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  1. swilford

    What Is The Peterson Deluxe System Shape Number For A 312?

    The 317 (Standard and Premier System) = 12.5 (Deluxe System) = 230 (non-System). There's a little variation from bowl to bowl, but not like this. The measurements on are simply not right for the Deluxe System 12.5. Stay tuned for a revamped where, among many other...
  2. swilford Lore Discussion

    Along with Billy Budd - Sailorman Jack, there are a bunch of old alt.smokers.pipes references: Firedance Flake from Samuel Gawith is named for June Stark, an old regular on ASP who passed in the mid-2000s also, for example. I participated actively on Alt.Smokers.Pipes from late 1999 to about...
  3. swilford

    Carolina Red Flake Tin Number

    C&D made 10k for the US market and about 300 (unserialized) for other markets. There's easy way to keep the serializing straight across markets (for a variety of reasons, but not least of which is because of labeling requirements being different in different markets). And, yes, they didn't fill...
  4. swilford

    K&P & Peterson: Whats the Difference?

    Eamon's answer from Peterson is spot on, of course. The company name is (and has been for a very long time) Kapp & Peterson, Ltd. and the pipes have been variously branded Peterson, Peterson's, Kapp & Peterson and K&P. It doesn't really signify. The stamps on pipes these days are all some...
  5. swilford

    The Pipes of Sherlock Holmes

    We're doing lots of things along these lines. There is so much old interesting stuff at Peterson that it's more a matter of prioritizing projects than it is deciding to do these things or not. The resurrected John Bull for 2019's Pipe of the Year was the first project like this. The next few...
  6. swilford

    New Peterson - draft hole too high?

    I first read it as XL315 (which doesn't exist in Kinsale, but is the same shape as the XL11 and Sherlock Holmes Original), not XL15. On a pipe with this much bend, it should have been a bit above the center in the mortise, but not as high as it is in the photo. My mini-treatise on drilling...
  7. swilford

    New Peterson - draft hole too high?

    <quote>That said, the hole in the shank portion (bottom pic) looks just like a normal Pete to me (or, at least, like the few Pete's I've owned). All four of mine had either a sump on the system or the dimpled beginning of a sump on the nons directly in the center of shank, with the draft hole...
  8. swilford

    When Artisans Make Lower Grade Pipes

    On China, I think it's just really unclear what's going on with that market as a whole. Different people have had very different experiences over the past couple of years. It's certainly maturing and the growth isn't as crazy as it once was, but that's very different from suggesting that the...
  9. swilford

    When Artisans Make Lower Grade Pipes

    I think it's easy to read too much into either wider economic trends or perceived (by some) trends in the pipe world. Of the guys listed, most of them started their lower price brand a long time ago (Sara Eltang in 2005; Ligne Bretagne, gosh, about the same time; Alan Brothers was started in...
  10. swilford

    Brigham Pipe Stacker Deep 3 Pipe Drawer

    The pipe version was discontinued. It came about during a meeting between Dan More (of Brigham), Brian Levine (then of Brigham) and me in 2011 or 2012. They were the distributor for Stackers, which were mostly jewelry trays. I suggested they take the masculine version and make a pipe stacker...
  11. swilford

    Rustication, Con and Pro

    Agreed on the old Derry rusticated finish. Here's what it looks like now:
  12. swilford

    About My Operating System

    Just to chime in quickly, there are really good reasons you are struggling to visit websites. Since I know that not being able to access Smokingpipes is a frustration for you that you've mentioned in the past, I thought a thorough explanation might help: A lot of the reason that websites are...
  13. swilford

    Laudisi (Smoking Pipes) now directly importing G&H

    Nope, Laudisi did not import it and is not the importer. What you're seeing is the label we apply to bulk bags in shipping. The inclusion of the TP number and other details is a belt-and-suspenders exercise in regulatory compliance when it wasn't completely clear what constituted 'manufacturing'...
  14. swilford

    J. Norman Presbyterian Questions

    James Norman last shipped Presbyterian in April 2017, so the tins you found are at least that old. Aside from age and the differences therefrom, there's no difference between the tobacco then and tobacco now. The manufacturer didn't change, just the importer.
  15. swilford


    A lot can happen in 150+ year history--so I don't think I can deal in absolute certainty--but I seriously doubt Peterson (as in Kapp & Peterson, in Dublin) made that pipe. I think that's almost certainly a shop branded pipe from an American pipe shop, probably made between the mid-1930s and...
  16. swilford

    Just got this from

    Someone in customer service got their wires crossed on this one. We will be restocking Peterson just as soon as STG makes it available on the US market again. We obviously won't be restocking until they have it because presently there isn't a distributor until STG-Lane starts receiving it in the...
  17. swilford

    Are All Peterson Silver Caps Hallmarked Like the Band?

    Yep. What ash said. Hallmarking doesn't happen at Peterson (sort of by definition: assay marks denote fineness as established by the government). It happens at the Assay Office. So, Peterson buys silver--tube or sheet--and it goes from Peterson in batches to be assayed, so it's usually worked...
  18. swilford

    FDA Begins Unannounced Inspections of Pipe Makers

    It's not voluntary. It's required under federal regulations. Registering was a requirement for continuing to make pipes (or tobacco or cigars etc etc) as a domestic manufacturer. So, Jeff registered voluntarily in the sense that he chose not to stop making pipes. But that's a pretty broad...
  19. swilford

    FDA Begins Unannounced Inspections of Pipe Makers

    Cosmic, the article doesn't say that he was forced by a retailer. The article says that in order to continue selling pipes to retailers (or anyone else), he was forced to register. And that he was assisted by a retailer. We did hundreds of hours of free compliance work and spent tens of...
  20. swilford

    Question On Dates of Manufacture of Peterson Rosslare Royal Irish

    Oh, I should add, that I would be hard pressed to tell 1988 from 2013 without them side by side, assuming both are nice and crisp. We differentiate from other context (like what years the series was made; stem materials etc etc). Sykes