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  1. fearsclave

    Marvel Universe by Netflix

    Daredevil (both seasons) is the best of the lot, and Bernthal as the Punisher completely steals the show. I really liked Luke Cage. Jessica Jones really didn't turn my crank (found the protagonist completely unsympathetic), and as somebody who's dabbled in a few martial arts over the years...
  2. fearsclave

    Finished Project (Gun)

    Nice! I've been thinking about mounting a red dot on my 34. Some of the local 3gun crowd are really kicking ass with them.
  3. fearsclave

    **What Are You Smoking British Style, March 2017**

    Nightcap in the Blatter Bulldog in my userpic. And boy is it therapeutic.
  4. fearsclave

    New Dennis Moeller bulldog for the rotation

    Nice Bulldog. I'm a big fan of the shape; normally I like them boring and pre-1920's in inspiration, but I really like the style of this one.
  5. fearsclave

    Carry That Weight: Dunhills Over Time

    I find that I'm becoming LESS compact as I age.
  6. fearsclave

    Grousemoor - you think you are prepared...

    I picked up a tin of Grousemoor at the Ottawa Cigar Emporium the last time I was there. Now I'm really curious...
  7. fearsclave

    Beards and Beard Oil

    I've recently been experimenting with Breakfree CLP: my wife prefers the smell to Hoppes No.9, which was my standby back in the day.
  8. fearsclave

    Tactical pipe bag?

    My tactical humidor (although tactical cigar case would be more accurate). Nothing I like better than having a Scotch or three while handloading and enjoying a nice cigar ;).
  9. fearsclave

    Tactical pipe bag?

    I should try to take a pic of my tactical humidor and post it...
  10. fearsclave

    Blatter & Blatter Billiard...

    Thanks guys. It turns out to smoke beautifully. It was a tossup between this one and a bullcap. I may have to switch to an eight-day week or something to justify one :).
  11. fearsclave

    Tactical pipe bag?

    If this weren't in some ugly digital camo... Some German tactical gear company is making tactical pipe rollups now.
  12. fearsclave

    Blatter & Blatter Billiard...

    And my planned seven-day rotation of Blatter & Blatter pipes is complete. I found myself back in Montreal this week, and ao I dropped by Blatters' over lunch and picked up a nice big Billiard. It's a wee bit heavy to clench comfortably for extended periods, but good lord does the bowl hold a...
  13. fearsclave

    My New Savannah Kitten

    Savannahs are neat cats. The parents of my sixteen month old goddaughter have one, an older male named Tsuki. When they brought Summer home, Tsuki started guarding her. He'd stay closely to her, always paying attention to what was going on around her, watching while she slept, the works. He...
  14. fearsclave

    J.E. Giguere, Quebec City?

    I'll report back with pictures :).
  15. fearsclave

    J.E. Giguere, Quebec City?

    So it looks like I'm heading up to Quebec City next month, and Google indicates that there's a decent pipe shop there. Anybody been there? Is it any good?
  16. fearsclave

    Show Off Your Zulu, Woodstock and Yacht

    Got a Chacom Zulu that I really like. Nice and light, and I love the finish.
  17. fearsclave

    Blakemar / Blatter mail call!

    They're great people all right. Very knowledgeable and friendly. The shop has kind of a timeless vibe; the antithesis of an Apple store; small, with lots of wood in the decor, not too shiny, not too brightly lit, and a workshop in the back. They sell Cubans in the front half near the window...
  18. fearsclave

    Show Off Your Canadians Here!

    I've got one Canadian, a Blatter & Blatter (which makes it a Canadian Canadian), seen here at point of purchase with its bent Billiard brother (which is also Canadian even if it is not a Canadian). I quite like it.
  19. fearsclave

    Blakemar / Blatter mail call!

    Congratulations! Coincidentally, I picked up the identical Blatter Diplomat over the holidays. I really quite like it. The store is a lot of fun to visit; I've been making a point of visiting it, and picking up a new pipe, every time I visit Montreal.
  20. fearsclave

    Blatter "Select" Gift

    Thats a lovely specimen!