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  1. zonomo

    Help Identify a Lighter

    Hi everyone - been away for about 2 years. I seem to recall someone here told me where this lighter was made. I only know it is made in Oregon but I dont know what company. I need to send it in for repairs. Any help would be appreciated. Edited by jvnshr: Picture link fixed.
  2. zonomo

    Austin Pipe Shop - walking distance

    Hey everyone - does anyone have a good Pipe shop in downtown Austin? I am there Weds - Friday but not renting a car so I'll be on foot. 6th and Congress area. Thanks everyone. Z
  3. zonomo

    Another Non-Aro Try - Another Strike Out

    When I ordered my last pipe, the fine folks at gave me 2 small smaples of tobacco to try. One of them was Button Bay and the other was Prairie Wind. Being an Aro smoker and having tried HH Mature Virginia three times and 2 English Blends twice and truly hating the experience, I...
  4. zonomo

    Anyone Signed Up For Obmacare - Smoking Related

    Please, no political flaming but am curious if there are specific questions they ask in the application process about smoking. My guess is that they won't differentiate between Cigarettes and Pipes. Would be curious to see what a premium costs as a smoker and one without.
  5. zonomo

    Tobacco That Blew My Face Off

    Thanks to my good friend shaintiques (Dave), I have tried some absolutely incredible tobacco that i recommend all Aro loves try. Moulin Rogue. Dave was kind enough to do some work on a pipe that I nearly destroyed and he happen to drop a tin of Moulin Rouge in the return package. I was...
  6. zonomo

    Sore Throat

    When you have a sore throat, do you take a break from the pipe? I know technically we don't inhale but just curious. I also seem to get sore throats more frequently since partaking of the weed.
  7. zonomo

    Anyone Going To Austin City Limits This Weekend?

    My flight from Seattle leaves at 7AM, I'll be there by 12:30. My heart is already starting to pound because I am so excited. Austin is my favorite place in the Universe and live music makes my heart soar. If you'll be there, PM me - I'd love to meet ya and have a pipe. m/ m/
  8. zonomo

    SmokeyTheBear Blew Me Away

    This AM I woke up and came to my computer and I notice a small package on my chair by my desk. I search my memory banks to think if I've ordered anything but I know for sure I haven't. Here's the back story though. Our funds are tight because recently my wife was laid off her job, 100% by...
  9. zonomo

    Tell Me About Your Collectors Pipes

    The Dracula thread got me to thinking. I know many people here will buy a pipe, keep it unsmoked and just collect it. I suppose the enjoyment comes from having it and showing it. But for me personally the joy come from actually smoking it. I don't have any collectors - they're all smokers...
  10. zonomo

    1 Pipe - 1 Tobacco From Here On Out

    So I decided that I am going to try and stick with a certain pipe for a particular tobacco. A few questions, that I know have been brought up before so please forgive the re-post of these questions. 1) How long or how many bowls will have to be smoked in a given pipe for the flavor to become...
  11. zonomo

    Dracula Pipe In - Now What to Smoke In It

    So BigDude007's post on his Dracula pipe inspired me to look into this. I decided to order it and I REALLY love it. I love the blood red stem with the matte black finish. You cant see it in these pics but there is a cool bat wing on the silver band. The Silver band is a nice touch for all...
  12. zonomo

    Holy Cow - My McQueen Pipe Shipped!

    In what is the longest pipe order in my young pipe career, I just recieved an email from McQueen that my pipe shipped. I dont have the pipe in my hands but for those considering ordering directly from them, I highly advise against it. Terrible customer service, terrible communication, and...
  13. zonomo

    Do Fruit Flies Like Tobacco?

    My wife and I just returned from a 4 day out of state trip. We noticed a ton of fruit flies in our house but we don't have any fruit out. I happen to notice a lot of them around my new tobacco that just arrived before our trip. It was 3 lbs of Hobbits Weed. I've never heard of such a thing...
  14. zonomo

    Ouch! Burned Back of Throat

    Was about 1/2 through a pipe and was distracted and it went out. Before I relit, I gently scraped the white ash off the top and dumped the pipe. When I relit and took my first draw, a hot speck of tobacco was sucked into my mouth and landed on the back of my throat. Hurt like a mutha. 8O
  15. zonomo

    Where Is The Highest Concentration of Pipe Smokers?

    The post by torchez got me to wondering. What country or place within a country has the highest concentration of pipe smokers. I don't think the number of B&Ms would necessarily tell you that. Has anyone ever seen any statistics?
  16. zonomo

    Shotgun Advice

    Hey everyone - looking for a Tactical Home Defense Shotgun. I am considering the Remington 970 or the Moosberg 590. Does anyone have any direct experience with either of these two weapons. Or another idea. Of course, please keep this civil, non political, no Anti-Gun rhetoric please...
  17. zonomo

    First PAD In 3 Months - Rad Davis

    Before I got married in May, I asked Rad Davis to make me an important commemorative pipe to honor the union between my future wife and I. I asked him to incorporate Emerald (her birthstone) and Topaz (mine). Here is what he came up with. On another note, Rad is a real gentlemen. A really...
  18. zonomo

    Kirsten Pipes - The Mystery Continues

    So I just got off the phone with Kirsten in Seattle. I was told about 6 months ago that they would have production back online in 2-4 months. It would have been May 2013 at the latest. I just dont get how these guys stay in business or what's going on with it. Clearly they have demand for...
  19. zonomo

    The Case of the Disappearing Tampers

    Its so strange that my tampers seems to be disappearing. I've only lost 1 pipe that I am aware of, haven't lost any lighters that I am aware of but I've definitely lost a few tamps. EJ made me 2 and I am missing one of them. :cry: What have you lost?
  20. zonomo

    Question for Kevin

    Hey Kevin - have you ever been out and about or at a Pipe club and someone comes up to you and says "Hi Kevin, its me [forum name]. It kinda feels like we know you and you know us so I imagine if someone meets you IRL for the first time, its a little different than the normal first time...