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  1. ophiuchus

    Advice On English Blends For a Beginner

    My intro to an iconic English was Dunhill (now Peterson) My Mixture 965; I've been hooked since. I recommend you at least give that one a try. puffy
  2. ophiuchus

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    Wow! The Grabow is starting to look like a couple of mine! They must be related. (Took mine a lot longer to get there. :LOL: )
  3. ophiuchus

    Wife Willing To Find My Pipes A New Home.

    Wow! Relieved to discover that this thread is about cabinets. When I first saw the title of this thread ... well, I imagined the unspeakable. :eek:😆
  4. ophiuchus

    Recently Gifted a Set of Dunhills. I Was Hoping for Some History and Info

    :eek: -Oh, fucking bummer! (At least you know. Thanks for sharing that.)
  5. ophiuchus

    Recently Gifted a Set of Dunhills. I Was Hoping for Some History and Info

    That's an impressive set, for sure. One also has to be curious about the story of the pipe that isn't there. :sher:
  6. ophiuchus

    Show Us Your Ugliest Pipes!!!!

    Boy ... I've got too many ugly ones to choose from. I'll have to pick one when I get home ... :eek:
  7. ophiuchus

    Any Love for Prince Albert?

    I love the stuff; it's been a staple for decades. It's a highly versatile, all-purpose smoke for any occasion or no occasion at all. I wouldn't describe my accumulation of PA tubs "cellaring" ... more like "hoarding."
  8. ophiuchus

    ***What Are You Smoking? December 2019.***

    Hearth and Home Midtown Chestnut in a (surprise) Stanwell 86 Black Diamond; out walking with a Yeti of Constant Comment. This stuff is better than Walnut (which I liked well enough to sock away a few tubs). Chestnut is just clean, smokey and yummy. Highly recommended ... puffy
  9. ophiuchus

    Flavoured Tobacco

    hahau - I stilll have a couple left in the foil pouch they came in.
  10. ophiuchus

    ***What Are You Smoking? December 2019.***

    Warhorse Green in a (surprise) Stanwell 86 Duke.
  11. ophiuchus

    Flavoured Tobacco

    This past fall, I took my truck out to get serviced and forgot to bring a pipe. I wandered down the road to a Holiday gas station for a cup of that “campfire” coffee. Vile stuff; I have to have it once in a while. On the way to the register, I made a stop at the cigar shelf and snagged a Peach...
  12. ophiuchus


    It’s times like this when I miss the old applause emoji. Congratulations On 10,000 insights, cross examinations, and dirty wisecracks! Your life is full. Have fun! puffy “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Proverb of Uncertain Origin.
  13. ophiuchus

    Very Bad PAD - Someone Please Stop Me

    😛 -Wow!
  14. ophiuchus

    I Swung A Dead Cat and...

    Gorgeous! 🤔 -(Hmmm ... where's that darn cat?)
  15. ophiuchus

    Visiting Chicago the First Time - and Searching for a Good Pipeshop

    Oh, no! Time for a bout of homesickness ... One of the things I miss most about living in Chicago is the monthly-biweekly visit to Iwan Ries. Absolutely terrific place with nice, bright folks working there ... it may be your best chance (at least in the midwest) for a true 20th century...
  16. ophiuchus

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! There's plenty to be grateful for even in dark times, and it's good we have a holiday excuse to remember that. And besides ... I'm a sucker for turkey! puffy
  17. ophiuchus

    Conversational Rules of the Road

    Thank you for your soapbox. Diminishing respect for convention, institution and authority and a growing intolerance for the opposing point of view erode culture, and conversation is among the casualties.
  18. ophiuchus

    Corn Cob Mods?

    Pretty much any wood glue should be safe. I think it's what they use at Missouri Meerschaum. I've used a mixture of wood glue and cob dust for filling and minor sculpting ... 😲 - Ahem! Not that I ever make homemade cobs or anything like that ...
  19. ophiuchus

    Big Problem for the Chicago Pipe Show

    Realistically, you're right, of course. It was worth the briefest moment of wishful thinking.
  20. ophiuchus

    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    Maybe we should import our own resort staff for the event. ;)