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  1. sparrowhawk

    Tip for Zippo Pipe Insert

    As some of you may remember, a while ago I was trying to figure out a way to clean Zippo pipe interiors, which tend to build up carbon more quickly because of the angle it is held that. Well I finally came across something that works, partially at least. Put a pair of Alka Selter (or Polydent...
  2. sparrowhawk

    Pipe Girls

    Where are they?!
  3. sparrowhawk


    Is a Dunhill worth owning, given the price?
  4. sparrowhawk

    Bruyere Definition

    What is a bruyere pipe?
  5. sparrowhawk

    Wessex Pipes?

    I saw a nice Wessex Author on eBay, but have never heard of the marque before. Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. sparrowhawk

    LOTR Churchwarden Pipes

    In examining eBays collection of churchwarden pipes, I noticed a lot of Lord of the Rings pipes. Who actually makes these pipes, and are they worthwhile?
  7. sparrowhawk

    Polyurethane Coating?

    I hope I'm in the right forum this time. Anyway, does anyone know what is used to put a thin, "wet look" on new pipes? Is it a clear polyurethane? If so, and the coating wears off, it it possible to restore the shine by coating the worn area with a polyurethane?
  8. sparrowhawk

    Author Pipes

    Can any smoker tell me about the Author pipe? Why is it so called, and what is the attraction of such a strangely shaped pipe? It seems to speak to me, but I wonder if it's because I'm a writer.
  9. sparrowhawk

    Valhalla Billiards

    Does anyone have any experience with Nording's Valhalla billiards? They are interested in getting one, but the chamber narrows at the top rim, and this gives me pause as to how well it smokes. Thoughts?
  10. sparrowhawk

    Valhalla Billiards

    Is anyone familiar with Nording's Valhalla billiard pipes? I'm interested in getting one, but the narrow chamber at the top rim gives me pause.
  11. sparrowhawk

    FT: 13 oz. Sutliff Aromatic English Bulk (10/30/19)

    As an experiment, a year or so ago I ordered the Sutliff Aromatic English as a way of getting used to a variety of tobaccos, but this wasn't it for me, an Aromantic tobacco smoker. So, if you have a similar amount (or close to it) of a good aromatic like Lane Q-1 or Trout Stream, or a selection...
  12. sparrowhawk

    Thoughts Good Straight Billiards?

    Looking for a new straight, unaffected billiard. Any ideas? Chachom seems to have a number of them, but don't know anything about their quality.
  13. sparrowhawk

    Woodcock on eBay

    God is a practical joker. I spend several years looking for a Nording Woodcock, finally locate it in a British shop where a fellow English friend help me procure it, only to discover 2 weeks later that another brand new Woodcock is on eBay. Would anyone like to loan me $200 for this pipe as an...
  14. sparrowhawk

    A True Gentlemen

    Some may remember a few weeks ago if someone could make a pipe purchase overseas for me. Such a request takes a degree of trust, but when it's a member of the briar brotherhood, there's little risk. A couple of fine fellows volunteered to handle this purchase and shipment for me, but Tozert came...
  15. sparrowhawk

    A Better Reamer?

    I use an Elder cleaner to clean my pipes, but it takes a lot of gripping strength and the results are unsatisfactory. Is there a mechanized version of a reamer? Perhaps a Dremel tool?
  16. sparrowhawk

    Can Someone From the UK Help?

    There's a pipe available only at a certain UK shop that won't deliver to the US.Is there a UK member who could purchase this pipe from my payment to you, send it to me for an addition fee that you would name? I would really appreciate it. PM me if you want to go through this inconvenience and...
  17. sparrowhawk

    An Interesting Discovery

    I recently noticed something that I should have realized long ago; now I know many don't like aromatics but they have a noteworthy advantage--aromatics, because of their increased moisture (not too much) smoke longer than non-eros.That can be a real advantage if you're looking for a long smoke...
  18. sparrowhawk

    FS: Nording Partially Rusticated Freehand $45 7/24

    A Nording classic, partially rusticated with "dipping wax" effect; 6 inch. Rim top a little dark from lighting burns.
  19. sparrowhawk

    Pipe Grain

    Hi, I'm Back. Had a really bad winter. But onto my question: is a pipe with a tight grain lighter or heavier than a Briar with a more open grain?
  20. sparrowhawk

    Peterson Note

    In looking for a Peterson Waterford--I'm found of it because it's a pure pipe without the band--I asked Peterson where they all are. Turns out the Waterford has joined the ranks of the extinct pipe, that is, discontinued. Can't imagine why. To my knowledge, there's only one place now that has...