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  1. lukasstrifeson

    SPC 20th Anniversary Peterson Pipes

    Yea those pipes were slick. Sadly by the time they came to my attention they were already sold out! Feels like a recurring theme in this hobby... 😂
  2. lukasstrifeson

    Gauging the Popularity of Pipes...

    I know there's definitely a resurgence in the younger demographic in the US. I've seen about 3/4 lunters (and not just the hobos either 😂) in the city in the last year, so it's definitely picking up.
  3. lukasstrifeson

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    A great thing about Dunhill blends are that they are ready to smoke, "ready rubbed" if you will. Flakes, plugs, and twists are mostly tobaccos in some storage form where flavor retention and ease of use is traded off. With flakes I personally find it best to just rub it out with your fingers...
  4. lukasstrifeson

    ID Help on this Ashton Pipe

    Cool, thanks for the brief back story. Do you know where I can read more about this? I'm debating to what degree I should attempt to "restore" this beauty, but it would be a shame to do more harm than good to it so just trying to turn over all the stones I guess.
  5. lukasstrifeson

    ID Help on this Ashton Pipe

    Thanks for the reply. Is there a website that explains the stamping? Any idea what could've corroded the rim cap like that? (I'm toying with the idea of replacing it perhaps...)
  6. lukasstrifeson

    ID Help on this Ashton Pipe

    Looking for some help identifying this Ashton pipe I've just come across. Any information or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. There's some pretty serious "chipping" (?) on the rim decoration and I'm hesitant to call it silver but it's definitely similar... TIA.
  7. lukasstrifeson

    FS: Samuel Gawith, Balkan Luxury Blend ,Classic Burley Kake [01/15/20]

    Only interested in the Sam's Flake. If you ever decide to break up the bundle, please keep me in mind. Cheers.
  8. lukasstrifeson

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    I guess this particular New Year's Resolution lasted alllllmost a week...
  9. lukasstrifeson

    Anyone Ever Try This?

    If OP is still curious about the Johnny Walker I'd advise against their "collaboration blends", they're all mediocre with gimmicky packaging. I'd stick with the classics.
  10. lukasstrifeson

    I Placed an Order at The Country Squire

    Shepard's Pie is very tasty to me. Another suggestion: you might wanna tr "mixed bowls", I'm typing this while puffing on half DH Baby's Bottom mixed with half G&H Kentucky Nougat.
  11. lukasstrifeson

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    It's pretty much a customized mylar bag. Experimented with them myself a while back but prefer glass mason jars. To be fair, I don't believe in sous viding my meats either.
  12. lukasstrifeson

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    I'm an Oriental freak so Margate is by far my favorite. Then it's probably Dunbar. Personally don't really understand why Penzance gets all the shine...
  13. lukasstrifeson

    The Tobacco You Reach For Without Thinking

    If I'm not "in a mood for... x" and I just want a chill smoke it's always Margate. Whether it's a small 20min bowl or an hour and a half Hootie, Margate is juuuuuust right.
  14. lukasstrifeson

    What's Your Favorite Bulk Aromatic?

    If you enjoy SG/G&H stuff, the former's Balkan Flake and the latter's Rum Flake would probably be worth looking into. The Balkan Flake is one of my favorites. And even the recent productions have been holding up. Definitely can't say that about some of their other products though... I love...
  15. lukasstrifeson

    Change In Grousemoor

    Yup, that's why I was a little skeptical at first about the return of the Dunhill blends. Same same is sometimes not the same. Any official word from Samuel Gawith about this?
  16. lukasstrifeson

    Top Shelf VA Flakes?

    Have we moved on to Va/Per recommendations? In which case I have to second this motion, the StJF is exceptional (and have proven to stay consistently so).
  17. lukasstrifeson

    Top Shelf VA Flakes?

    Surprise only one mention of this thus far (s/o @alaskanpiper) but the only VA I truly loved... ... Although from time to time I'm known to stray with a little Christmas Cheer or Oriental No. 8 😝
  18. lukasstrifeson

    Change In Grousemoor

    I think something that may have been overlooked is the regulation of "flavored" tobaccos: toppings in particular are the most contentious part - the argument being fruity/candy/etc-flavored tobacco appeal to children/young adults. The same reasoning that banned flavored rolling papers here.
  19. lukasstrifeson

    Gawith's Cabbie Mixture

    They've changed a little bit since. The most recent batch is distinctly different. I wouldn't say better or worse, people tend to have their own opinions about that but it is noticeably different.
  20. lukasstrifeson

    Gawith's Cabbie Mixture

    This always end up being the case with these popular blends 😂