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  1. nemrod

    Animal Products in Tobacco?

    I don't see what they could possibly add to the pipe tobacco except honey and perhaps some other casings for aromatics. I'm not as sure about pipes though. With meerschaums there's the beeswax of course, and with briars I guess there's a variety of possibilities (stain, lacquer, possibly some...
  2. nemrod

    Pipe making?

    I feel like this might be a good place to start :)
  3. nemrod


    I would definitely go for the Nexus 7 if you don't need a bigger screen and/or HDMI out. You can get it with 8 or 16GB but as you say, most stuff is in the cloud so not necessarily very important depending on how you use it. 7" does a good job for most things, but some prefer 10". I say go to a...
  4. nemrod

    Cane ideas...

    Okay, not really a cane, but I love that he has the pipe in his staff like that.
  5. nemrod

    Any Rattray Pipe owners?

    I've seen Rattray morta pipes and generally more expensive (and very handsome) briar pipes ($200+) so they're not all inexpensive factory-mades though. This is one example that I quite fancy, and here's a small selection of Rattray mortas (for a quite decent price for being morta).
  6. nemrod

    WO Larsen Old Fashioned

    WO Larsen probably has some of the best aromatics I've smoked. Haven't tried Old Fashioned, but you're making me curious.
  7. nemrod

    Took a Gamble.....

    From the P and shape of the ferrule it certainly looks like it is (thought there were hallmarks from the thumbnail, which would have made it easy, but after zooming in it's just K&P). A good buy I must say, I might've bought it for that price as well (would've asked about the place of...
  8. nemrod

    For the Lake House Cabin

    Hah, awesome :D
  9. nemrod

    Pipe Smoker Survey 2012

    Done. A few suggestions: 1. You might want to consider adding a "decline to answer" option or similar on political orientation, similarly to what you did on income. I'm unsure as to what the American perception of those are compared to in my country where we as a whole are more liberal and the...
  10. nemrod

    Diablo 3!!!! :D :D :D

    My monk is 60 now (has been for two weeks or something actually) currently at inferno act 2. It's real tough once you get to inferno, let me tell you. Got a witch doctor that's level 55 (would be 60 a week ago if I didn't play it with a friend who has been too busy to play). Made a wiz the other...
  11. nemrod

    Diablo 3!!!! :D :D :D

    I've already played through the game with a monk on normal and nightmare, just started hell. I think I'm level 51. Got a WD at the start of act3 at about lv25 that I co-op with a friend. I'm really liking the game, and haven't had that much trouble with the connectivity.
  12. nemrod

    Diablo 3!!!! :D :D :D

    Only two more hours :D
  13. nemrod

    Diablo 3!!!! :D :D :D

    throwryuken: They've done a lot to reduce clicking though, such as no clicking to pick up gold and no scroll or pot drops, but yeah, Diablo is clicking galore :P
  14. nemrod

    Diablo 3!!!! :D :D :D

    I did. I played through all the characters one or two times each and had a monk at max level (13) with pretty pumped up gear. Got some multiplayer with my buddies in too which only made it better :)
  15. nemrod

    Your Dream Pipe

    Bowl shape: Acorn Finish: Light brown sandblast with a nice ring grain Shank extension: About a 15cm, four knots long bamboo extension with a 1-2mm black acrylic ring between it and the shank Stem shape: Eighth-bent or so with an elongated curve throughout the entire stem Mouthpiece: 5cm or...
  16. nemrod

    Diablo 3!!!! :D :D :D

    I'm quite excited about it myself. I wonder what all the non-clenchers are going to do since they won't have a hand to spare. Not smoke? I guess gaming and pipes don't go that well together to start with (though I smoked playing BF3 when that came out).
  17. nemrod

    At what age did you pick up a pipe?

    I guess I must have been 21 if it was two years ago, which I think it was.
  18. nemrod


    I smoke whatever strikes my fancy or what I have at hand, lately the tobacco I keep in my jacket pocket has been Ashton's Smooth Sailing so that's what I've been smoking when fishing.
  19. nemrod

    Dedicated Fishing Thread-Pictures& Discussion

    Went casting from shore the other day and got a 70cm or so northern pike :) Had a dozen or so followers that turned at the surface before striking the lure, lazy fish.