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  1. bogfire

    Tight stem

    I bought a Peterson Donegal Rocky pipe X105, It is a straight billard style. Great pipe except for the fact that the stem is a really tight fit into the shank. Very difficult to turn or remove. Any suggestions as to what I can use to make it turn more smoothly?
  2. bogfire

    Siverts -Brick and Mortar Store in Halifax NS Closing

    Sadly Sieverts in Halifax, one of the only brick and mortar pipe tobacco shops in Nova Scotia is closing. Staff were always friendly and knowledgeable about pipe smoking. I even took a flea market pipe to them, when I couldn't get any draw out of it and they fixed it at no charge.
  3. bogfire

    Seattle Plum

    So I ordered this tobacco based on the name and the fact that I was born in Seattle originally. Being the romantic I am I thought that it would smell like plum pudding. Boy was I wrong, it's aroma is more reminiscent of old dirty socks or dead fish. However is a nice smoke, so can't have...
  4. bogfire

    Pipe Smoking in Louisbourg Nova Scotia

    I was sitting on the porch of an old cottage in Louisbourg Nova Scotia. It was just at sunset and the sky was a brilliant color of blues and oranges.We were on vacation in Cape Breton NS and I was finally able to rest after a long day of driving. I was smoking Pipe and Book-old guide tobacco in...
  5. bogfire

    With Pipe and Book

    Love this tobacco. Went a couple of days without as I waited for it to arrive. Perfect Black Cavendish. A great sweet smoke. Nice to have my pipe and tobacco again.
  6. bogfire

    Hobbit Weed

    Just tried the 4 Noggins Hobbit Weed blend. Tastes and smells like black cherries. No tongue bite. Very smooth smoke right from the package. Will be ordering this again!
  7. bogfire

    Tolkien's tobacco( almost)

    Just got some Capstan Ready Rubbed from Cup of Joes. I know that Tolkien smoked Capstan Blue, but this was close as I could get. I smoked it in my churchwarden pipe and imagined I was a wizard.
  8. bogfire

    Recent find. Made in England Recent find. 20.00. Says it was made in England. Can't tell who made it.
  9. bogfire

    Anyone Remember Royal Tivoli Tobacco?

    Hi, anyone remember Royal Tivoli Tobacco? Dad used to smoke it and as a kid I used to remember the tins with the fireworks going off atop Tivoli Gardens. Is there a modern day equivalent? I also want to try and get a hold of an old Tivoli tin sometime for nostalgia sake.
  10. bogfire


    I am just wondering what is tamping? I see great pictures of members with brass tampers, what are they used for? I am a simple man and just put the tobacco in the pipe bowl,push it down with my finger, light it and smoke it. Is there some other way I could be doing it?
  11. bogfire

    Pipe Warden type pipe My current favorite. From Turkey. Smokes great.
  12. bogfire

    New stems to be attached/bowl repair
  13. bogfire

    Returning to Pipe smoking

    Hi, Just fired up a briar pipe with Old Port and went on 4 Noggins and ordered Peter Stokkebye: AMSTERDAM PIPE TOBACCO And 4noggins Bulk: TEWKSBURY HOBBIT'S WEED MATCH. I ordered the Hobbit tobacco because I have a long stemmed Hobbit pipe and am a bit of a nerd for all things Tolkien. I like...
  14. bogfire

    Pipe Screens and filters.

    I have always just used my pipe and tobacco? What does a pipe screen do? Also, can I smoke a filtered pipe without a filter?
  15. bogfire

    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada

    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada. Dad was a longtime pipe smoker and I have about ten pipes in my collection so far. I have been smoking Peter Stokkabye tobacco when I could get it in bulk and Amphora otherwise. Pipe Tobacco is about forty dollars a pouch here, so it's hard sometimes to afford it...