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  1. justscience

    Know Anyone Who's Quit Pipe Smoking?

    Like drinking, it's so easy to quit: I do it almost on a daily basis.
  2. justscience

    American Factory Pipes

    From top: CPF meer, my best meer at that; an unsmoked WDC "Highest Grade" ; third is a workhorse LHS Durbar with a recycled P-lip stem. I have many Wally Frank pipes and I'm uncertain of their countries of origin. They were part and parcel of American pipe smoking for decades.
  3. justscience

    Know Anyone Who's Quit Pipe Smoking?

    Quitting is so easy, I do it several times a week.
  4. justscience

    Where is the Flavor?

    I'm reading this thread while smoking a refill bowl of WCC's Rhythm and Blues mixed Virginia leaf blend, amazed by flavors previously unnoticed. It's in a recently purchased Sav 320ks pipe with a large (for me) bowl that apparently allows a slow smolder better than my usual porch pipes. Bowl...
  5. justscience

    A Typical Reaction to Pipesmoking?

    "Outlaw biker" might be the regional term for gangsters here.
  6. justscience

    A Typical Reaction to Pipesmoking?

    I often light up in my car in a parking lot prior to my ride home. Twice now (including today) I got a firm knocking on my window from someone accusing me of stoned driving. I roll the window down and ask if it smells like pot to them (um, no...) and then if it looks like a pot pipe to them. Of...
  7. justscience

    Spring Cleaning and Reduced Prices on Lots of Pipes at 5/9/23

    Snagged me. Again. I needed another pipe like I needed another pipe. Yeah, no pity here, is there?
  8. justscience

    Someone's Optimistic

    The mystery to me was whether or not it was very minty. Hard pass.
  9. justscience

    Dry Molasses As Lawn Fertilizer.

    I noted the high mineral (ash) content. I'm guessing iron is the nutrient your grass craved. Molasses is high in iron. My mom gave us spoonfuls of it like a vitamin tonic. Edit: now I see the protein number. There's your nitrogen.
  10. justscience

    Pipe Bits Necessary?

    If I put one on a thinned Double Comfort stem of a Charatan's pipe, I'd feel like I'm mocking their innovation. Seriously, they make my pipe feel like an infant's pacifier.
  11. justscience

    Things That Shouldn't Bother You But Do

    People who insist! on spelling plural's with apostrophe's. I know they add them to annoy me.
  12. justscience

    A Safe way to Start

    I publicly ate salads to appeal to vegan women. But I couldn't stand them once I got their attention. Better idea: get a dog. Best advice: be yourself.
  13. justscience

    New GLP blend coming

    Of course, nothing is ever new. I just can't find many unsauced VOs that are just Virginia and oriental (btw, what McConnell, what Rattrays?) Dunhill is long gone as are many others. Embarcadero is nice, in fact, I found a long forgotten tin today. Thousands of Virginias and latakia blends, but...
  14. justscience

    New GLP blend coming

    Ah! I've been having to blend my own to avoid the inevitable perique/Kentucky/latakia/perique again and have wanted to get my hands on the vague but elusive basma. Plain VOs are rare.
  15. justscience

    The Contrarian Nature of Internet Posts

    I use the "ignore" feature for the fussbudgets, prima donnas and attitude folks. When the problem people can't be ignored, I go to areas they don't frequent or different forums where they can be.
  16. justscience

    Everclear and Cotton Ball Soak

    Hot water flushing is useful for recent residues, but alcohol is more effective for the gunk of years past. No, I don't own a gun or a big pickup.
  17. justscience

    Presbyterian Ordained vs 507-C

    Ah, flash of insight. I used a small clay taster pipe (always with new blends) which does overheat easily. Thanks for that advice.
  18. justscience

    Presbyterian Ordained vs 507-C

    (Ordained soon to be available on flipper sites, pending delivery to the flippers...) I got Newminster 400 and 507c last summer, after being advised of their sweetness. I like sweet. Both tasted more like cigarettes than anything. I didn't jump on the Ordained due to relative price and the...
  19. justscience

    I’m Surprised it Wasn’t Listed as Rare!

    Minty, rare, vintage. When did you last see anyone smoking one of these? Auction closed.
  20. justscience

    Arctic Storm Batters the US

    18 degrees today, 9 times warmer than a couple days ago.