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  1. loborx

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    Nat Sherman no.536. The tin is so old, the paper liner is brown stained. Tabac is dry and a litlle crispy but it smokes quite nicely on the desert back porch in a Tinderbox Camelot billiard made by Comoy. This pipe was a ten dollar treasure i wrested from a dealer at the West Coast pipe show a...
  2. loborx

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    Not that high. Las Vegas.
  3. loborx

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    CD kajun kake in the Butz Chacon. Mule Variations on the Spotify. Clear and mild on the back porch in the high desert.
  4. loborx

    So Are West Virginians Really Hillbillies?

    I'll stay out here in the high desert... :puffy:
  5. loborx

    Blends That Never Fail

    Currently, these are the blends that never fail for me: EMP, Amphora Full Aroma, Royal Yacht, Mississippi River and Black Frigate. :puffy:
  6. loborx

    My Wife And I Were In Wal-Mart

    I would just be happy to have someone, anyone actually offer to help me when I need it at a Walmart or a Loews or a Home Depot, etc... I push a 'customer service' button and stand there like a dork for ten minutes while a robot voice blares out "customer assistance in the toilet ring department"...
  7. loborx

    RIP: Malcolm Young Of AC/DC.

    AC/DC - Riff Raff - Live Sometimes it's best to let the music do the talking. RIP Malcolm. RIP Bon. :clap: See ya on the Highway. :puffy:
  8. loborx

    Back From Vegas, Baby!

    Missed it this year. :cry: And the most pathetic thing is I live in Las Vegas less than 10 minutes from Palace Station! :roll: I will definitely be back next November - it's a great show. :puffy:
  9. loborx

    Active Members Reply Here

  10. loborx

    Things I Will Do When Dunhill Tobaccos End

    My concern is not with the name "Dunhill". I don't intend to own one of their belts, or their cologne, or their overpriced cigarettes or their pipes for that matter. Obviously somebody is blending these tobaccos today and it ain't Old Alfred. I don't care what "name" the blender sticks on it...
  11. loborx

    What Music Are You Listening To? September 2017

    Overcast morning in the high desert. "And Then There Were Three" from Genesis on the Spotify. :puffy:
  12. loborx

    End of Dunhill Tobaccos

    I would like to know under what other names STG is packaging EMP, Nightcap and Royal Yacht. If I can stay in steady supply of those three, then Dunhill can get out of the tobacco business and sell overpriced ties and "motoring" gloves to their hearts content. Just keep the tobaccos coming - I...
  13. loborx

    Smoking some real old codger tobacco

    When I looked at the photo of the open tin I immediately thought "that sure looks like Prince Albert in a can..." RJ Reynolds probably felt if Prince Albert had a blend then George W. deserved one too! :puffy:
  14. loborx

    What Is in This Tobacco That I Don't Like?

    :laughat: "If the nicotine level is high enough I, for one, am interested."
  15. loborx

    What Is in This Tobacco That I Don't Like?

    @shade91: It could be the perique but I seem to get a more fruity fig-like or prune smell/flavor from it. Everyone is different though. With English blends you are starting to get your first sense of what "real" tobacco tastes and smells like. Dunhill does make some strong blends but EMP is...
  16. loborx

    What Is in This Tobacco That I Don't Like?

    The "old sock" is probably the Latakia. Musty, smoky, leathery, dirt-like are some phrases that have been used to describe its properties and it takes a bit of getting used to if all you have smoked are aromatics. I would think Balkan Delight or Balkan Flake might be a little heavy on the lat...
  17. loborx

    Any old ASP members here

    I was an avid ASP'er in the latter 90's and early 2000's. As a budding pipe smoker, I learned some great pipe and tobacco knowledge there and watched some epic flame wars - (and even tossed a cup or two of gasoline on the fire back in the day). Lesson learned - avoid flame wars like the plague...
  18. loborx

    Dunhill Substitutes

    I buy the match bulk EMP and Nightcap and put them in my old Dunhill Tins so I can still admire the beautiful artwork while I smoke. When Royal Yacht goes down the tubes, I will truly be lost. :crying:
  19. loborx

    Help me find my Grandfathers tobacco

    Dream Castle has a bag blend called "Gold Burley". It was sold as a value bulk bag at CVS and also I as Admiral's Choice in cans before CVS got out of tobacco products all together. This may be a candidate in your search. It is boiler plate burley with a light chocolate note. Very "Grandpa's...
  20. loborx

    Climate Change

    I won't deny that I prefer a change to light Va/Pers and Dutch Cavendish (Amphora/Troost) blends when my part of the globe warms. No hoax there. :puffy: