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  1. rmbittner

    My New Novel Highlights Pipe Smoking

    First, I hope this post doesn't break any forum rules... Just realized that I've neglected to mention the recent publication of my latest book -- and my first published novel -- called "Lost Time." It's relevant here, I hope, because a major part of the main character's growth is triggered by...
  2. rmbittner

    If you're shopping for aged tobaccos...

    Just a note to remind/alert folks that I've recently sold just over 400 aged tins to Steve Fallon ("Pipestud"), who will be offering these for sale. It's possible that some of the tins won't ever show up on online -- so please don't assume that ALL of these will be readily available -- but I can...
  3. rmbittner

    Selling Off Some of My Cellar

    I realize this is probably a long shot, but I'm interested in selling off a rather large portion of my cellared tins. (Why? Money.) I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a single buyer who would be interested in acquiring 400-500 tins. I don't have anything that's overly rare. But I do have a...
  4. rmbittner

    Is This Raven's Wing Tin Authentic?

    I just noticed this auction for an 8oz. tin of GL Pease Raven's Wing, dated 2005: First, I wasn't aware that Raven's Wing had ever been offered in an...
  5. rmbittner

    1999 Durbar

    Today, I opened a 1999 tin of Dunhill Durbar, a wonderful oriental/VA blend. Based on the tin aroma, one bowl today, and a previous tin of this vintage several years ago, I'm convinced that there's no latakia in this blend. If there IS latakia in it, it's present in only the tiniest quantity...
  6. rmbittner

    Is Aperitif the new Penzance or Pease Syrian?

    I recently put two tins of Dunhill Aperitif from 2007 up for auction on eBay. (I picked up six tins back in 2007 then discovered I just didn't care for the blend. These were my last remaining tins.) They ended up selling for much more than I'd expected. About two weeks ago I sold a 2007 tin of...
  7. rmbittner

    The Smokiest Movie I've Ever Seen

    I'd been wanting to see the German crime melodrama "M" (1931) ever since I was a kid reading about it in books about horror movies. (It's not a horror movie, per se, but it was an important film in terms of storytelling and cinematography.) In a nutshell, Peter Lorre plays a child serial killer...
  8. rmbittner

    Got a New Agent!

    Maybe this is for the two or three other writers here, but I thought it was worth mentioning. . . I just signed with a book agent who is going to be pitching a three-book, Christian-market nonfiction series I've been working on. Of course, there's no guarantee that this project will ever sell...
  9. rmbittner

    Do You Have Stonehaven? Let it age!

    I recently had the good fortune to open my second bag of Stonehaven, and it gave me the chance to compare this 2013 bag with a 2007 bag that I opened last year. Based on about a half-dozen bowls so far, I'm convinced that while 1-year-old Stonehaven is quite good, time in the cellar will be...
  10. rmbittner

    Don't Overlook the Videos Here

    I posted something about this in another thread, but thought it was worth mentioning on its own... There are lots of really good pipe/tobacco-related videos stored here that are definitely worth checking out. There are behind-the-scenes tours of Orlik, MacBaren, and Cornell & Diehl. There are...
  11. rmbittner

    Stupid Memory...Another Reason for a Tobacco Journal

    I'm currently doing a tobacco trade with another Forum member and had almost decided to consider my tobacco for him as a gift; he was offering a tin-for-tin trade for something I remembered not liking very much. Plus, I already have 8 tins of that blend in the cellar. Then I decided to see what...
  12. rmbittner

    Hunter's Blend: Labrador - An Aromatic That Delivers

    One of my resolutions for this year is to try more aromatics. After getting a number of suggestions from aro fans here, I stocked up on six or so blends. To be honest, most of the recommended blends so far have just been "okay." They're generically "aromatic" and pleasant, but offer virtually...
  13. rmbittner

    Impressions of 8-year-old Charing Cross

    I thoroughly enjoy the Balkan range from G.L. Pease. Charing Cross has always struck me as the most oriental-forward blend in that range. When I first tried this one -- in 2006, smoking a fresh tin -- I wrote: "A medium-strength Balkan blend that was enjoyable while lacking some of the rich...
  14. rmbittner

    Balkan Sobranie Available

    Who knows how long it'll last, but Balkan Sobranie is now in stock at Smoking Pipes. Bob
  15. rmbittner

    Smoking Cellared Blends on Their "Anniversary" Years

    I just looked over my cellar and noticed that I have two blends that are 15 years old this year -- Esoterica's And So to Bed and Dunhill's Durbar -- and one that will turn 20 next year -- Rattray's Black Mallory. For some reason, I feel like I need to smoke these on their "anniversary" years...
  16. rmbittner

    Anyone Remember the TRS-80 Model 100 / Tandy 102 Computers?

    I've been reading and enjoying Hackers by Stephen Levy, about the young hackers at MIT in the late 1950s/early 1960s who were pushing the envelope regarding what a microcomputer could do. I'm not a computer geek in the programming/hacking sense at all. But it got me thinking about my own early...
  17. rmbittner

    New Pipe Smokers: You Have My Respect

    It occurred to me today that if I were to start smoking a pipe now, I think I would be totally lost about what tobaccos to smoke first and how to really get a firm grounding about tobacco blends. When I started, my tobacconist was The Tinder Box chain of mall stores (in the US). And shortly...
  18. rmbittner

    Has Anyone Tried Any Blender's Complete Line?

    I definitely have favorite blenders. But even among those favorites, I still have a long way to go before I would have worked my way through their entire line-up. So I'm curious whether anyone here has smoked their way through anyone's complete offerings. (And if anyone says "yes" to McClelland...
  19. rmbittner

    Okay, So What About Cellaring Lakelands?

    A couple threads on cellaring various types of tobaccos got me wondering if anyone's had the chance to try any of the Lakeland-style blends with age on them. Since they tend to be a drier flake than a standard aromatic -- and made of very high-quality tobacco -- I'm thinking they may develop a...
  20. rmbittner

    Anyone Remember the "Columbo" Episode That Included Pipes?

    I love the 70s-era "Columbo" TV show, and I distinctly remember one that involved a pipe-smoking killer. (An impossibility, of course.) I could just go back and watch them all from the beginning, but I thought someone here might know the episode I'm thinking of. Here's what I remember -- which...