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  1. Etipton

    Cellaring Codgers

    I cellar Sir Walter Raleigh original but not it age just to make sure I always have some. I have about 5 pounds in the cellar
  2. Etipton


    Does it drop tonight 1/24 at midnight or tomorrow night?
  3. Etipton

    Pete Prevost from BriarWorks on Radio Show of January 17, 2023

    Was in Nashville today and went by Briarworks, great shop and people. I lucked up and got one of there new cannonball pipes in the new stem designs.
  4. Etipton

    Peterson flake your thoughts?

    My local tobacconist had 3 tins of Peterson flake that are dated 7-20, I have never tried this blend but I tend to favor vapers and vaburs and straight virginas, what are your thoughts on this blend and is it better with the three years of age on it?
  5. Etipton

    Peterson Pipe Question

    Get a Peterson you’ll be glad you did
  6. Etipton

    Who Uses Matches?

    Most days I am
  7. Etipton

    WTT for Dunhill Ye Olde Signe

    I know your looking to trade but pipestud has a bunch still available for sale
  8. Etipton

    Who Uses Matches?

    I like matches when I have the time to enjoy a nice aged virgina or vaper.
  9. Etipton

    Cobbit Elf Corn Cob Pipe

    I do clean my cobs well and often, I’ve noticed they will soak up liquid faster
  10. Etipton

    Cobbit Elf Corn Cob Pipe

    I love mine, I smoke a MM Cob more than any other pipe
  11. Etipton

    FS: McClelland tins (11/21/22)

    Lots 2,3 and 4 have sold
  12. Etipton

    FS: McClelland tins (11/21/22)

    Sorry forgot the date of 11/21/22
  13. Etipton

    FS: McClelland tins (11/21/22)

    Lots of McClellands for sale. Sales are CONUS only. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority. Payment via Paypal FF. Reply via PM. Thanks for looking. Lot 1: 2017 Stave aged virgina (50g) - $65 Lot 2: 2011 Frog Morton on the town (50g) - $75 Lot 3: 2011 Frog Morton across the pond (50g) -...
  14. Etipton

    Cringle flake 2022

    Has anyone heard any info of this years version?
  15. Etipton

    It's Time For A Jeep Build and A Pipe!

    Pipe and a jeep sounds like a good time to me, I am getting ready this fall and over the winter to start a restoration of my 1979 CJ5
  16. Etipton

    Hello from Northeast TN

    Welcome from a fellow northeast Tennessean
  17. Etipton

    Memorial Day! Honoring Military Service.

    Title edited for specificity. If you currently serve or have served in the past in any branch of the US Military I would like to personally thank you for your service to our country. May God bless America
  18. Etipton

    C&D Briar Fox Thoughts?

    I really like Peterson university flake and most VA/Bur blends but I’ve not tried Briar Fox. Anyone out there with much experience with this one?
  19. Etipton

    Jim's Sutliff Uno Review.

    Pipes and cigars and smoking pipes still have it
  20. Etipton

    Devil's Holiday?

    Title and body edited. Please capitalize proper nouns! I am hearing really good things about Dan Tobacco’s Devils Holiday. Anyone on here with experience with this blend?