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  1. LEP7cv

    What Are You Listening To? - April, 2021

    Gary Moore:)
  2. LEP7cv

    New Pipe Guy Here

    welcome ! I've started piping at 40, last year, and I'm very happy!:D
  3. LEP7cv

    Pipe with Smaller Bowl?

    I use these for a quick smoke: I like them puffy puffy
  4. LEP7cv

    Hello from Düsseldorf Germany

    Hello from Portugal! you're already a legend! puffy puffy puffy puffy
  5. LEP7cv

    Hello from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

    Há sempre um brasuca e um tuga.... (there's always a brazilian and a portuguese...) Welcome!
  6. LEP7cv

    Chiming In...

    damn....I got caught.... it's not Portugal, it's Mars:D but this is:)
  7. LEP7cv

    Chiming In...

    Greetings !!
  8. LEP7cv

    Much Respect To The Forum

    oh!!, now I realise this is a pipe smoking forum!!! I thought it was for amateur plumbers!! :oops: they keep talking about water flushing and pipes
  9. LEP7cv

    A Swiss Pipe Smoker Introduces Himself

    Hello from Portugal! puffypuffy
  10. LEP7cv

    Just a Noobie

    this portuguese welcomes you!
  11. LEP7cv

    Hello from IL

    This piper from Portugal welcomes you! ☺️
  12. LEP7cv

    Just Another Newbie

    First! Welcome!
  13. LEP7cv

    Any Boxing Fans Here?

    I'm a Sumo fan, any Sumo fans here?? probably not...:rolleyes:
  14. LEP7cv

    Pipe Top

    yep, saliva on moist smooth rims works well!
  15. LEP7cv

    My Savinelli Chubby Author

    nice, wouldn't mind taking a ride on that beauty!:D
  16. LEP7cv

    How Do You Reconcile With Pipe Smoking's Health Risks?

    pipe smoking does some damage to the body, but it's healthy for our spirit. are we a spiritual being having a human experience? imagine if after we die, the spirit carries on, I prefer to risk it and get it healthy and happy! hiihhihiih
  17. LEP7cv

    Zoom Club?

    oh! the british humor!
  18. LEP7cv

    A Moment In Time

    inner peace, accessible at every moment and it's infinite, many times pipe smoking reminds us that. At least it's how I try to move on in life, not easy sometimes, but I try to remember ☺️...
  19. LEP7cv

    How Long Have You Been Smoking A Pipe ?

    I call it BS! you look you don't even know how to walk or talk yet! fake!! ???