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  1. fearsclave

    Tactical pipe bag?

    If this weren't in some ugly digital camo... Some German tactical gear company is making tactical pipe rollups now.
  2. fearsclave

    Blatter & Blatter Billiard...

    And my planned seven-day rotation of Blatter & Blatter pipes is complete. I found myself back in Montreal this week, and ao I dropped by Blatters' over lunch and picked up a nice big Billiard. It's a wee bit heavy to clench comfortably for extended periods, but good lord does the bowl hold a...
  3. fearsclave

    J.E. Giguere, Quebec City?

    So it looks like I'm heading up to Quebec City next month, and Google indicates that there's a decent pipe shop there. Anybody been there? Is it any good?
  4. fearsclave

    Latest Blatter & Blatter addition...

    I was in Montreal over Boxing Day to visit my goddaughter and her parents, and her father and I took the opportunity to swing by Blatter & Blatter. As I've mentioned before, my maternal grandfather used to buy his tobacco there, years ago, so there's a bit of a family connection for me. Here's...
  5. fearsclave

    Two Blatter & Blatters

    Friday morning I discovered unexpectedly that the shortest route between Summerstown, Ontario, where I was spending the night, and Riviere Rouge, Quebec, was through Montreal. I was in a bit of a hurry, in that I wanted to arrive with some daylight (for hunting purposes; the weekend was the...
  6. fearsclave

    Any Go/Weiqi/Baduk Players?

    So does anybody here play Go? It occurs to me that it'd go as well with pipe smoking as Chess would. Haven't got a clue what I'm talking about? See here: Here's a nice little interactive tutorial: And if you do...
  7. fearsclave

    What's The Manliest Pipe Shape?

    Got inspired by this thread to dial the discussion up to even less serious levels: What, in your opinion, is the manliest pipe shape? Discuss. I'd vote for the Bulldog, on the basis of name alone, with cobs as a runnerup, on...
  8. fearsclave

    Blatter & Blatter bent Dublin

    Picked this not so little number up at Blatter & Blatter's in Montreal on Saturday. For those who haven't heard of them, they're a family-owned pipe store that's been in operation for over a century. Originally founded by an expatriate London pipemaker named Frederic Blatter, the three family...
  9. fearsclave

    Samuel Gawith Black XX Finest Kendal Twist

    Kendal Twist is interesting stuff. I ordered a tin of it from 4Noggins a while back, because I was intrigued by its preparation. As the name indicates, it's a Kendal Twist. To be precise, it's an extra thick stoved black rope tobacco that comes unsliced. In the tin, it sits there black...
  10. fearsclave

    History of Pipe Shapes?

    A few days ago, I started wondering about the history of the present-day array of pipe shapes. There seems to be some literature our there; clays, for example have been the subject of a lot of archaeological study. And some shapes are recent enough that we know their origins. Princes and Oom...
  11. fearsclave

    Blatter & Blatter bent Bulldog (BBbB?)

    Dropped by Montreal tobacconist Blatter & Blatter on Friday. I'm told my maternal grandfather was a customer of their's back in his day. It's a nice little 4-generation family shop. They make their own briars on the premises, and have a good (by Canadian standards, anyhow) selection of...