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  1. brandaves

    Lots Of Open Tins

    Tobacco cellar says I have 76 opened containers at the moment 😳. I don't doubt that number for a moment. I have loads of unopened blends I've never even sampled. Oh well. My 401T is appreciating well.
  2. brandaves

    Pipe Sweetener

    When I've got the urge to use sweetner I always go for Everclear. It' high proof, imparts no flavor, and is cheap. Checks all my boxes.
  3. brandaves

    Who Taught You to Smoke a Pipe?

    See him in the mirror everyday. Super handsome guy.
  4. brandaves

    Favourite Tin Illustration

    Came here to post these.
  5. brandaves

    Straight Virginia's

    Straight Virginia and VaPers are my favorite tobaccos...but not at first. It took me awhile to really appreciate what they offer and to find the flavors hidden within them. Others have made excellent suggestions on how to go about developing that. I'll just add that you might revisit Virginia...
  6. brandaves

    Storing Bulk Bold KY

    I suggest smaller portions as well. I usually divide a pound into 8 mylar bags with roughly 2oz in each. This way I can easily open and enjoy one and let the rest continue to marinate. Another added advantage to this is spoilage control. If you pack it all together and get mold you've lost a...
  7. brandaves

    Limited Edition Coin Twis Tins (K&K, Peterson, and Rattrays)

    I mylar all my square tins (SG mostly but some Mac Baren also). They tend to be hit and miss on getting/holding a good seal. I don't seal any circular tins. I cellar C&D and Peterson style tins as they come and they've all held up nicely. They do need checking occasionally to ensure seals are goood
  8. brandaves

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    C&D sale at SP got me pretty good.
  9. brandaves

    The Draw?

    I was going to write something similar to this. I often buy filter capable Savinelli pipes but don't use filters. I just use the adapter that comes with their filter pipes and find that works fine for me. I haven't smoked one without the adapter but believe the draw would probably be too open...
  10. brandaves

    Peace and Quiet. (Briefly)

    I was wondering if we'd ever see a photo of you smoking 😁...this counts. Looks amazing!
  11. brandaves

    NHL Playoffs

    I've said it before 👆 the President's Cup is the kiss of death. Enjoy the off season Bruins! Games have been fantastic in virtually every series so far. Excited to see what's to come!
  12. brandaves

    I Actually Tried to buy an Altinay

    It's the universe agreeing with your past self.
  13. brandaves

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    1 Pound Match Victorian 1.5 Pounds Evening Flake 1.5 Pounds Luxury Navy Flake 1 Pound WC Rouxgeroux 6 tins Brown Sugar Flake 6 tins Savinelli Juno Robert McConnell Scottish Flake Had some of this a few weeks, was waiting on the Match Victorian to arrive so I could divide it all into mylar...
  14. brandaves

    NHL Playoffs

    As I posted this Avalanche are down 3-1 in the 3rd period of game 1... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  15. brandaves

    NHL Playoffs

    As a Vancouver Canucks fan I cannot endorse the Bruins (a long lasting hangover from 2011). To add onto that, the President's trophy has a history of being the kiss of death for Stanley Cup hopefuls. I would love to see the Islanders go deep (back to my Canuck roots, Bo Horvat). My realistic...
  16. brandaves

    Rationalizing Spending A Lot On A Pipe?

    Reading through replies here...this might be the absolute simplest and best serious advice I've seen. We'll talk you into a pipe...but if that's what you're looking for then maybe that's not the advice you need.
  17. brandaves

    Rationalizing Spending A Lot On A Pipe?

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 You will find no shortage of people here who will talk you into a pipe. It sounds like you want to buy the pipe already and that you have the discretionary income...what's stopping you? BUY THE PIPE!
  18. brandaves

    Andreas Bauer Meerschaum Band Deciphering

    I now believe the pipe to be made by Albert Baker and Co. England as you said. I knew Andreas Bauer was founded in 1908 so I figure like you that it probably isn't an Andreas Bauer. The seller probably saw the AB and made a leap from there. Either way, very happy with the pipe. It is now the...
  19. brandaves

    My Very Special 60th Birthday Pipe by Savinelli

    What an incredible pipe and story to go with it. Happy birthday and congratulations on your once in a lifetime pipe. Enjoy it!
  20. brandaves

    Andreas Bauer Meerschaum Band Deciphering

    Well, a little research based on the above and I answered my own question. Thank you very much for the assistance gentlemen. Mystery solved!