'm really in the mood. Well this cider bourbon is flipping awesome! I'm sipping on some right now with a bowl of no. 27 matured va from mcclelland. Call me a pansy, but this...
  12. nathaniel

    GL Pease Sextant,anything similar

    I just finished off my first tin of sextant yesterday. Actually I had 3 bowls. The tin lasted me about a month and I gotta say from the description I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't bring myself to really enjoy it... That is until those last two bowls last night. They were magical...
  13. nathaniel

    Recommendations for pipe restorer?

    Thanks Wes, I'll keep you in mind!
  14. nathaniel

    Snug Pipe

    Peterson 303 system standard pipe. That's the ticket!
  15. nathaniel

    Recommendations for pipe restorer?

    Never mind, I found his site. Looks like it's just what I am looking for
  16. nathaniel

    Recommendations for pipe restorer?

    Awesome. That's WAY cheaper than I figured it'd be! Will that get a green stem black and shiny again? And what's his "ozone" treatment?
  17. nathaniel

    Recommendations for pipe restorer?

    so I've not the tools or time to keep my pipes UTD. But some are getting pretty sour and the stems are greening. I clean after most every smoke with a cleaner or two run through and a good rub down with my shirt. But apparently that's not doing the job. Anyone got any recommendations who I could...
  18. nathaniel

    Ugly Pipe Contest

    <p>I like. Unfortunately all my pipes are gorgeous.
  19. nathaniel

    Ugly Pipe Contest

    This ought to be good... How does the judging work though?