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  1. nathaniel

    Jim Beam's Red Stag Hardcore Cider

    Any of you folks tried this stuff? I've tried and tried to like straight bourbon but i usually find it too harsh unless I'm really in the mood. Well this cider bourbon is flipping awesome! I'm sipping on some right now with a bowl of no. 27 matured va from mcclelland. Call me a pansy, but this...
  2. nathaniel

    Recommendations for pipe restorer?

    so I've not the tools or time to keep my pipes UTD. But some are getting pretty sour and the stems are greening. I clean after most every smoke with a cleaner or two run through and a good rub down with my shirt. But apparently that's not doing the job. Anyone got any recommendations who I could...
  3. nathaniel

    What Do Pipe Smokers Do For A Living?

    What do you folks do for a living? And can you/do you smoke at work? I'm in my 2nd year now starting out as a mechanic at a Volkswagen/Subaru dealership. It's a bit too dirty and flammable a job to smoke on the clock (plus customers probably don't want their 2015 VW passats smelling like GL...
  4. nathaniel

    Recommended tools for stem cleaning/maintenance?

    So I find that my pipes' stems are becoming more and more oxidized and tasting foul. Apparently polishing them here and there with my shirt isn't working anymore. What tools and/or products do I need to get my stems back in shape(black and shiny)? I'm not worried so much about cosmetics, just...
  5. nathaniel

    Jobey Tenon is Turning Freely?

    So I got a Jobey Gondoli 970 pipe today at an antique shop for $20. It is in great condition with a beautiful lucite stem (my first lucite!). I know the screw-in tenons are replaceable in these, but I don't know if I need to replace it or not. It looks fine, but just keeps turning around in the...
  6. nathaniel

    How many blends with Latakia?

    Here's a thinker to abide some time... I'm bored today. :puffpipe: How many blends which are readily available online in bulk or tin contain Latakia do you think? I know that's a ridiculous question to which there is likely no easy-to-find answer, but it's an interesting thought. Moreover, I...
  7. nathaniel

    Flying with Pipes and Tobacco?

    So I'm headed to KY from FL in early January to visit the in-laws. We're not checking any luggage, just carry-ons. Can I bring my pipes, tobacco, czeck tool(not likely), pipe-cleaners, and xikar lighter(butane emptied)? Any suggestions from experience? I'd hate to lose a pipe, leaf, or xikar.
  8. nathaniel

    Military Mounts?

    So I got a Peterson 303 rustic a few weeks ago and really like it. I want to get another one in the smooth finish from their premier line. While reading up on them a bit more, it seems that a lot of folks are of the opinion that military mounts make it near impossible to break the stem and also...
  9. nathaniel

    Black Friday Tobacco or Pipe Sales?

    Anyone know if there are any black Friday sales for pipes or tobacco from any etailers? Just curious in case there are... I'd hate to miss a bargain.
  10. nathaniel

    Cleaning Peterson System Pipes?

    So I just got a Peterson 303 System Standard off ebay for $27 and cleaned it and smoked it. It smokes great and really sits comfy in my mouth. But I'm concerned on how best to effectively clean a system pipe's shank, what with the strange air chamber and everything? It just seems like it might...
  11. nathaniel

    I miss my Uncle!

    ...just saying. Where did he go off to? :(
  12. nathaniel

    Peterson 303 System Standard?

    Does anyone here know where I can find one for the least coin? I've never had a peterson or anything but basket pipes or grabows (other than a fine Uncle Arthur CW) and I want to get a good full bent briar. The 303 looks great and I remember hearing good things about it. So where can I get one...
  13. nathaniel

    Tobacco Related Names for My Lab?

    Morning all, So if you're bored and want something to do, I need a name for my new Black Labrador. He's only 5 weeks old right now (I know, I know... but the breeder was selling them like hot cakes), and has been whining and barking since 5am. We only went to bed at 1:30. Yay for sleep...
  14. nathaniel

    Missouri Meerschaum Stickers

    I've noticed a growing trend in kids these days to wear obnoxiously wide and flat-billed hats and keep the stickers on them as if it's some sort of trophy or such... I thought it was ridiculous until the other day when I realized I kind of do the same thing with my MM Cobs. So do you keep them...
  15. nathaniel

    Prince Albert is Sublime!

    So I'm smoking my first bowl of PA right now in a new, unsmoked MM cob. I have to say I didn't think I'd like it. But after smoking Angler's Dream from Russ Oullette's sampler packs, I figured I should give some other stuff in its genre a try. I liked Angler's Dream a lot, which I found funny...
  16. nathaniel

    Fixing a loose stem?

    So I got some pipes off ebay last week, and two of them have very loose stems. One just falls out on its own, and the other will probably tighten up a little while smoked due to expansion, but I doubt enough to fit right. So how can I go about fixing this? I've heard just dabbing a bit of super...
  17. nathaniel

    What's the Deal Here?

    I hope this isn't offensive. If it is, MODS, feel free to delete! :puffy: But here goes: So anyone who keeps up with the news and the politics of the world has likely noticed that marijuana is on an upswing legally. What with the medical prescription stuff and now even some places are starting...
  18. nathaniel

    Estate Pipe Restorations?

    So I just bought a six pipe rack and 4 pipes off of ebay. Here's the link (hope it works): Estate Pipes! Anyway, they should get here today, and they'll be my first estates so what is the normal protocol for restoring/cleaning used pipes? I don't really have many shop tools or special reamers...
  19. nathaniel

    Which G.L Pease Blend Should I Get?

    So I'm placing a TAD/PAD order today, and really want a good G.L. Pease blend to try. The only one I've had is Key Largo, and I didn't particularly like the cigar leaf in it. I'm looking for a good english/balkan blend but there are just far too many to choose from. So which ONE should I get?
  20. nathaniel

    CAO Eileen's Dream Pipe Tobacco?

    So I saw this recently at my local B&M and have been hankering for an aromatic lately. It's been months since I've tried anything but latakia blends. Thing is, I don't really particularly like any aro I've had (mostly PS and Lane Ltd. blends). But I figured I'd try one again. So to those of you...