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  1. swampgrizzly

    What is Your Earliest Memory?

    You guys with such way back recalled infant memories are making me realize just how often my parents must have dropped me on my head!!!
  2. swampgrizzly

    Amateur Astronomy and the Pipe Smoker

    Thanks for sharing.. This photo is outstanding. It reminds me of some of John James Audubon's posed bird paintings.
  3. swampgrizzly

    Amateur Astronomy and the Pipe Smoker

    I didn't realize that camera telephoto zoom lens enabled such great shots. You must have some great photos of birds. Are you participating in the annual Great Backyard Bird Count? Strangely with the milder winter in the northern states and Canada I've been seeing a lot more Robbins this...
  4. swampgrizzly

    Amateur Astronomy and the Pipe Smoker

    That's a great photo. How did you take it without a telescope? Your camera is that good without having a scope? "The Last Frontier" that you are from must be a hell of a lot lot closer to the moon than the piece of terra firma I'm from!
  5. swampgrizzly

    Sleeping In The New House.

    Wow, you reside in one of my favorite places in the Bay Area. I enjoy staying at the Lodge at Tiburon, walking the Shoreline Path - fantastic views and it serves as a great base for S. F. Excursions by ferry across the bay, or crossing the Golden Gate Bridge during non peak commute hours. It's...
  6. swampgrizzly

    The Virtues of Black Coffee

    Been drinking my coffee hot and black for many years now. In my opinion it's the only way to appreciate the true full flavor of the coffee. Since I became accustomed to black coffee , I no longer can even force myself to drink coffee with any additives. The taste of coffee that has had sugar...
  7. swampgrizzly

    What is Your Fondest Memory Related to Pipe Smoking?

    My 2 favorite memories/experiences related to pipe smoking are enjoying a lunting pipe smoke while walking on top of the Mississippi River levee and watching the river traffic, especially the paddle wheeler excursion boats. It's fun to hear their calliope music and waving to it's passengers who...
  8. swampgrizzly


    Inflationary pricing has been hitting the South Louisiana Gulf Coast area really bad. I doubt there are many places where it has not been happening.
  9. swampgrizzly

    Amateur Astronomy and the Pipe Smoker

    We've been having rain, fog, and heavy cloud cover for several days on the Gulf Coast.-terrible invisible terrestrial night skies! It's suppose to start clearing in the morning and stay that way through most of the weekend. I'll will be out trying to see it starting tomorrow (Fri. night)...
  10. swampgrizzly

    Your Epitaph

    As a reminder to others in living their lives and having no implication or importance at all about myself personally: "Da lifnei mi atah omed"
  11. swampgrizzly

    I Suspect Most Of Us Are Not Average

    I've been to 21 of these, but I still don't consider myself well traveled since I have only been in only 1 foreign country!
  12. swampgrizzly

    Things I Hate About Arthritis.

    From my experience, CBD products vary very widely in quality and effectiveness. The only ones that have helped me have contained 60 mg CBD per 1 ml. serving of the tincture. The oil I use has less than 0.3 THC. It does not get me high or buzzed in any way. It took a really long time of...
  13. swampgrizzly

    Male Socializing/Outlets/Clubs/Etc.

    I'm retired and about 6 years ago a small group of 6 high school and college friends (who are also retired) and I started getting together for lunch followed by a hour or so chatting at our table after eating and then going to an ice cream parlor for desert and more chatting. We met for lunch...
  14. swampgrizzly

    Bow Down Before Me...

    I was a Chosen One also. In my case their criteria must have been to select folks who haven't purchased or surfed their online site in many ages. I purchased one time from their web site about 5 years ago. I just let it get deleted by my junk mail scrubber without opening it.
  15. swampgrizzly

    Where Do You Usually Smoke?

    During comfortable temperatures on my front porch or if not too windy under a tree in my yard. Winter time in my garage.
  16. swampgrizzly

    Coffee Check

    I like Mystic Monk Coffee, the basic whole bean Monk Blend and drink it without sugar, creme, or any other additive.
  17. swampgrizzly

    Pure St. James Perique?

    Thanks, that is a very interesting interview!
  18. swampgrizzly

    Pure St. James Perique?

    Not only is it a facility that one is not allowed to drop in on, but even the perique tobacco fields are likely not visible from public roads. I was lucky enough to get cleared for viewing Mr. L. A. Poche's grandson's perique patch and a private tour of the processing facility via my...
  19. swampgrizzly

    Knee Problems, Knee Replacement.

    I had my left knee replaced 8 years ago and at that time there was some degree of concern as to how long knee replacements would last. Estimated life span for the knee replacement back then was 20-30 years. Surgeons were discouraging patients from doing the replacements too young in life for...
  20. swampgrizzly

    PSA for USA Mail-in Ballot Voters

    Assuming your comment is to me as the original poster, I did not have to stand in line at the post office to check if I had applied sufficient postage. Living in a small rural commnity, it's always a matter of driving up to the entrance door of the P.O. and immediately getting to see the post...