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  1. F4RM3R

    Organic Tobacco

    You can get organic Virginia and burley whole leaf. processing these into nice smokelable product is fairly easy, so I’d suggest this route if you are serious about organic pipe tobacco. Unfortunately any other leaves, especially processed ones like perique, Latakia, Kentuckyare harder to come...
  2. F4RM3R

    Maryland Tobacco?

    Maryland is good to add some body and alkalinity without much change to taste. Works good for cigarettes and milder cigars(I think) too.
  3. F4RM3R

    Maryland Tobacco?

    I just got the Maryland from WLT recently and it’s similar to their “Kentucky burley” which is pretty a standard burley( not to be confused with their “kentucky”, which is dark fired) the Maryland has a similar nutty quality to burley, but not as robust or earthy, and a bit less nic. Just...
  4. F4RM3R

    New Pipe Smoker (BC)

    Welcome from just next door in Surrey BC
  5. F4RM3R

    Car Headlights

    Yes it’s like the brightness wars out there wtf
  6. F4RM3R

    Jordan Peterson, anyone a fan?

    Don’t like him, seems like a jerk.
  7. F4RM3R

    Recommended Tobacco "Rotations"

    Mostly whole leaf blends for me. Current trends are Kentucky/ burley stoved plugs and twists and some burley based English. Light on the Latakia, heavy on the burley.
  8. F4RM3R

    What Do You Do for a Buck?

    I have a small organic veggie farm. Sell at markets, weekly veggie boxes, restaurants, community kitchens, food bank programs for people in need. Make some pickles and preserves too. just started a tobacco seed website/online store as well. Mostly Intended for the Canadian market. But selling...
  9. F4RM3R

    A Few Questions Regarding Clay Pipes and Cleaning Them

    I just flush mine with hot water and use a thinner non tapered pipe cleaner to scrub out the shank and bowl. It’s a bit messy but it works and less risk of breaking the pipe. But if you can’t fit a pipe cleaner then I guess it’s the oven/fire method.
  10. F4RM3R

    Chinese v MM Cobs

    I had one I smoked for a while. It was interesting because it was a really narrow chamber but very tall. Nice for shorter Virginia smokes. It was really porous and always smoked dry, but it was a bit too soft and had to do a few mud repairs to keep it going. Once broken in it smoked like any...
  11. F4RM3R

    Short Smoke Breaks and Strong Tobacco

    yes I’ve gravitated to shorter smokes with stronger blends, although I smoke medium size bowls and I’ll smoke the whole bowl
  12. F4RM3R

    Casing with Brown Sugar

    I’m not sure as I haven’t tried it. I personally wouldn’t stove many commercial blends as I just enjoy them for what they are and maybe add some strong leaf it it needs some. (I’m stoving with whole leaf for most of what I smoke) But there are guys who stove pre made blends and tins. I think...
  13. F4RM3R

    Casing with Brown Sugar

    Ya no prob! Mix em up and press and boom! Flavourtown! I almost always make my Virginia stoved, and just add a bit of unstoved(5-10%) for some breadyness). 10-20% black stoved can add a nice touch to almost any blend. I’ve also settled on around 2 hours stoving as a good amount to have a...
  14. F4RM3R

    Casing with Brown Sugar

    You can do a lot with A virginia by stoving. I’ll take a Virginia and stove it for different lengths of time. I’ll do a batch and remove some of the leaf at 2 hours. Then at 4-6 hours and then leave the rest in for 8-12 hours for a dark cavendish. Mix these together in different proportions...
  15. F4RM3R

    Casing with Brown Sugar

    I just use a tin loaf baking pan and spray the tobacco with water to moisten. Cover tight with tin foil and throw in the oven at 200f. Check on it after 15-30 min and make sure it’s moist enough. You can spray your syrup mix instead of just only water. I prefer this method as there is no risk...
  16. F4RM3R

    Exploring the Essence of C&D Pure Cyprian Latakia

    I smoke almost exclusively my own blends(yay for secret Santa!) and I’ve come up with many and experimented lots. I’ve tried lat bomb blends and pure Latakia, but much prefer it in smaller amounts to smoke on the regular instead of bombs every once in a while. Anywhere from 10-30%. 20% is nice...
  17. F4RM3R

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa 2021!

    Wow everyone’s gifts are off the hook! I really gotta up my game next year.
  18. F4RM3R

    Latakia Burnout - How Long does it Last?

    It all depends how hardcore you’ve been. Smoked lat bombs for 10 years 24/7? Buddy you might never come back! But keep it balanced and don’t become too obsessed? Maybe you’ll make it out in one piece ;) I love my lat blends, but i can get tired of bombs pretty quick. Several days of once or...
  19. F4RM3R

    Casing with Brown Sugar

    Molasses is great with burley. Make sure to get the “fancy” grade and not blackstrap molasses. Maple syrup is nice too. Like another member said just mix with water(or any liquid like rum or bourbon). Too much sugar like this can have a nasty burned taste, I think this is lessened with the...
  20. F4RM3R

    Do You need Long and Endless Smokes? More Capacity in Bowl?

    Yes my bowl size preference has gone up a bit over the years. I prefer to pack looser and have the extra room. I always tend to overfill my smaller pipes.