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  1. krgulick

    Elwood Blend Number 1

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this blend. If so, what are your thoughts on it? Anything would be helpful.
  2. krgulick

    Vegas Pipe Show

    Just wondering who is making/made plans for this weekend's Las Vegas Pipe Show.
  3. krgulick

    Latex in your pouch

    I have noticed that a good number of tobacco pouches have a latex pouch attached to the inside. Being a man of a certain age group, I have a real phobia about things done with latex, but I digress. Is there really any advantage to having the latex? Or is it just a matter of personal preference?
  4. krgulick

    New member status

    I can't believe that it has been a year since my joining this fine site. I have learned a lot from you guys/gals. I just need to pay off Kevin for putting up with me for that long. All contributions are welcome.
  5. krgulick

    Thank You All

    I cannot say enough about all the comments left for me about the passing of my wife. It has been a long year for us. I know she is in a much better place now and completely healed. Now the rough road is before me. But with friends and family, I will get through it. Time will heal me eventually...
  6. krgulick

    I might not be on for awhile

    I have the grim task of dealing with the death of my wife of 12 years. Like all marriages we had good and bad times. I hope she thinks it was mostly good. One day I will join her and we will relive the good times we made for each other. So, please forgive me if I am amongst the missing for the...
  7. krgulick updated website

    Looks like the transition is pretty much completed. There are additions to the front page from Jon Tillman (TR creator) and Chuck Stanion from P&T. We'll see where P&T takes it. The main thing for me would be for them to do something to improve the search options. What are your thoughts on this...
  8. krgulick

    1500 posts

    This will be post number 1500 for me. It is quite a milestone for someone who is definitely on the quiet and reserved side. But I have found this site to be very informative and full of camaraderie. May it long continue in this vein.
  9. krgulick

    How many blends are in your rotation?

    I have seen some people say that certain blends are part of their rotation. How many do you have in your rotation? Or do you smoke mostly one blend at a time? I usually have 3-4 blends going at once.
  10. krgulick

    new status

    I see that I am now a senior member. Does this qualify me to a free walker and supply of geritol?
  11. krgulick

    I know there is a thread on free tobacco from Altadis

    But I cannot seems to find it. I even had posted to it. Mayhaps someone can lead me to the previous thread, if it is still open. Anyway, I had posted that I would post again when I got anything, well in todays' post there was an odd shaped package with a can of Sutliffe No 5 in it. A nice...
  12. krgulick

    Las Vegas pipe show is this weekend

    I, for one cannot wait for it to take in everything.
  13. krgulick

    Chilean miners out safely

    Not sure if many are following, but all have made it out safely. Although one seems to be heading to divorce court. The mistress was there to welcome him out while the wife was not there for some odd reason.
  14. krgulick

    Which side of the mouth do you put your pipe?

    I always put mine on the left hand side, even though I am right handed.