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  1. btp79

    What Are All These?

    Wait, so my $80 first-class round trip from Houston to London might not be legit? So much for loading up on rich dark flake!
  2. btp79

    Kansas City Shops

    Diebels Sportsmans Gallery is usually good for a visit, especially if you like cigars as well. I don't recall there being any primarily pipe shops there, but then again I left the area almost 20 years ago. I still hit up Diebels once or twice a year when I'm back visiting family. The last time I...
  3. btp79

    Box Pass 2023 Signup

    I was next to last on a few Cigar box passes, It was pretty awesome, by the time they got to me, I think they were probably worth more than my truck, I wouldn't sweat it at all.
  4. btp79

    What am I missing?

    That devil site has cost me thousands of dollars!! Delicious delicious dollars lol
  5. btp79

    Dunhill Humidor

    Well said!
  6. btp79

    RIP Gordon Lightfoot

    I felt the same way the last time I saw Willie Nelson.
  7. btp79

    Good Children’s Books

    This is a current favorite with my 6year old for reading and my 3 year old for looking:
  8. btp79

    Box Pass 2023 Signup

    Dibs on any Grape White Owl cigars.
  9. btp79

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    My Semi-annual pound of Rougaroux.
  10. btp79

    Flavored Tobacco

    I've generally found aromatics to be just that. They smell great to the people around you, but the smell doesn't usually match the taste. But that's just me, I'm sure there are exceptions and other perceptions.
  11. btp79

    Caption This

    "Why yes, I do have a pipe dedicated to Nightcap"
  12. btp79

    Mac Barren HH Old Dark Fired in a Cob…pure bliss

    That's one of my favorite cold day/around the campfire smokes.
  13. btp79

    Making Your Own Blends from Your Cellar

    Same here. 5 brothers is my go to additive when I want to smoke something around non smokers. I call my 1Q/5 bro mix "Brother Q" and my Night Cap mix "Brother Night". Straight 5bros is called "Daddy had a bad day"!
  14. btp79

    What Underrated Blends in Production do You Now Cellar?

    Not sure about underrated, but I rarely see it mentioned here. Sutliff VooDoo Queen. This surprised the heck out of me. I got a pound of it 5 years ago when it was on super sale, recently went through the process of transferring my cellar from jars to mylar and tried some. It was awesome so I...
  15. btp79

    What Underrated Blends in Production do You Now Cellar?

    I'm pretty deep on the 3p's. I open the tins intended for ageing and mylar 5 plugs to a bag. I noticed a ring of corrosion on almost every tin I opened (round tins) so into the mylar went the cellar.
  16. btp79


    The charter oaks line has been awesome in my opinion both in price and quality. I really liked the Illusione Rothchilds especially when they were only $4 a pop!
  17. btp79

    C&D Ropes and Plugs

    Tambolaka is definitely on my bucket list.
  18. btp79

    Question About Salty Dogs/Mick McQuaid Package

    I used to jar it, now I'll place 3 or 4 package and all in mylar bags and seal it.