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  1. jonasclark

    New (to me) Eyup Sabri meerschaum

    At the supermarket, chomping a Bekler poodle, a guy asked if I knew about meerschaums. He had one, in storage. It had a paper tag naming the carver. I talked about Bekler, and when I mentioned his first importer, Royal, used cards because he hadn't begun signing his pipes at that point, he said...
  2. jonasclark

    "S & T Best Make" Which maker?

    I've now seen this on one meerschaum (a figural) and one briar (straight bulldog with fancy gold band and rim). The briar also had this mark stamped in gold on the shank. The case marking says only "S & T BEST MAKE." Pipedia and Google turn up no information.
  3. jonasclark

    Is there anywhere I can post a wanted/trade ad for a pipe?

    I'm looking for one of those oversized gourd calabashes that have a black ferrule and a thin amber-looking stem. I'd like to trade something(s) from my collection for it, depending on what the pipe's owner likes. Dies anyone know a place where I could do so?
  4. jonasclark

    Compiling a List of Bekler's CAO Limited Editions

    CAO got hold of Ismet Bekler circa 1977-1978, and especially in the first seven or eight years, Bekler was commissioned to carve limited edition pipes of the same subject. I thought it would be interesting to attempt to catalogue these. The ones I mean are marked, carved into the pipe itself in...
  5. jonasclark

    New (To Me) Antique Meerschaum: Any Idea Who It Might Depict?

    Bought this in an antique shop in Bellingham, Washington a few days ago. Original amber stem present but broken at the shank, case present but extremely rough. But I couldn't resist the figure. I know there were many generic carvings then, common face types/nationalities (such as the "Arab" or...
  6. jonasclark

    Why are these auction descriptions the way they are?

    I'm sure my description will identify them, so I won't put a name here. Does anyone know the story behind the eBay seller of estate pipes whose descriptions consist of a large paragraph that's one very long, confusing run-on sentence? They also occasionally post vintage fishing gear, and those...
  7. jonasclark

    I Did Something Painfully Stupid, But It's Turning Out Well in the End

    While out on New Year's Eve, I got a rock in my shoe, sat down to get it out, then walked 20 blocks... only to realize I set my pipe down and forgot it. Which pipe? This pipe: This was downtown in a fairly nice area, and I'd seen few people out. The case was still in my pocket. When I got...
  8. jonasclark

    Bamboo shank briar stamped "T P E" - maker?

    I bought a nifty little pipe today. It's a small, elegant shape, I think in the "blowfish" category, with four knuckles of bamboo for a shank. The only stamps are "1" in a circle on the underside of the bowl, and "T P E hand work" on the bamboo. Does anybody know who makes or made these? The...
  9. jonasclark

    Another one for ID - Israel "Freehand"?

    Can't find much about this model. Shalom Pipe Factory, yes. A Danish craftsman named Muki Liebermann, yes. I know Shalom used a reproducing machine, which would carve several pipes using a metal model and a pantograph. Some of these I've seen online, including those marked "Freehand" and those...
  10. jonasclark

    Ben Wade "Danish Hand Model" - what does "X" mean?

    I just bought a Danish Hand Model. It's a 100 grade, and I know about the grades, 100 to 800. But this says "100 X." Does anyone know what the "X" signifies? It's certainly got a lot of very thin grain!
  11. jonasclark

    Not sure which forum this belongs in-- Kirsten may be forced out of business

    I'm posting solely as a fan of F. K. Kirsten. I'm a pipe collector first, smoker second, but Kirstens are my favorite pipes to smoke. I live in the Seattle area, and I occasionally visit the shop and talk to Stacy Thrasher. I know that she has spent a lot of time, money and effort getting the...
  12. jonasclark

    Starting again-- show off your Kirsten pipes here!

    Here's the assortment as it stands, with details. I'm really beginning to focos on Kirsten pipes, they're my favorite to smoke. The Gen. 1 at top left was my first, "M" medium size. I don't smoke it. Valve is stuck, stem oxidized. Rusticated Billiard bowl, heavily-smoked. Below it, LX "Lancer,"...
  13. jonasclark

    Kirsten Guide, for Those Interested

    Using Smokingmetal's images, my own knowledge, info from Stacy Thrasher, etc. I've compiled a detailed guide to Kirsten pipes over the years. I'm posting it here not only to help other Kirsten fans, but also to hopefully obtain more information for this list. Questions and comments are welcomed...
  14. jonasclark

    Textured black finish Kirsten - new or vintage?

    I found a Kirsten in a local tobacconist. They didn't know any details about it, but it was on the rack with four other new-production Kirstens. I need to ask at the Kirsten shop (I'm near Seattle) but I'm curious if anyone else has seen these? It was a quarter-bent, had a hexagonal valve as...
  15. jonasclark

    Does Anyone Know of a Western Satin or Non-New Brass Kirsten for Sale?

    I seem to have missed a straight in Western Satin on Marty Pulvers' site; I stopped checking his American page for them because I never seemed to see any, and then one got by. Western Satin is a kind of matte coppery finish. The lot of three brasstones now on eBay are the first in that finish...
  16. jonasclark

    Why Are the Stems on Many Petersons Not Pushed in All the Way?

    I'm sure there's a very good reason for it, be it aesthetic or functional, but coming from someone who's never known much about British pipes, having the stem appear to be pushed in only partway looks slightly odd. Not bad, just odd. Can a Peterson fan please explain? Edited by jvnshr: Title...
  17. jonasclark

    What's the Best Shop to Put a Faux-Amber Stem on an Antique Meer?

    I've got an old pre-colored claw pipe, seen here as it arrived from eBay: This came to me with an old vulcanite stem, which had turned green and sour. I know these can be reconditioned, but I suspect it had amber when it was new. I took it to Racine & Laramie in San Diego, the owner of which...
  18. jonasclark

    What Did I Buy? Kaywoodie Ceramic Filters

    I went into a Seattle smoke shop to pick up a meerschaum I've had my eye on for years. Sadly missing its case, but with a signature of a mastercarver I haven't seen before. Seems the shop takes pipes out of their cases and puts those in a box in the back room; none of the cases they have back...
  19. jonasclark

    B&Ms in Las Vegas?

    I asked this several years ago, can't find the thread now, and I believe when I did go, I lost the information. I had hoped to buy a pipe there, or at least look at pipes, especially meerschaums. I know of several cigar shops on the Strip, but I asked around and was pointed to a store...
  20. jonasclark

    Good shops for antique pipes?

    I may be looking to buy an antique meerschaum pipe, something really top-notch. I'm tired of eBay. Are there any B&M shops in the US (or elsewhere, for that matter) which have antique pipes for sale?