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    Go To Pipe Tamper

    use my railroad nail or my czech tool usually but was in a jam yesterday and used my chapstick tube. it surprisingly fit the bowl well and worked great.
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    New Member in Glendale AZ

    welcome aboard from Raleigh, NC!
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    Your Current Combo

    Old Forester 1910 and Hyde Park recently.
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    Tobacco Grinder?

    maybe im odd but i like the ritual of breaking up the tobaccco by hand to the size of my liking. makes me feel more connnected to the bowl im smoking.
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    NC Smokers Roll Call.

    Raleigh here! more near the wake forest side. im in the same boat. would love to meet some local pipe smokers and enjoy a pipe together sometime. been meaning to attend a TAPS meeting but they are all the way out in Apex and thats a hike just to smoke a pipe.
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    MM and Briarworks Collaboration

    pretty much. a blacked out cob. pretty simple. i dig it
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    MM and Briarworks Collaboration

    anyone get the email from briarworks tonight about this pipe? Looks pretty sweet!
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    I Really Wanted to Move to an English Blend; Boswell Countryside

    Lat turned my stomach when i first started. even the tin note of a lat heavy blend gave me an awful headache. i tried and find blends now w just a pinch of Lat. i read reviews and make sure people mention that its a background player and not leading the band. so far this has been successful. im...
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    I Am a Lakeland Addict

    still saving up to get the rum flake from you!
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    WTB C&D Sun Bear Wanted (12/16/19)

    if anyone else has any ive been hopelessly trying to track down a tin. PM me
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    I Am a Lakeland Addict

    this BS flake has peaked my interest. now to search it out!
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    I Am a Lakeland Addict

    Whew. feels good to get that off my chest. after trying my first GH flake a few months back and discovering this spectacular but polarizing flavor, i cannot get enough. I was curious is it just GH blends that tend to have this flavor or do other companies also produce blends w the same lakeland...
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    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome aboard from Raleigh, NC
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    What's Your Profession !!

    clinical research. not the most exciting job but pays the bills!
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    MLB Thread

    Nationals fan here. DC/VA born and raised. still riding the high of our WS win, but tough to lose Rendon to the Angels. Hoping we can keep and build our bullpen
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    Gawith's Cabbie Mixture

    been dying to get my hands on some cabbies. its tough to come by. these posts make me want it even more.
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    Jim's Sutliff Cringle Flake Holiday Edition 2019 Review.

    thanks for the review as always.
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    How Long Does a Pound Last You?

    wish i could smoke more. i average around a bowl a day every two days. A pound would last me well over a year.
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    Hello. New Here.

    welcome aboard from Raleigh, NC!
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    Why Can't Blends Have Nicotine Percentages

    not my wish by any means, simply curious and wanted to put the question in front of the forum.