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  1. bulldogbriar89

    I got me some Dag Swag

    I just ordered P3. Bent bulldog, along with a Hoodia, sticker x3, and a lighter leash.
  2. bulldogbriar89

    My latest TAD order

    About a week ago I had to have emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed, so I have been stuck non my couch all week, and have been making allot of orders. I have bought 2 tins of Mac Barron plum Cake from 2005, 2 tins of Penzance from 2011, 4 tins of frog Morton Cellar 2 tins of Orlik...
  3. bulldogbriar89

    I'm back

    I have not been on here in a long time, I have been busy with work and life, but I am back and plan on coming back on here strong with lots of posts.
  4. bulldogbriar89

    ever hear of this tobacco ????

    I found a little tobacco shop near me and decided to stop in. It looked like a place that catered more towards people who smoke illegal plants and vapors but I was talking to to the guy telling him how I smoke a pipe and what not and he gave me a blend called C.W Obel bali shag and was like its...
  5. bulldogbriar89

    YouTube Review

    I just set up a youtube channel were I will be doing pipe, and tobacco reviews and what not so look me up briarbulldog89 and subscribe. -------------------------- Thanks for being a member and participating. Thread title fixed. Please use your Shift key in body text as well. Please see rule 9...
  6. bulldogbriar89

    trying to create my own blend what do you think??

    I am trying to create my own blend and will mix it and will be pressing it into a flake what do you think on these percentages %'s?? Black Cavendish: 33% Perique: 17% Red Virginia: 50% This blend is supposed to be like Peter Stokkebye Bullseye Flake
  7. bulldogbriar89

    Samuel Gawith - Winter Time Flake (Four Seasons) Review

    Winter Time Flake Pipe Tobacco by Samuel Gawith is a blend of pressed Virginia leaves. With a higher sugar content and the spiciness of the Latakia, experience a cool but rich, slow burn tobacco. For the experienced smoker. Taste: Sweet & Spicy Strength: Medium to Full Blend Type: English...
  8. bulldogbriar89

    American Sniper

    The other night I went and saw American Sniper, and It was just an amazing movie. I am a grown man and it had me in tears. I have a personal connection to this movie because a few friends and I signed up for the Marines in High school. I didn't make it in because of the problems I have with my...
  9. bulldogbriar89

    broken stem stuck PLEASE HELP

    So today I was on my break at work and I was walking and smoking my pipe when I slid on a patch of ice and my pipe fell and the stem broke, now I got a pice of the stem suck in the pipe and don't want to break the pipe, and if I can get it out were I can get a replacement stem because I don't...
  10. bulldogbriar89

    Peter Stokkebye No 303 Cherry BonBon Review

    The spectacular flavor and aroma of European cherry lend an air of sophistication to this blend’s agreeably sweet aftertaste. An additional casing sauce is used to under-score the mellow mildness of our world-renowned Black Cavendish. A medium loose cut. Blend Type: Aromatic Contents: Black...
  11. bulldogbriar89

    My first tobacco Order of 2015 came in today

    I got my first tobacco order of 2015 vin today and I am excited because I have not yet tried many of these blends, and can't wait to open them up and see how they smoke. [From right to left] GL Pease Sixpence,GL Pease Triple Play, Peter Stokkebye Cherry BonBon,GL Pease Navigator, C&D Burley #2...
  12. bulldogbriar89

    Wessex Gold Standard Review

    This Blend was given to me as a gift, I have heard of Wessex, but never tried any of their blends before. I was looking up reviews to kind of get an idea of what to expect before I opened the tin I looked through about a dozen sights with only 1 written review on this blend, that wasn't a real...
  13. bulldogbriar89

    Pipe Smoking Celebrity Interview must read

    If you haven't read this interview by James Foster (A.K.A. Pylorns) on Team Sergeant Terry Schappert I would highly recommend you do so. I only saw that 1 episode of Dude your screwed, and stumbled across it while flipping through the channels...
  14. bulldogbriar89

    My Eearly Morning Smoke

    My early morning smoke of Wessex Gold Standard in my Bing's Favorite before work.
  15. bulldogbriar89

    Cornell&Diehl We Three Kings flavor help

    I have a tin of C&D We Three kings and I am not an aro smoker but I do like the smell, but thier is no taste. I know aging it won't add flavor, and will probably make it worse because it is an aro. So my question is what can I add to it to give it taste without destroying the great smell?
  16. bulldogbriar89

    Chicago Antique shop

    I have been in Chicago the last few days. (I am in the airport on my way home), On some free time I was in an antique shop looking around and I saw on a shelf the bowl to a savinelli pipe bowl the price tag on it said $15. I thought it wasn't a great price but I would try to haggle them down a...
  17. bulldogbriar89

    Airport pipe Guy

    I was in the airport on my way from New York to Chicago and while on line to get my boarding pass scanned I saw a man walk buy me with a pipe in his mouth. It looked like a Dr g but I was not 100% sure. I wanted to ask him but didn't want to get off the line.
  18. bulldogbriar89

    My Secret Santa Gift (Thanks Peteguy) pic heavy

    I lasted and finally got to open my secret santa gift, and take a few pics before I opened the bags and tried out some of these tobaccos. I actually remembered to black out the address this time) Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake G.L Pease Triple Play...
  19. bulldogbriar89

    Pipes in Expendables 3

    I was watching Expendables 3 last night and Kelsey Grammer is in this one. His character set up teams and hires people for teams to do "jobs" I also noticed as Stallone walked up to him he was smoking a pipe. I never got a good enough of a look at the pipe to see what kind of pipe it was but it...
  20. bulldogbriar89

    Rain Rain Go Away

    It is December and all we have been getting on Long Island is rain, and lots of it. It is really effecting my pipe smoking, between not being able to keep my pipe lit and worrying about destroying my pipe, it os really starting to get to me. At this point I would prefer it just snowed.