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    Saved by Tim West

    So, I had purchased a nice, little Hilson bulldog last year -- a new / old pipe from P&C. A few weeks ago, I was putting the stem back into the shank after cleaning and heard that dreaded little click -- you know instantly that the shank cracked, but still you look, hoping against hope that it...
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    First LBF

    Mostly I like latakia and orientals, and have not smoked a lot of VaPers. Having heard so many good things about Luxury Bulls Eye Flake here, I added some to my last order, which was waiting for me when I go home last night (one day after making the purchase, with regular shipping, from P&C --...
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    Burley Blues

    Until about two months ago, I could, and did, smoke just about anything. Though I favored latakia blends, I just wasn't very picky. I would read reviews about blends and see comments about bite and wonder what they were talking about. I had a vague understanding of the difference between burn...
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    Beck's Ol' Limey Bastard

    This is an "English" blend from B&B Tobacconists that they compare to MM965. These two blends are certainly similar enough that I cannot imagine that someone would hate one and love the other. I've had both OLB and MM965 open these past few weeks but in the future, I probably would not. Though...
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    George's Czech Tool

    George passed away last month. He was 96. His daughter and son-in-law are my neighbors and friends. I only knew George a bit, and only over the past few years. He would spend a month or 6 weeks in the summer with his daughter and her husband and we'd go to dinner or have a drink on the porch...
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    Sad Day

    I ran out of Bald Headed Teacher. I went through two ounces, my first two ounces, of this very quickly. More quickly than any tobacco I can remember. It is easy to smoke, not enormously complex, but always satisfying. It is one of those "comfort food" tobaccos that I can have any time and enjoy.
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    Confessions of an Aro Snob

    I was an aro snob. There. I've said it out loud. I mostly gravitate towards "English Blends" and I also like burley, including codger burley. I don't eat tobacco flavored ice cream and don't smoke vanilla flavored tobacco so you can keep your sweet smelling . . . Lawrence, however, goes on and...
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    New Delivery

    More than a week ago, I placed an order with 4Noggins. When I placed my order they let me know that they were closed for vacation -- and they should have vacation -- and that they would process my order after some date that I don't remember. Not big deal. It's not like there was a fear of...
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    Novice Flake Question

    What is the preferred tool for cutting flakes into cubes?
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    Nat Sherman #536

    I am led to understand that this used to be available in tins and more widely distributed, but now is only available from the Nat Sherman store. I picked up 2 oz last week and find it quite enjoyable. Are any here familiar with this blend?
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    Some Recommendations?

    Back to my pipes after a very long (25 year) hiatus. When I started out, long ago, I smoked mostly Captain Black (all of 'em). Then, I found a great shop and started smoking store blends that were heavy on the latakia. Moved, no tobacco shop around and the Captain didn't do it for me any more...