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    English / Latakia C&D Blends

    Stratfordshire and Cordial are excellent. Star of the East Gold is more oriental forward with the lat more in the background. Red Odessa is also very good. Some that I haven't tried are Mountain Camp and Bayou Night, the contain perique and may meet your strength requirements.
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    Captain Black Platinum

    Here ya go!
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    Dunhill Durbar Information

    I've never had Durbar or Aperitif but, I've got a lb of this, and it's very good. Notes: Reminiscent of old Dunhill Aperitif
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    Revisiting An Old Favorite

    I had a similar experience, but with a blend that never really wowed me. Last week I had a bowl of Balkan Sasieni. Balkans are my mainstay of what I smoke. the BS was purchased in Jan. 2013, and I have sampled over the years and it never really did anything for me. Until last week. The Lat had...
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    My Latest Tobacco Order

    I recently got some of this: Sutliff's 245 ZBC is a blend of Dark-Fired Kentucky tobacco that's been steamed to produce a delightful Cavendish. Topped with flavors of caramel, cream, and vanilla, 245 ZBC is mellow smoke with a delicious aroma. I was intrigued by the fact that it's made with...
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    Recommendations sought
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    1-M Vanilla by Sutliff

    I can't drink Miller Highlife anymore, too many skunk beers from the clear glass bottles. Skunk beer is made when light hits hops molecules, creating mercaptan(sp ?) which is what Skunks spray.
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    What would be Your Favorite Unobtainable Unthought of Aromatic Flavors?

    To all you Root beer lovers maybe get up a group buy.
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    Guilty pleasure or found my blend?

    Try Sutliff's match. It's called Match Late Evening. I haven't tried it but I have several other match blends that are very good to excellent. It's sold in bulk so you can throw in an ounce or two with your next order. You might want to try match Balkan Sobranie 759, the dark fired Kentucky adds...
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    School Me on Dunhill London Mixture

    It's called Match Big Ben
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    Home Blend VaPerKen Recipes Anyone?

    If you want to be blown away, you need to try some Dark Birds Eye by Gawith Hoggarth & Co.
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    What would be your 2022 Holiday Blend?

    Sutliff RC-272, a smorgasbord of leaf: burley, Virginia, flue cured, Smyrna, and Latakia. Three flavors: vanilla, rum, and cinnamon further enhance this rather remarkable English style blend.
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    Sunset Harbor Flake

    I'm cheap and I don't have a lot of money for tobacco, that's why I buy bulk. C&D John Marr, for example, 1lb bulk is $39.39. Two 8 oz cans @ $34 each = $64. That's a savings of $24.61, which is almost enough for a lb of some Sutliff or Peter Stokkebye blend. My palette isn't refined enough to...
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    Presbyterian Mixture Question

    Izmir and Smyrna are different, but not by much. Here's a discussion we had a while back: Smyrna :: Pipe Tobacco Discussion -
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    Sunset Harbor Flake

    I forgot to mention C&D Super Balkan. I've smoked it and enjoyed it! The blends you mentioned that I didn't hit on, it's because I'm too cheap to buy tins ! LOL! The SOTE Gold has had the latakia and the orientals reversed. Red Odessa will be my next purchase.
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    Sunset Harbor Flake

    Oriental forward Balkans are my mainstay, it's what I smoke 99% of the time. From C&D, there's Star of the East Gold, Cordial and, Stratfordshire. From Sutliff the matches for BSOSM, Sobranie 759, Dunhill 965. Also from Sutliff TS-24. I have smoked all of these blends and they are all great (4...
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    Casing with Brown Sugar

    You should consider trying a mojo. Here's some info,
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    Favorite Oriental Forward Blend?

    Get some Sutliff TS24 and this
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    Cigar Leaf: Does it belong in Pipe Tobacco?

    Is cigar tobacco processed differently when it's going to be used in a pipe tobacco blend? I roll my own cigars and have some scraps and trimmings that I could use.
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    Cigar Leaf: Does it belong in Pipe Tobacco?

    This is Nestor Plasencia, Nestor Plasencia Sr. (born circa 1950) is a tobacco grower and cigar maker of Cuban descent whose factories in Honduras and Nicaragua produce over 30 million cigars a year. Contracting out the use of his factories to Rocky Patel and other leading brands, Plasencia...