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  1. lukasstrifeson

    ID Help on this Ashton Pipe

    Looking for some help identifying this Ashton pipe I've just come across. Any information or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. There's some pretty serious "chipping" (?) on the rim decoration and I'm hesitant to call it silver but it's definitely similar... TIA.
  2. lukasstrifeson Trade-In Experience

    I'm considering consolidating my collection from the unreasonable state it's in right now to maybe about a dozen or so pipes I smoke very regularly. I'm looking for people to share their personal experience with trading in pipes with A. How much of your expected value did you...
  3. lukasstrifeson

    Custom "Made-to-Order" Meerschaum Inserts

    I know there are a ton of pipe makers out there on the interwebs who are friendly and accessible for customs orders but I'm specifically wondering about getting either a morta or briar pipe with a meerschaum insert, or (if possible) a mini-calabash set up with a meerschaum topper. My immediate...
  4. lukasstrifeson

    Corn Cob Mods?

    I recently picked up an Old Dominion while I was stocking up on the new Peterson Dunhill blends: I love the bowl shape but can't really get along with the stem, so I've toying with the idea of doing some DIY modding. (I'm thinking the easy route will be an Eltang Basic kinda vibe or... go all...
  5. lukasstrifeson

    Scottie Piersel Owners' Club

    I've been a long time admirer of Scottie Piersel's signature "pencil shank" pipes but only recently had the opportunity to welcome a couple into my home. Here is my first: Ms. Piersel's 2019 GKCPC Carvers' Contest entry: Had to go deep in the cellar to find something worthy of her virgin...
  6. lukasstrifeson

    Cellaring - What Do You Guys Do With All The Empty Tins?

    The title pretty much says it all but here's a picture just so this isn't a boring wall-of-text thread. I don't care too much for the tins with the gaudy SMOKING KILLS labels but these clean tins were always a struggle for me to throw away. Unfortunately I have gathered such a burdening...
  7. lukasstrifeson

    Anyone Else Smoking "the Devil's Blend" ???

    I'd like to think over the years I've become familiar enough with my pipes that I can eye-ball the correct amount to dry out on the plate for each bowl but inevitably there's always a few greedy moments when I dry way more than I can ever fit into the bowl. I collect these left overs into a...
  8. lukasstrifeson

    Splurged on Two New Pipes to Celebrate A Recent Haul

    Love the "Diplomat" when I have the time, but the tiny "Morgan" is definitely a favorite smoke of mine. I guess the word 'splurge' in reference to the pipes is a bit disingenuous in this case. :lol:
  9. lukasstrifeson

    Just Accidentally Went To

    ... And it doesn't exist! Seems like an opportunity missed to be honest. Or maybe I was just disappointed that my typo did have a more serendipitous result. LOL. Anyways keep it puff, daddy. PS: Anyone know why I can't seem to see my own Avatar? It looks fine when I adjust it in the...
  10. lukasstrifeson

    Hunter S Thompson Pipe ID

    This is a long shot but I'd love to share one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite writers: Hunter S Thompson; and hopefully, get an ID on this pipe! All I know about this picture is that it is likely taken some time between 1960-1963, either in San Juan, Puerto Rico or more likely...
  11. lukasstrifeson

    "Penguin Pairs"

    Seems like my last post rubbed some people the wrong way. I can see how curiosity killed the cat now. Hopefully this post inspires the right kind of dialogue. To continue my earlier question about exclusively matching a pipe to a blend, more specifically I asked what would be best for my...
  12. lukasstrifeson

    Great forum BUT...

    Could someone explain the Tufftony situation to me please? I'm curious as to what exactly happened. His post yesterday "I'M BACK" was what I thought was tongue in cheek posts with a genuine appreciation for pipes and tobacco. And an attempt to extend an olive branch, only to have some members...
  13. lukasstrifeson

    Recommendations for Christening this Castello?

    I've always wanted to try this one pipe/one blend concept. Anyone out there follow this philosophy? If so, I would love to hear your experience and how this ritual adds/subtracts from the experience. Otherwise, I'm all ears on your suggestions for this baby! Dark Brown Sea Rock Briar KKKK Lovat...
  14. lukasstrifeson

    Seeking Information on CHP-X Pipes

    Hi guys - Pretty much what the title says. I'm eyeing a piece on the Bay and was curious about the history of this brand. Or a piper named: Michael Kabik. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!
  15. lukasstrifeson

    A Quick "Hi" and "Watcha Smokin'?"

    Shout out to the collective knowledge and wisdom of this forum for helping me pick out this babe of a piece by Mark Tinsky. 2018 Christmas Morta Bulldog Just put a bowl of the Latakia Flake through this beauty and it smokes like a dream. I don't think I'm experienced enough to comment on the...