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  1. Egg Shen

    U.S. Navy's Small Ship Troubles

    Maybe but the spec is so high that our gear is still really good. I used to marvel at how indestructible all the stuff I was issued was. As a kid I would blow out the kneecaps on my blue jeans rather easily. Amazingly, BDUs just never tore despite all the abuse they received. A rucksack is...
  2. Egg Shen


    This. I shop at 3 different stores. A big chain that has everything, a smaller bargain chain, and a local organic store. One interesting thing to note is that the price on the high quality local organic stuff has barely gone up and is often cheaper than non-organic non-local...
  3. Egg Shen

    Parfait Baccy Layering

    It would probably be pretty easy to pull off a Neapolitan. Someone should try this.
  4. Egg Shen


    That was 1 first guess. He probably hates them all though haha
  5. Egg Shen


    Have you tried them all? I wonder if anyone on here who has tried all of them. There are so many…
  6. Egg Shen

    Quick Smoke Tobaccos

    Penny can bite a little if pushed too hard. This guy seems like he may smoke fast.
  7. Egg Shen

    Capstan Gold Navy Cut

    PNC cigs were available in the USA in the 1996-1998 timeframe. I smoked them. Mine had filters and I’m unsure if unfiltered ones were offered. They tasted great. The package said something of oriental tobaccos being in it. They were made by Philip Morris and distributed in limited markets...
  8. Egg Shen

    How Long to Age War Horse Green?

    If you were a nerd-kid in the 90’s this show had everything and the theme song/video encapsulates that so well.
  9. Egg Shen

    Outdoor smoking

    I cup it/palm it too. This will make me smell like smoke so much more than if I kept my hand away. This could be bad if you have to step into an office or client meeting after smoking. When working from home this is my method of choice. Windcaps make you look like a pompous ass 😜 The only...
  10. Egg Shen

    They Sent Aged Tin

    Dang that’s cool. 2 years is not uncommon but I don’t seem to get sent anything older than that.
  11. Egg Shen

    Pipe Myths

    You can buy them with or without, like dental floss.
  12. Egg Shen

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    I’ve not heard of Hanson Flake. A P&C exclusive I see. Cool.
  13. Egg Shen

    Pipe Myths

    It if your hemp wick is waxed it emits a lower temperature flame than traditional lighters, so that is another +
  14. Egg Shen

    Greetings from Montana Territory

    Welcome from Pennsylvania. I’m a little jealous of all the wide open country you have in your state! To be able to go for a long walk and see neither people or buildings is a great.
  15. Egg Shen

    We now have a Valentine’s Day blend by Sutliff & MM

    For your girl or yourself? That’s an astute observation about the gift pricing, IMO you are likely right
  16. Egg Shen

    We now have a Valentine’s Day blend by Sutliff & MM

    Me either. I do like aromatic blends but I’m leveled up on them between 2 Ken Byron blends and Gawith. I don’t see this one flying off of shelves. In fact the 5 tin limit may even be SP using reverse psychology on us 🤔 But I m interested to see what the appetite for it might be among this...
  17. Egg Shen

    We now have a Valentine’s Day blend by Sutliff & MM

    I saw on smoking pipes that there is a VA/cavendish blend called Taste of Temptation. It has cherry and amaretto flavoring. Pretty cool tin art. I’m not sure this is for me but was curious if it appeals to anyone else.
  18. Egg Shen

    Ageing Luxury Bull's Eye Flake

    5 years is good but I think 6 is kind of money
  19. Egg Shen

    Fresh Coffee

    I’ve pretty much tried every single origin out there. After years of that I’ve settled on organic Sumatran. Maybe occasionally Yirgacheffe if I want a light roast. French Press.