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    Did You Smoke on I.P.S.D.?

    had a bunch of honeydoos that kept me busy, but I did manage to get in a bowl of F&T Special Brown Flake in my Bekler/Butera horn stemmed meer.
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    Is Dunhill Ready Rubbed Liked?

    They did a run or two of it at least. Dunhill Ready Rubbed on Tobacco Reviews
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    Is Dunhill Ready Rubbed Liked?

    I'm quite fond of it, both the old rectangular tin from murray's and the newer stuff. I probably have a dozen tins in the closet. I think the major issue with it is that it's out of step with modern tastes which lean less towards the mild but steady "all day smoke" and more towards the...
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    I prefer the falcon foam filters in both 6mm and 9mm sizes. as with balsa they have minimal impact on the taste, and hold more moisture than balsa or charcoal.
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    L. J. Peretti has two excellent oriental bombs: Tashkent, and Oriental #40, and I also second the recommendation for McConnell's Original Oriental. I've got probably 10 lbs of that stashed away - it ages fantastically.
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    I Still Cannot Pack a Bowl Well?

    pick one tobacco and stick with it until you can pack and smoke it without thinking about it. not just one cut, but one tobacco, whichever you like the most. maybe even pick one pipe as well. eliminate all other smoke-to-smoke variances and you will figure things out much more quickly...
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    Are VaPers the Biggest Rabbit Hole in Pipe Tobacco or is it Straight Va?

    3) after years of coating their tongue in latakia flavored creosote, old smokers tongues are finally toughened enough to handle that virginia bite
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    Favorite Navy Flake

    I used to have several pipes dedicated to MB Navy Flake. They've all been converted over to F&T Brown Flake.
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    Medicinal Purposes Only

    Anecdote being the singular of data, I had covid in july and on the evening of the 4th day I was feeling awful and loaded up my peterson house pipe and spent the next three hours on the porch thoroughly enjoying my medicine. woke up the next morning and I felt fine. went and got re-tested and...
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    Are There Some Blends You Only Smoke In Certain Seasons

    My tastes are definitely seasonal, I tend to smoke virginias and burleys in the warmer months, english and orientals during the colder months. that "sitting around a campfire" feeling isn't nearly as comfy when it's 100 degrees and 80% humidity.
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    School me on Water Wells

    no. I've never seen any evidence that drool can make it down the bore. whenever I've gotten liquid out of the mouthpiece it's always been tobacco juice not drool. yes. they leverage the ideal gas law (Ideal gas law - Wikipedia - to cool the smoke...
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    Bulk Versus Tins Versus Pouches

    Not the guy you were asking, but I know I've cellared enough when I stopped getting nervous every time I finish a tin. It's not an absolute size-of-cellar number, more of a per-blend thing. If I ever finish a tin of something and get that anxious feeling in my stomach thinking about how many...
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    Scorched Mouth Prevention

    I'm a loose clencher so my pipes always droop which makes p-lips send the smoke against my upper gum. but once I straighten out the exit with a needle file then p-lips are great, their oversize button makes them ideal for the way I clench
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    Scorched Mouth Prevention

    I've only had thermal tongue bite once, from a little Roley pocket pipe, and solved that problem by never smoking it again. any other time I've gotten bit it's been a chemical burn, I'm fine after smoking the pipe but the bite gradually appears over the next 6-10 hrs. smoking slower helps...
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    other than wood

    so many that I'm surprised you can even see the pipe with all the waving red flags in the way.
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    Amount of Smoke

    It may also be a trick of perspective. your own smoke is closer to your eyes so it looks bigger an denser than it does to others.
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    10x Capstan Blue 10x Capstan Gold 20x St Bruno Flake 5x Escudo 5x Doblone d'Oro the St Bruno snuck up on me, bought a tin on my last B&M trip so I could smoke in their A/C, then a few days later got scared as I approached the end of the tin.
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    First Tobacco You Bought?

    in 1993 I walked out of Antique Pipe Shop in Houston with an Alpha basket pipe, a 2oz bag of 1-Q, a 2oz bag of some cherry aromatic, and (grudgingly) a bag of Dunhill 965 that another customer talked me into, assuring me that it tasted better than it smelled in the bag. Later found out he was...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    Capstan Blue in a no-name meer.