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  1. bogfire

    Smoking Inside the House

    My dad passed away 2yrs ago now and he is the one I talked pipe smoking with. Everytime I return home, I can still smell his pipe tobacco scent lingering in the air. He used to smoke Royal Tivoli until it was discontinued and then switched to Amphora regular. Nice memory.
  2. bogfire

    Okay To Use a Filter Pipe Without a Filter?

    I have a Husky Medico pipe that is made for a filter. My father was also of the opinion that filters were not worth using, so grew up with that. However recently tried Brigham's Rock Maple Distillator for the fun of it. What a smooth smoke. I think your safe with or without, but enjoyed this brand.
  3. bogfire

    Tight stem

    Thanks everyone for their suggestions. Very helpful.
  4. bogfire

    Tight stem

    I bought a Peterson Donegal Rocky pipe X105, It is a straight billard style. Great pipe except for the fact that the stem is a really tight fit into the shank. Very difficult to turn or remove. Any suggestions as to what I can use to make it turn more smoothly?
  5. bogfire

    Siverts -Brick and Mortar Store in Halifax NS Closing

    Sadly Sieverts in Halifax, one of the only brick and mortar pipe tobacco shops in Nova Scotia is closing. Staff were always friendly and knowledgeable about pipe smoking. I even took a flea market pipe to them, when I couldn't get any draw out of it and they fixed it at no charge.
  6. bogfire

    Seattle Plum

    Great comments. It actually does smoke well. Just very different than what I am used to. I will have to try the new Amphora Burley for sure.
  7. bogfire

    Seattle Plum

    So I ordered this tobacco based on the name and the fact that I was born in Seattle originally. Being the romantic I am I thought that it would smell like plum pudding. Boy was I wrong, it's aroma is more reminiscent of old dirty socks or dead fish. However is a nice smoke, so can't have...
  8. bogfire

    Pipe Smoking in Louisbourg Nova Scotia

    I was sitting on the porch of an old cottage in Louisbourg Nova Scotia. It was just at sunset and the sky was a brilliant color of blues and oranges.We were on vacation in Cape Breton NS and I was finally able to rest after a long day of driving. I was smoking Pipe and Book-old guide tobacco in...
  9. bogfire

    With Pipe and Book

    Hi, Looks like I am smoking Pipe and Book-Old Guide. Yes, the title of the tobacco is Pipe and Book from Cup O' Joes.
  10. bogfire

    With Pipe and Book

    Love this tobacco. Went a couple of days without as I waited for it to arrive. Perfect Black Cavendish. A great sweet smoke. Nice to have my pipe and tobacco again.
  11. bogfire

    New piper from Nova Scotia Canada

    Welcome from Nova Scotia as well. I am in Dartmouth.
  12. bogfire

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome from Nova Scotia. I am originally from Kingston Ontario.
  13. bogfire

    Hello from Alaska!

    Welcome from Nova Scotia Canada. I have some Alaskan connection, My Mom was born in Nome and my Grandfather in the Seward Peninsula area. I too have become a Peterson convert and just finished my first tin of Capstan.
  14. bogfire

    Hobbit Weed

    Just tried the 4 Noggins Hobbit Weed blend. Tastes and smells like black cherries. No tongue bite. Very smooth smoke right from the package. Will be ordering this again!
  15. bogfire

    Tolkien's tobacco( almost)

    Thanks for the information Arno. really enhances the smoke for me when I have some if the history.
  16. bogfire

    Tolkien's tobacco( almost)

    Thanks Workman. I could definitely smell the tonquin and sugar. Almost a citrus smell when I opened the tin. Very smooth smoke.
  17. bogfire

    Tolkien's tobacco( almost)

    Just got some Capstan Ready Rubbed from Cup of Joes. I know that Tolkien smoked Capstan Blue, but this was close as I could get. I smoked it in my churchwarden pipe and imagined I was a wizard.
  18. bogfire

    Recent find. Made in England

    Thank you Hap for the assistance. How do I find the com or shape number?
  19. bogfire

    Recent find. Made in England Recent find. 20.00. Says it was made in England. Can't tell who made it.
  20. bogfire

    Any Guitar Players Amongst Us? I'd Like Your Opinion.

    I have an Art&Lutherier guitar. Made by the same company that makes SimonPatrick and I believe Seagull. Best sounding guitar that I have ever played. Solid Cedar top and cherry wood back and sides. I would choose the Seagull as you are guaranteed a quality sound. Yamaha is also not a bad guitar...