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    Smokers Haven Pipe?

    If you would like additional information about your pipe contact Premal Chheda at Smokers Haven in Ohio. He will be able to help you.
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    Congratulations to both you and your wife.
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    How is Zack Doing?

    Has anyone heard an update on Zack? I hope his healing is going very well and that his doctors are giving him positive news during visits for medical care. Doug
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    Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated....

    Zack: I am glad you are back home and recovering from your medical issues. It is always better to heal at home. The bed and the food are much better and no one comes in to wake you up after you have finally fallen asleep. Best wishes to you and your wife for a Merry Christmas and Happy New...
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    So Proud

    Congratulations to you and your daughter and family. I hope she enjoys college and all the places she will be able to visit and assist others.
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    A Blessed Easter/Passover

    Happy Easter to all members and their families. Please enjoy the holiday and celebrate safely.
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    Is Smokers Haven in Ohio Closed?

    Please close this topic. Thanks. Doug
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    Is Smokers Haven in Ohio Closed?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. Earlier in the year I paid for a pipe that was supposed to have been shipped. I never received any tracking information only excuses from Premal. I did however receive my money back. Additional attempts to contact Premal have not been successful, that is why...
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    Is Smokers Haven in Ohio Closed?

    I called them earlier today 12/19/17 at 614-299-2442 the phone number listed on the website and received a recording the phone was disconnected. Has any other member experienced the same or may know additional formation. Thanks
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    Smokers Haven Columbus, Ohio

    I just tried to access their website and received a security warning. It said something about possible stealing of personal and financial information. I did not continue. Has anyone else had the same experience or know additional details about the company. Did they close? Etc Thanks
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    White Whale DE Safety Razor

    Never shave dry if you want your face to look the same without blood all over it.
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    Fraudulent eBay sellers...PLEASE BEWARE

    No need to waste any of your valuable time reporting an item as fraudulent as EBay is LAME. I have reported many pipe and other items as fraudulent and EBay does nothing to cancel the listing or sanction the seller in any way. EBay is only concerned with sales revenue regardless of the validity...
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    Irma, Here We Go Again

    I live in Winter Springs, FL. My city is near Orlando on the east coast. Even though the track is now to west, the dirty side of the hurricane is to the east so my area will deal with that. The dirty side is not discussed often in weather reports but I am very aware of it since I have lived most...
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    Auto Insurance - to Claim or Not to Claim

    Contact your insurance company. After you file the claim, ask them for some preferred shop recommendations. Then check the online reviews and pick one. By using a preferred shop the repairs are normally completed quicker and any extra parts discovered later in the repair process are normally...
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    [Review] Taco Bell Flatulence

    I thought this thread was about passing gas after eating at that restaurant
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    USPS prices going up

    Some of the problem could be solved if they would hire people who take pride in their work and do the job properly and also taking less time. My regular carrier is extremely pro union and he takes his sweet time each day. When the weekly temp comes on the regular's day off, the mail is delivered...
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all members
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    P&C drops the ball again!!

    I have read lots of posts about this company and their poor Customer Service and/or shipping issues. Does their management care that customers are dissatisfied? Customers may not always share a good experience with a retailer BUT they always share an unpleasant experience.
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    Please Someone Stop Me-I Need Help

    Instead of buying more tobacco when you already have stated you have enough to last until your death and beyond use that money towards another hobby, project completion in your home, savings, investing etc. That will solve the problem and you will have spent the money just in a different way.
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    Broken Pipe Ed James

    My sympathy to his family and friends. He was a very nice gentleman. I never met him but I always enjoyed his posts and the personal messages I had from him.