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  1. tobefrank

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2022?***

    St James Flake in my Bruce Weaver lovat.
  2. tobefrank

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2022?***

    Key Largo in my Stanwell 124 with an ice coffee on the side.
  3. tobefrank

    You Guys are Great

    Thanks, you’re not too shabby yourself.
  4. tobefrank

    Hello From N.W. Arkansas

    I have been to Arkansas in 1999. I was in Little Rock when president Clinton was in town.
  5. tobefrank

    Hello From N.W. Arkansas

    Welcome from Perth Western Australia BTW!
  6. tobefrank

    What Pipe Would You Buy if You Had $200 to Spend?

    Since you are asking what I would do, I would buy a sandblasted version of this Moonshine Pipes bent egg to go with my smooth version. Absolutely love the design and execution of this pipe.
  7. tobefrank

    Watch Out or Watch on? Pt 2.

    Apparently the MoonSwatch will not be a limited edition which makes all this even crazier.
  8. tobefrank

    ***What Are You Smoking, February 2022?***

    Just about to tuck into some Grousemoor in my Old Dominion Laughing King cob, paired with some Port Charlotte single malt whisky.
  9. tobefrank

    A Saturday Lunch a with a Few Friends

    Wow, I’m literally speechless. What an amazing lunch with drinks and cigars. I need to organise something like that with my friends sometime.
  10. tobefrank

    Hello There, from Germany.

    Welcome from Perth Western Australia!
  11. tobefrank

    A New Arrival - 1912 Loewe Bent Billiard

    She’s a beauty. Are you going to smoke it?
  12. tobefrank

    ***What Are You Smoking, January 2022?***

    1792 Flake in the humble cob. Second out of a Lakeland sample pack I bought a little while back. Ennerdale Flake was a bit disappointing until a great last smoke (figures). I’m enjoying this one so far.
  13. tobefrank

    Peer Reviewed Tobacco Smoking Correlations

    Apparently there is a positive correlation between tobacco smoking and confirmation bias as well.
  14. tobefrank

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2021?***

    Erinmore Flake in my Werner Mummert sandblasted bulldog paired with a nice glass of Siraz.
  15. tobefrank

    Ideas for Hanging or Securing a Pipe Against Loss or Damage - During Outdoor Activities

    I had one quite a while ago. I found the chambers to be quite small, and they feel a bit cheap to me, particularly the plastic stem. I didn’t end up smoking it much and traded it in for store credit at shortly after. I recently bought a H Wiebe radiator pipe which is a similar...
  16. tobefrank

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welkom and G’day! From another Dutchy living in Perth Western Australia.
  17. tobefrank

    This Is What A $40k (USD) Pipe Looks Like

    It does make you wonder who would be the market for these pipes. Maybe Jeff Bezos buys one of these once and a while to use as a disposable pub pipe.
  18. tobefrank

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2021?***

    Beautiful pipe. Did you make the band yourself?
  19. tobefrank

    The Peterson 4AB POTY Is Coming!

    Congratulations Jim, it’s great to see a dream come true by the pipe community coming together. You look like a happy man on those photos!