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  1. jfred

    Tonight's Menu

    Highland Balls, Crushed Twist, VB Twist and Micha's Cake. :puffy:
  2. jfred

    First Estate - Did I Summon a Ghost?

    I recently purchased my very first estate pipe, a nice Becker & Musico bulldog with a silver spigot. It arrived looking like new, very clean and with no smell at all coming from the chamber. I still wanted to give it a good cleaning of my own and for that I invested in a small bottle of Brebbia...
  3. jfred

    Preserving Flavors

    I've been smoking pipes for 7-8 months now, aquired several nice pipes and enough tobacco to last me several years at my current rate. I love trying new tobaccos, and rarely tries a blend I really don't like. This leaves me with a current selection of 20-25 "favorites" for my rotation. Now, I...
  4. jfred

    Aged Wingfield Mixture

    I've obtained a tin of Robert Lewis' Wingfield Mixture with about 35 years of age. This is my first really old tin, so I'm quite excited to have a taste - assuming everything is ok with the content. I could probably finish the tin in a couple of weeks, if I put some effort in, but I would...
  5. jfred

    Lovat & Blowfish

    I have my eyes on two new pipes to expand my small collection, but have some questions about the shapes. If any of you knowledgeable gentlemen have an opinion to share on either, it would be most appreciated. 1. A Lovat - I have a billiard shape and from what I read the bowl shape of the Lovat...
  6. jfred

    New Member

    Hello, new pipe smoker from Copenhagen, Denmark here. I've been smoking a pipe for a couple of months now, all the while reading along in this great forum. Thanks to all the excellent advice found here, I feel I've skipped several months of trial and error, and is really enjoying this exciting...