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  1. isaac

    S.T. Dupont Lighter Owners Club

    I have a question for you Dupont people, and @EA-6B. The screw on my ping plate constantly loosens. So much so that i basically have a small screwdriver to tighten it up. What does the ping sound like if i just removed the plate? Im not sure how i can secure it withoout taking the hing off...
  2. isaac

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2023?***

    Miscoi pipe.
  3. isaac

    Filters that Minimize Taste Modification.

    Not scrolling through all the responses but here is my contribution. Meerschaum filters by white elephant. Night and day for taste. I couldn’t taste the tobacco with activated charcoal. I switched over to meerschaum and I immediately placed an order for another filter pipe. It’s that much...
  4. isaac

    Paul's Pipe Shop in the News

    Thats a shame but understandable
  5. isaac

    Paul's Pipe Shop in the News

    None of the Cayuga pipes on their site look anything nearly as great as this pipe looks.
  6. isaac

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2023?***

    Smoking my Miscoi Pipe.
  7. isaac

    WCC "Glass Slipper" conundrum?

    Glass slipper is an excellent blend. I tried Persian Slipper, i also love latakia blends, and didnt find that that remarkably special.
  8. isaac

    Rouxgaroux Is Gone

    I actually just dug out a jar that I put away in 2020. I’ll have to give this another go and see if I should start stocking this as well
  9. isaac

    Rouxgaroux Is Gone

    The link is active again, for those that might have logged into the sold out
  10. isaac

    Alternative to Briarville for Stem Replacement

    I didnt have the best stem replacement with a Baki using Mark. I wouldn't go through him for another stem. Im glad i never had a response to my email that I sent to Briarville to have the Tinsky issue rectified.
  11. isaac

    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2023?***

    Best brown in a Miscoi
  12. isaac

    New Mexico Raises Tobacco Tax

    What’s going on in Oregon?
  13. isaac

    Translucent Claw ALTINAY

    Damn, you’re the one that beat me to it. Lovely pipe!!