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  1. bonehed

    FS: Assorted GBDs (8/4/19)

    Sadly for me, time to let some goodies go...more pictures upon request of course. All prices negotiable and include shipping to CONUS. Virgin 1451 w/ Perspex - $130 Xtra 3781 w/ Perspex - $130 Prehistoric 254 w/ Perspex - $105 Granitan 549 - $105 New Era (?) w/ hand cut $130...
  2. bonehed

    The Beast at P&C

    If you missed out, P&C still has some apparently - LINK
  3. bonehed

    WDC Milano Ripple Briar Hesson

    Got this WDC Milano Ripple Briar Hesson shape 1628 in today. Hadn't seen the line before and at $10 I was in. Patent marked 1925. 22g. Funky integral inner tube/tenon I'll take a photo of after this Kendall Plug is gone...
  4. bonehed

    BBB Blasted 602

    Snagged this for £5($7.4) - looking forward to its arrival! Looks to be in decent shape...
  5. bonehed

    Comoy's Sandblast 13 (pics)

    Absolutely enamored with this one. 28g of pleasure. Super comfy bit. Shape 13 is a 1/2 bent small billiard. Just gave it a quick soak and rub down to remove most of the stem oxidation. Not sure of the age...thinking ~1950's or so. Any guesses?
  6. bonehed

    72 Dunhill Shell?

    This was purchased by the seller's wife in '71 (on 5th Ave for $65) but is it next year's model? "Dunhill Shell; 56 F/T; MADE IN ENGLAND; 12; 4 [circled]; S" - more photos HERE. 1960 ± 12 = 1972?
  7. bonehed

    Born To Be Mild

    My grandmother always said I was like a little old man as a kid. Found proof recently. 1976...
  8. bonehed

    Meer Topped Briar?

    Not exactly sure why, but I decided to lowball on a whim and the offer was accepted. Looks like Birmingham silver...Meerschaum topped briar? Either way it'll make a nice mantle piece if I decide not to smoke it... should clean up well though. More photos HERE
  9. bonehed

    Salty Dogs in Stock

  10. bonehed

    Raising the Bottom of a Meer

    Happily puffing away on a NOS Tanganyika here - loving everything about it, except the draught hole is a smidgen high. Is there a way to raise the bottom outside of scraping some material off a beater and somehow pressing it in there - or should I forget and enjoy? Not really bothersome, but if...
  11. bonehed

    RBA Pipes

    Anyone have any info about the RBA company of Russia?
  12. bonehed

    A Couple Older Pouches - Prestige Mixture And Blend 11

    Found these recently... I think the Prestige mix is an older version of THIS, but can't find anything about Blend 11. Anyone have any info? The Prestige is crispy but intact and the 11 feels fresh as any pouch bought today might.
  13. bonehed

    Nursery Rhyme Riddle

    Came across this while searching for stories to read our 3yo... "Make three-fourths of a cross, And a circle complete; And let two semicircles On a perpendicular meet; Next add a triangle That stands on two feet; Next two semicircles, And a circle complete."
  14. bonehed

    Tinned Stonehaven

    Apparently they did make a tinned version... eBay link.
  15. bonehed

    Kudos to Kenneth (CPF Hungarian)

    Enjoying this CPF Best Make Hungarian just in from Kenneth Norwood. Originally came (to me) with a tin foil shimmed stem and needing some general cleanup. Now with properly fit and bent Lucite stem as I was looking for functionality, not period correctness. Reused the tenon. De-crustified and...
  16. bonehed

    Slightly Topped GBD

    I think this was topped...LINK (Kind of) funny...
  17. bonehed

    Meerschaum ID Help

    Does this label look familiar to anyone? We think the symbols on the sides of the label are stars. Just curious to know who might have produced it.
  18. bonehed

    Cased Stems Without Stummels

    What's the deal with these? Exhibit A.
  19. bonehed

    LIFE Magazine May 26, 1941

    This old LIFE magazine was peeking out of a neighbor's trash... haven't really read through it yet, but the ads are fun to browse. A new Pontiac for ~$830... Vargas girls... an interesting Prince Albert claim.
  20. bonehed

    Dunhill Straight on Ebay

    An oddity. Anyone ever seen one before?